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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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This is the very best ripple explanation I have ever seen. As one who tried and failed to do ripple before you have given me renewed confidence that I just may be able to get it right this time.

Krystal Webb

I love your pattern! But, I can't find out where it says which hook to use and how much yarn I need to purchase. Anyone have an answer for me? Thanks!


Hello Lucy,
I have a question?

How do I finish the last row of the blanket?
Like.... the last knot or the blanket ending or the last stitch?



I keep seeing your ripple blanket pictures and want to have a go. I am going to do as you have suggested and do a little practice with yarn I am trying to use up. Then I can sense the temptation that lurks inside my local wool shop calling me..


This is such a fabulous looking pattern! i have so many blankets I want to make........I would absolutely LOVE it if you posted a tutorial for the Spot Square I saw on on of your posts. I'm currently obsessed with looking at your work and getting ideas for new projects! Thank you so much for putting forth the time to share your knowledge with everyone!


Lucy, thank-you for your great ripple pattern instructions. Over our Aussie winter I have almost completed a beautiful Queen size blanket in Noro Silk Garden yarn and I would like to edge it all round. I saw what you did for Kiki doll's blankie and wondered if you have instructions on how to do that? Can you point us to them if you do, please?
Thanks for such an excellent blog - you do a terrific job and I love your work.
Elle from downunder

Annelies Faber

Thank you for this great tutorial! It's very clear and easy to follow! I'm gonna make a beautiful scarf for my daughter with this pattern.
Warm greets from Holland


Thank you so much! I've been eyeballing this stitch forever, but I can't read patterns and would get frustrated trying. Pictures make all the difference. I'm ready now to move to new stitches. yay!


Hi Lucy,
I didn´t crochet for a long time, maybe 35 years. And now - crocheting (and knitting, weaving too) is my old-new obsession.
I would like to thank you for this pattern and so good instructions for it. Now, I think it´ll be easy for me to make some blanket on the whole.
And now I´m sending the link to your web (blog)to my crocheting friends in Czech Republic where I am from.

marlene madeira

Is excelent!


I wish I had found you before. I'm working on one now that I had to make up, but it's not going as well as I hoped. I'm half way so I will finish it and start your pattern. Thank for sharing.

Snapshots and Snippets

I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for a year years now - all because of your beautiful blog! I finally had my first lesson a couple of weeks ago (sadly it's only a course of three lessons) but gave yiur pattern a go yesterday when feeling down with a horrible cold. The rippling goodness certainly cheered me up!!! Thank you so much for this pattern and for making it so easy to follow. I haven't increased or decreased stiches before, and hadn't followed a pattern before either, I felt very confident because of your c;ear instructions and photos. Thank you so very much!


Fantastic tutorial Lucy, I'm loving making my Ripple blanket. Thanks you so much. You really have inspired a new love of colour for me xxx Kylie

Pauline A Stevens

Hi Lucy, I love your work! I have made ripple afghans but I am having a problem starting the round
one. If you could help I sure would appreciate, maybe it's the pattern and maybe it me.

chris hindle

i am very happy to have found your version of ripple as i also have struggled with jan eatons pattern, it seemed no matter how many multiple + stitches i tried, the wave went skewed, at a crochet class i went to, even the instructor couldn't make it work out so we all took home our sample but couldn't progress any further!
Thank you for sharing yours, i am off to get started now and would like to donate as it is thrilling to find great patterns shared so generously, please keep them coming! chris


thank you beautiful...ciao cinzia bologna italy

Karen Hamilton

Hi, at last a pattern which is easy to follow. The ripple pattern is easy to follow with very clear photos. An excellent explanation and would recommend your instructions to anyone.I was wondering if you have any patterns for a shell design explained in the same manner. Thanks karen.


Superclear. Thank you muchly.

Love your colours as well. They are gorgeous!

the old decrepit curmudgeon herself


Yesssss, I do now!


Wow,thank you,i printed you're tutorial and starded right away....and i did it,thanks to you,i'm gonne go to the shop tomorow to get materials in all different colors.I think i'm already hooked!
Greatings from Holland,


I am just delighted to see your colorful ripple afghans and pillows! It makes me want to decorate my home in bright and beautiful color-drenched and happy ways like you.
Thank you so much for your pattern!
I think the first one I will make will be a doll blanket for my little granddaughter, who is just two and loves her babydolls. It will be a good way for me to learn the pattern well.
Once again, thankyou and God bless you and your family.


Thank you for the tutorial! I haven't crocheted for a few weeks (busy busy busy!), and this was a fun easy-but-different pattern to bring me back. The 31ch practice width is perfect for a fall scarf! <3

Maria Shaikh

Hi Lucy. This tutorial is really awesome. I definitely plan to try it. Thanks

Maria Shaikh

Your tutorial is awesome!! The ripple pattern is a bit intimidating :( but I definitely plan to attempt it, it is just beautiful. Just a quick question, at the end of each row, is there a TURN?!!

Kristee Watson

Hi Lucy,

Your ripple pattern is my go-to pattern. In fact, it's pretty much all I make for gifts for family and friends. I am from Canada and would like to use your pattern for a 100% volunteer charity organization that provides hand made blankets to ill and traumatized children. Can we chat?

Kristee Watson

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