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Victoria Catchings

Hi! This pattern is very straight forward and fun. Pretty quick too, considering. My one problem is trying to get the sides of the blanket straight.. Mine are very uneven. Any tips?


Thanks Lucy!

I've been looking for clear and compact versions all over the place...yours is by far the best!

Amanda Mac

I cannot thank you enough - this basic pattern has eluded me for weeks. Your explanation made so much sense, and I've finally got it now!

bev maguire

thank you thank you thank you...you have made me fall in love with crochet...i love all the bright colours you use AND AT LAST i have mastered the ripple stitch..i cant wait to see your next tutorial..they are so easy to follow thank you very much...<3


This is a great pattern and a lovely ripple- thank you for sharing! I have three questions:
1. What size hook did you use for your blanket?
2. How many skeins did it take?
3. What is its finished sized?

Thank you!

Maria Teresa Correia

Thank you for teaching us how to do this wonderful work.
I am portuguese and i saw your blog: it has plenty of very beautiful and perfect works done by you.
I wish you a Merry Christmas.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried it out and the result was great! Your instructions are clear and easy to follow! Thank you again!

Vivika Vain

Perfecct pattern! I made a mobile case! You can have a look:


I've tried desperately to follow this pattern, but my ziggyzaggies keep bubbling - where am I going wrong!?

Jess Sellars

Literally beside myself with excitement!! Love this site and you've taught me so much. My sample looks really promising and for a newby I cant wait to keep reading and learning. Thank you so much.


i know this is a super old post but i was wondering how many to chain for a crib blanket?


Nice work. Good tutorial. Thank you so much. In add. have you some video?. Cardineta.


Thanks so much for this! I have tried several times to make a ripple and couldn't do it... this makes it so clear!!!!! I plan to make a scarf first, then an afghan. Great job!!!

Tzviya Levin

Hi Lucy,

I has been some time that I follow your blog. Thank yo for sharing your wonderful and colorful works and patterns, and especially this pattern.

Two days ago I finished my ripple blanket. It is a birthday present for my daughter, Michal. It measures 192 x 148 cm and has 218 rows. It was crocheted using a 3.5 mm crochet hook.

If you are interested I would be glad to send you some pictures of the blanket to publish in your blog.

Danita Burdette

I need some help Please, I am about half way through with my afghan but I've been keeping it on the bed and, well, it has stretched a bit. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do before I start up again to shrink it? any thoughts would be helpful.
Thank You for a wonder blog that is so cheery,


i want to make one for my sister (a ripple blanket) but her bed is a queen size. how big would my starting chain be. also love your website! fran

Janny Bijlstra

Great tutorial, just love this Ripple Blanket. Is it alright if I translate your tutorial into Dutch and publish it on my Blog? Love to hear from you.

Greetings from the Netherlands from Janny.


Hi Lucy,
Ive been looking to do a funky ripple blanket for ages and kept being put off because it looked so complicated... then I cam across your pattern!!!
Thankyou so much, just sat here for 5 mins and have mastered it! you are a genius!!
I love your blog!!!
Thankyou again xxx


This is the very best ripple explanation I have ever seen. As one who tried and failed to do ripple before you have given me renewed confidence that I just may be able to get it right this time.

Krystal Webb

I love your pattern! But, I can't find out where it says which hook to use and how much yarn I need to purchase. Anyone have an answer for me? Thanks!


Hello Lucy,
I have a question?

How do I finish the last row of the blanket?
Like.... the last knot or the blanket ending or the last stitch?



I keep seeing your ripple blanket pictures and want to have a go. I am going to do as you have suggested and do a little practice with yarn I am trying to use up. Then I can sense the temptation that lurks inside my local wool shop calling me..


This is such a fabulous looking pattern! i have so many blankets I want to make........I would absolutely LOVE it if you posted a tutorial for the Spot Square I saw on on of your posts. I'm currently obsessed with looking at your work and getting ideas for new projects! Thank you so much for putting forth the time to share your knowledge with everyone!


Lucy, thank-you for your great ripple pattern instructions. Over our Aussie winter I have almost completed a beautiful Queen size blanket in Noro Silk Garden yarn and I would like to edge it all round. I saw what you did for Kiki doll's blankie and wondered if you have instructions on how to do that? Can you point us to them if you do, please?
Thanks for such an excellent blog - you do a terrific job and I love your work.
Elle from downunder

Annelies Faber

Thank you for this great tutorial! It's very clear and easy to follow! I'm gonna make a beautiful scarf for my daughter with this pattern.
Warm greets from Holland

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