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Lynne Unwalla

I bought this kit for my daughter in law from Wool Warehouse but the link to download the pattern to print doesn't work. Can you please assist. Thank you.

Sharon Smith

I have done the 198 chain as required for the start of the blanket and then done a treble stitch in to each stitch (again as instructed) to make the first row.
However, having got to the end of the first row I only have 195 stitches in the row instead of 196 (as stated in the pattern).
Now I know my maths is not brilliant but if the starting chain is 198 and the first row begins the fourth chain in (the first three chains making the first stitch), then this leaves 194 chains to do the rest of the row.
Can someone please tell me where I am going wrong…thank you

Kym Mason

AHA FOUND Part 6 and 7 here are the links.

Hooe this helps everyone 😊😊

Kym Mason

Are parts 6 and 7 coming back? If not I'm not going to bother ordering the yarn packs, such a shame as I loved this blanket.

Stephanie dempseyo

Hello Lucy. Where can I find the colours for part 6 and seven of the colour story blanket and the border I cannot find them would hate to. Stop now. Love all your blankets I am doing colour story in the dahlia stitch it’s lovely Thank you.

Stephanie dempseyo

Hello Lucy. Where can I find the colours for part 6 and seven of the colour story blanket and the border I cannot find them would hate to. Stop now. Love all your blankets I am doing colour story in the dahlia stitch it’s lovely Thank you.


Hi Lucy, still looking for the instructions for the last 15 colour stripes and the border? Have I missed them on your blog?
Enjoy the current sunshine, Bee :)

Joan Olson

Hi Lucy i am looking for the 6th or border pattern.

Elizabeth Buxton

I found the border instructions by chance, they are under "Mini Bobble Edging" in the Patterns and Tutorials section on the left of the screen.

Joanne Garratt

Hi I am a bit late in finishing can’t seem to find part 6 or the border
It’s not downloading for the meadow blanket
Regards joanne

June Lawson

Hi Lucy, I don't seem to be able to download part 6 of your blog for the meadow strip, can you advise when it will be available.

Teresa Bassett

Where are the instructions for the border please?


Hello, I have just finished all the rows - I managed to print off all the sections before they disappeared.
Unfortunately, I cannot find the border pattern?
Where has it gone and is it coming back?
It appears from all the comments that something has gone drastically wrong with this pattern and the instructions

Rachel Webb

A bit late in finishing this blanket but can’t seem to find part 6 and the border download. Any ideas please

Dianne Holst

Are these questions answered somewhere?

Janet Parker

I can not download part 6 or the border for meadow blanket stripe pattern. Please can you let me know how to do this or can you enable it's download. This is the 5th blanket I have made using your patterns and not had trouble so far! I am loving crocheting meadow stripe and it would be so sad if I can't finish it .

Marlene Bodycott

Hi Lucy could you tell me the border details for the meadow stripe pattern as I can't seem to download it from your blog. Thanks marlene x

Sandra Viglietti

How many crosses should I have row 2 - I cast on 198 stitches? Love your color choices.

Bee Williamson

Hi Lucy,
just ordered the yarn pack while still finishing my second Coast Blanket as a wedding present for my nephew. He and his new wife love the seaside :)
Can't wait to start the Meadow Blanket! But notice that the last 2 blogs for the Meadow Blanket have not been posted? When will they be available??
Stay safe, best wishes

Karen Wilkinson

Hi Lucy
My second row is very frilly! Tension sample was ok but thinking of giving up !
Do yo you think I’m making too many crosses?

Paula Jestings

Thank you for the written printable pattern! So very helpful!


Hi Lucy, quick question if you are doing a smaller blanket the baby or lap are we still doing all 90 rows?

antonia casellas

la muestra conel ganchillo 4 queda muy grande, con el numero 3 sale 19,5 cm.....

Veronica Davis

Love the Meadow blanket Lucy. Colours are so pretty and I am enjoying crossed treble stitches. Have only manage four colour stripes at the moment but taking it leisurely and really enjoying relaxing crochet without stitches to count in between another blanket ( Lily Pond) that requires rather more concentration - and much ripping back. I think Meadow will be finished first;-Many thanks - lovely way to spend wet, winter days in lockdown. xx


Hi Lucy! I’m using a 4.5mm hook and the stitch size is right and my tension was right but my blanket is measuring at 110cm. My dune blanket I’m working on I’m using a 4.5 and my tension square was right but my blanket is measuring at 106cm for width. Should I be adding more stitches to my starting chain in the future? As my stitches are the right size, not too loose or too tight but my width is always smaller ... I’m a third of the way through the dune or is this width the finished width size with the border?

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