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Kelly P.

Thank you SO much. I have always wanted to make a granny square blanket, but was intimidated by the thought of having to join all those motifs. I imagined hundreds of ends to darn in, and a bulky mess by the time I was finished. This makes it look easy! I will finally give it a go, thanks to you.

Oh, and you never post too many pictures for me, in your tutorials. The more the better!!! Yours are the absolute best I have ever seen. I adore your website!

Love from America!


Muchas gracias por este tutorial, actualmente estoy haciendo una manta y estoy uniendo las aplicaciones y queda genial, me ha servido de mucha ayuda, espero que puedas ver terminada mi manta en mi blog, gracias

M. Angeles

Thank You very much. I love your blog. I come from Spain and you help me with crochet and my English and I love all your Photos too.. Besos


very very helpful!!! your squares are beautiful too.

thanks a lot!!!!

(sorry can't donate right now :)


Easy THANKYOU. I did get the knack though would choose a lighter color another time and adopt the 3 chains to the corners as suggested. Thick wool also helps find the corner chains when you are joining. But I did profit from keeping the tension loose.
I think that the rug needs a finishing edge of some sort after The squares are joined. How would you go about it?


Thank you Lucy, your blogs and instructions are brilliant. The tutorials are so easy to follow and pictures are a must! I've just finished crocheting 72 squares, they are all blocked and now I am going to follow your instructions to join them all...


Just read your instructions thanks. I'm off to finish knitting my squares so I can get going on putting them together
love your blog xx
Deirdre Victoria Aus


Thank you! I'm new to crochet and have just sewn my first granny squares together using the slip stitch technique.
Thank you! X


Thank you for these instructions all the way from how you make your beginning square, since I'm new to granny squares very helpful


Thank you very much. I hate joining granny squares by stitching them, and this way is fantastic. I have joined a blanket for my daughter and the result is perfect.

Thanks from Spain.


Thanx...you've explained this very well.
Joining my Solid-Granny in this manner makes sense.


TOO MANY PICTURES????? I wish all instructions were as easy to follow as yours. Thanks a bunch!

Mie Christensen

Lucy, you are a genious. I just love your blog, and you patterns. And this tutorial will come in handy when I finish of my granny Square blanket.


Mie in Denmark


I am crocheting again after 35 years! Just love your work and blog. The colours are fabulous. I am wondering what thickness of wool the above squares are worked in..and size of hook?

Marcia C. Beppler

While I've been knitting happily for close to 70 years, I've barely learned how to crochet. I can make a chain stitch! But now I am looking for instructions to help me join the 12" x 12" KNITTED squares I have made, into an afghan.

Your clear, precise, excellent instructions and photos all seem to make sense to me. Should I just go ahead and try to follow them with my knit squares of various patterns? Perhaps you have valuable comments to help me avoid total frustration !!!

Yours gratefully, Marcia


A GREAT tutorial about something that is a perennial problem for me - I also prefer to hook the joins, but I also have a hankering for something totally reversible. I also was messy about my slip-stitch joins so I think I'll adopt yours with all of the experience and wisdom you've poured into it.

Question - how can I subscribe to your blog? I couldn't get it to work... tnx!

Jennifer crewe

I love the net because years after this post, I can still find it and say thank you for showing me this way to join squares. Tepictures helped so uch. Now i realise I ned to use only the one loop it looks so much better. I had come to a complete stopon my afghan about a year ago because I didn't like the sewing together of my squares. now I will pick it up and get going again. I have many things on our site very helpful. Tsnk you again for shRing.

Carol Rought

I love your site for years and always admire what beautiful work you do. I love the vibrant colors you use and finally got myself yarn like your colors to try making a beautiful granny like yours. I do like your idea joining the squares I going to try this method I like how finish it looks. Also may I ask what size hook you use your stitches seem uniform and I would like mine to be too. Thank you Lucy. Sincerely,Carol


Thankyou from Canada. Finally after crocheting for 60 years, I discovered a way of easily joining blocks together. For the past two winters I have been using small lots of yarn to create lap-robes. For some I knit blocks using the basic "dish cloth pattern" and when I tired of that pattern decided to make Grannie Squares. Your method of joining together works great with either patterns. Thanks so much for the directions ...I understand pictures much better than text!


WOW! You just saved me! This was incredibly easy to follow and I will be using it for two baby blankets!

greedy nan

Do you suggest I run around each square in one colour so it draws it all together 1st please? That would also mean I can rejig the sizes of some of the squares too. Thank u.

Adelle Rozear

Any suggestions if you actually want a row or two of color to show between the squares when you attach them?


I am experienced in many years of knitting and crochet. The one skill I seemed to lack was a really neat way of joining squares. But now I have seen your tutorial - it's so obvious once you see it!!! A thousand 'thank you's.


Hello from Belgium, dear Lucy ;>)

THANKS a bunch for this wonderful tutorial - crochet always seems so easy with your clear exlanations and neat pictures !
I have a little question :
I'm starting a "Giant Solid Grannies Blanket", using 18 different colors, but I'll be using a single color for each granny. I'd like to join them as I go, but I wonder which color I could use to join them together ? Obviously, it will be difficult to choose a matching one.
What would you advise, dear ?

I hope I'm not bothering you with my question and I thank you heartfully for your answer. Have a very nice weekend ;>)


Lucia M.

Bravissima :-) anch'io faccio così :-) ciao :-)

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