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This is a very clean way to join squares. It has the added benefit of taking very little yarn if you are running short. I wish I could embed a picture; my project turned out well! Thank you!


Hi Lucy, I've been searching for your tutorial for joining squares using the extra-long ends. I seem to remember a diagram with the squares laid out in certain positions so as to use the ends for joining! But I can't find it on your site!! Can you help? Or have I imagined it??!

Love your website - my go-to for patterns and inspiration!

Elena Reed

This is by far the easiest instructions I’ve seen for joining Granny Squares. I’m a concrete person, so I loved the step-by-step photos. I’ve done both the double crochet and whip stitch methods. This is faster and it looks so professional. Thank you very much


Thank you! This was very helpful! I love the colors you use...so cheery :)


There can never be too many pics. So good. Thank you.


Thank you so much for making it look easy with pictures...
I love Cathy Mathews an Emma Hannigans books so I make pictures of cottages on the edge of Yorkshire Dales an Pailthorpe ancestors from there..have Happy Day from Taranaki NZ Anne 15 Sept 17


Easy to follow for first timer. Fantastic,!

MJ Norris

Is there no way I can print the pictures of the Granny squares

Luise Edwards

Easy to follow tutorial. Love this method. Thanks heaps

Mary dennehy

Can I use this for knitted squares please brill lesson


Thanks it was very helpful


Brilliant instructions Lucy. I really wasn't looking forward to joining my squares as they're all different but I've just done the first row and they've joined beautifully. Thank you, thank you! I'm a very happy bunny :)

Shirley Turner

I am finishing a scrap granny square therefore cleaning up a lot of bits of yarn. Am certainly going to use your way of fastening my squares together. Thanks Shirley

Kim Quinn

Hi Della. Saw your post about trouble laying flat. Did you ever figure it out? Can I help? Once it clicked it was a true Ah-ha! moment.

Kim Quinn

I just want and need to say THANK YOU! Have wondered for years how to join squares and never occurred to me the way you slip stitch them together using outside of each stitch. Lays beautifully!Again, many thanks.

carol Woolcock

Thank you so much for the very clear instructions. I have just completed 240 x 10cm squares for a rug for my great niece's wedding present. I was searching for an efficient way to join them. Carol


Thank you for this brilliant tutorial. Have just finished my second blanket and am thrilled with the lovely finish. Looks much better than the first one which I sewed up!


Thank you so much for sharing will be visiting often


Thank you so much for using so many pictures! I hate reading when I'm trying to do something artsy because I always second guess what the person means! Like one commenter said, I thought I was starting a huge project but I'm so pleased that it seems as simple as 1-2-3!!

Shirley Gagne

Thank you. I thought I was starting a huge project, instead I have a very easy way to finish my blanket.


Thanks lucy, this has just saved my life.

Rowena Corlett

Thanks for this Lucy - I am going to join my harmony blanket this way as I prefer the flat finish.I know it means that the joining becomes rather a major job when I have finished my squares but I think it's worth it x


Moc pěkná ukázka sešívání. Jste šikovná a hodná, že poradíte. Děkuji

Shirley Gagne

Where do I go to read answers? I just found your site today and have browsed a bit. You do beautiful work. Thank you for your help.

Shirley Gagne

I am also unsure about the corner stitch. I haven't started joining my squares yet, but I've been checking up on joining techniques. Yours is perfect. I've bordered all my squares in hdc to have a common color and a flatter seam.

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