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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Thanks so much. I finally figured it out! The tip about the outside loop is the key.


I know it's been a few years since you posted this, but I just have to say thanks!! Every time I finish a project I learn a little more from it. I have made two blankes using granny squares so far. The first one I joined using double crochet stitches by lining them up and alternating which side I stitch in so they lie flat. It turned out fine but I didn't like the large spaces. So I tried a second blanket using single crochet instead. Never ever thought to work in the back loops only to keep them flat! Brilliant. I have been crocheting for about 10 years, learned when I was 11 years old but was never formally taught. Your tutorials are amazing to someone like me who doesn't know all the "terminology" but can follow a picture!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!


Miss Lucy: definitely not too many photographs. They were extremely helpful, thank you!



Lucy, I love the things you do. I have been inspired to do a blanket and have been using your join as you go method but when do you block? When you have joined them or before? And if before, how?

Thank you.


and ur pictures are amazing! i almost gave up surfing the net for knitting ideas cos i couldnt understand any of the instructions given,till i came across ur page. thanx again


hello Lucy,I'm a medical student in Ghana,Africa.i discovered ur web page by chance wen i was looking for a nice design pattern to make for my sister as her wedding present.U r soo talented!and was soo facinated!over here,knitting is done only with the single pin (the pin u use)and the designs made r very raw,but thanks to u,now i can make hearts,nice nice table cloths and a whole tlot more.thank u sooo much for spicing up my hobby Lucy.God bless u


Eres muy generosa con los detalles que aportas, muchas gracias. Animo y sigue tan laboriosa.


Best tutorial I've seen on joining granny squares together, thank you so much, it's just what I've been lokking for :)


What a fantastic way of putting them together. Thank you again for helping me with another new technique kt xx

Diane thomas

The instructions are just what I am looking for,like all the pictures,that really helps,I agree you should write a book with all your designs and instructions. You do fabulous work I'm so glad I found you. Thank you so very much for sharing. God Bless, diane


I've been trying to subscribe to your blog feed but I keep getting directed a page and has all of your web content in text. I can't tell if it's my computer or if something is wrong with the subscribe link. I love your blog and like to be able to follow.


I know this is an old post but I just found it and am so greatful. I'm making a blanket for my sister's wedding and thanks to your pictorial it looks good!!!

Julie Fraenkel

Hi, thanks for the tutorial. I have 216 (!) squares all ready to connect into a blanket, and I'd love to crochet rather than sew them. But since it's a blanket, there is no wrong side, and so I'm wondering- with this method, will one side be flat and smooth, and the other side have raised ridges between every square? I was hoping to find a method that offered a smooth finish on both sides...
Thanks again for the wonderful instructions and for your continued help...


What a lovely way to assist so many crocheters, I for one have quit a Granny project simply due to the fact that each time I tried to put the squares together I was disappointed, having tried once again I am so glad I found your site. My many humble THANKS for your tutorial, the pics are great. I also learn visually.


Excelente tutorial, mil gracias!!!Tienes un lindo Blog, tus creaciones me encantan!!.


Thank you for posting this tutorial. I just learned how to crochet a granny square and I have a blanket in the making. Wasn't sure how you joined them. It is now very clear, and I think I can do this :-)


thank you so much. now i know how to joined it...


I can't wait to try this! BTW - do you happen to have a pattern for the beautiful squares you made above? The colors and design are GORGEOUS!


Thanks so much for this; I've been desperately combing the web looking for clear instructions on joining granny squares and yours are by far the best. I am having a little trouble with the squares puckering--are my slip stitches too tight? I didn't think I was pulling particularly tight but I guess I must have been.


Thank you so much for investing time in this blog. I'm a new crocheter (and mommy) and am loving all the help these tutorials offer me!!

Bev Cattell

Hi Lucy,
I have been an accomplished knitter for years, I decided that my new rocking chair needed a proper crocheted granny blanket.
My Great Granny taught me to crochet when I was about 8 years old. That was 50 years ago, but I couldn't remember how to crochet the squares together. I spent several boring hours trolling through Youtube. Then totally by accident I found your wonderful website. Your instructions are so simple and make a really flexible blanket. Thankyou so much.


Beautiful! Very beautiful! Tank you very much !

Dia Palin

Thank you so much... this tutorial is absolutely brilliant. I have a huge stack of squares that needed to be joined but since they are all in different sizes I hadn't found the perfect way to join them... until now :) Again thanks and love your blog :) best wishes from Iceland

Zhenya Pozharny

What do you do to join granny circles together? i have these gaps, which I hate....

Zhenya in NYC


Brilliant, I crocheted a bunch of squares..more roundish than square, for my baby (due in april) but had no idea how to join them. Rest assured I will dilligently follow these instructions once I have flipped them over in my brain for left handedness.

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