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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Sue jones

Can you explain what "rainbowing" is?
I have just started the hydranga stripe blanket and it does not look like yours very lumpy.
Should I use a larger hook?
I love your patterns and have just finished the cupcake stripe blanket really pleased with it.

Sarah van Niftrik

I love the pattern! Anyone know what chain number I should use for a Queen Size bed? And would I have to buy two packs of wool for this size?

Pam West

Love the colours you have chosen for these blankets. I’m trying to plan some for mine


Ooooo I'm excited. I finally got the order for the yarn placed this morning. Had an issue with my bank allowing the payment as there are apparently tons of frauds coming from Great Britain. I told them if Lucy says it's a legit company then it is!!! LOL!! So, third time to order but first time to have it go through properly. I can't wait to get it and start on this beauty. I'm being bad and making it for myself :)

Anne Mcdonagh

Dear Lucy my blanket has 45 shells but is wider than the 120cm of your one my one is 130 cm will this cause a problem with the wool amount. Anne


Hi Lucy, Thanks for your pattern and inspiration. Do you think it would look ok changing the colour every row rather than every 2nd row?


Hi Lucy
Just completed the hydrangea blanket as a present for my daughter. I used a lot of the same colours but some different and I put a pom pom on each corner as my daughter does like a pom pom! It was a joy to crochet. I absolutely loved doing it. I love the texture of the stitch., and it was really simple. I’d like to post a pic if I can. Thanks for the pattern. I think I’ll start the woodland one next.


My blanket is gorgeous and I had enough wool over to crochet a cushion cover made in Granny Squares. It is for my grand-daughter's 16th birthday. Thank you.
I now want to make your cupcake blanket.


Love this pattern. I have seen online people praise his easy your patterns are, ie accurate, very easy to follow & well written. Their comments are spot on. I am relatively new to crochet, this being my first big blanket project, and I know I am going to have an amazing blanket in a few short weeks. Definitely going to try your other blanket patterns in 2018.


Surely if you chain 182 and start in 2nd chain from hook you will have 181 stitches, not 180? There is only one turning chain?


I really enjoy your site and your patterns. I'm making this pattern with a different color palette for my daughter. After completing the row that creates the even edge I have considerably more stitches than my first row, yet everything looks even. Is this normal or have I messed up somewhere along the way


love your work and your tutorials are easy to understand. love the step by step and photos for a novice like me. Will certainly be trying one out soon.

Lesley Thornalley

I love this blanket (as I do many of your others too!) but what's the pattern for the tiny hydrangea flowers please as I'd like to make many of these for a friend who is creating a casket blanket for her passed over clients in Australia and all of her friends are sending over flowers. These would be brilliant to adorn her baby coffins. Xxxxxxxx

Lydia Round

Hi lucy,

i love the hydrangea colours and pattern you have for sale as a bundle on the wool warehouse website. Im very much a beginner, and thought this pattern looked simple to start with. However i am wanting to make a baby blanket for either the cot or pram. Could you advise me as to the sizing needed?


Hi Lucy or anyone else who can help,

I am beginning your beautiful hydrangea blanket and am at the first row of shells, having done the 182 chains and the double crochet. At this point, it appears that my blanket is going to be much narrower than 120cm and I wondered whether I needed more chains or whether as I complete the shells,not will grow. Can you let me know whether I need to begin again or itnwillnsort itself out. I'm using 8ply 100% wool from Australia and a 4.5mm Clover hook. I used a 5.5 for the foundation chain and double crochets. Looking forward to some advice from anyone who can help. Many thanks and happy hooking,
Claire 😊

Debbie Friedenberg

Hi Lucy,
I love your blankets! So far, I have completed two (cosy and moorlands) and am about half-way done with this new pattern. The blanket is coming on very nicely -- the stitch pattern is SO easy and it looks SO good, but I am noticing that the length of the blanket is much shorter than I would have expected.

Any hints on this? If I am correct about the length, I am going to need to add another 15 rows or so to make this an appropriate size. I don't mind, but my guess is that I will not have enough yarn.


alessandra durand

Hello there, I have started the blanket, but with the colours of the last one, the beach one that should have been done in a different pattern , as I am not terribly fond of zig-zag shapes, I decided to follow the Hydrangea instructions instead and I am loving it....so relazing, thank you, colours are amazing.Left to my own devises I would have repeated the same coulours in sequence... how boring! Recently I bought the above one too, but will think about a new stitch , I think, suggestions welcome!......

Elizabeth Stuart

Alpaca has arrived, sitting in front of the general election and used your tip of a bigger hook for the chain and foundation row - unbridled success! No 'rainbowing' and five rows of shells have been hooked, mine is 72 shells wide..... taking the time to slowly do the chain (290) and counting meticulously, as well as the practice from my tension squares have paid dividends! Just beautiful and wonderful to do in front of fairly dull TV!

Elizabeth Stuart

Dear Lucy, you are amazing! I have done several tension squares of this and I love it! I am using a pure alpaca yarn, a certain yarn company from Oslo make some beautiful natural fibres at very competitive prices! I love stylecraft for it's easy care, but do like to use natural fibres for a touch of luxury! This one is for me! The yarn I am using is slightly finer than the stylecraft, hence the tension pieces. Just itching for the yarn to arrive from Wool Warehouse - hopefully tomorrow! Will be doing a double size (thank goodness we no longer have a king size bed!) in neutral tones, husband is a designer and I have to work hard to sneak femininity into the house! Have to say, got him into some fabulous home knits, now hooking my way around the house!

Nadine Nowe-Andrews

Hi Lucy.. loving this I decided to use cupcake colour pack for hydrangea and ww wouldnt send ne tge pattern ptinted for hydrangea so a little bit complicated having yo get ghe pattern.up.on the computer every time to see pictures. I am.having difficulty too.. I did 182 then first how of dc.. but going the shell sequence I keep only getting 44 shells. I can email a photo of that helps..frustrated
Not knowing where I have gone wrong 😣 please can you help ?


I'm loving this project! So happy to be starting my second Attic 24 project. Finished the Moorland blanket and love love love it.

Having a tiny bit of that "rainbow" effect and wondered how worried I should be before I get too far along....any words of reassurance or advice? I'm on the first row of Meadow, started with the 5mm hook for the foundation and have been using the 4mm hook since the first row of shells.



I learnt to crochet two months ago and have been really looking forward to making some of your lovely blankets. Maybe I'm running before I can walk but I'm starting a new job in July and this is something I have time to tackle now. I've started with the hydrangea stripe and have had three goes with the first three rows and for some reason I always end up with 44 shells in row 3. Has anyone else had this issue?


Hi Lucy, I bought the pack and the first 2 rows seem to work well, but I've ended up with 44 shells instead of 45. It measures the right size, does it matter? My last stick worked out as the double crochet at the end of the row (last shell), so could I carry on, or do I need to start again? Thank you

Miss Carla-Jane Miller

Hi Lucy. I love this pattern, thank you for it. 😊 I started it today but the having real trouble getting the first 3 rows to lay flat. They seem to be ruffling up, not terribly but enough for me.to wonder if something has gone wrong.I did the first two with a 5mm and swapped to a 4mm after that and it measures up fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated? Xx

Alison Griffiths

Hi Lucy, Have started on this and loving the easy stitch! I am playing fast and loose with the stripes though, as I wanted to do some thick stripes and some thin ones, so I worked out a plan sellotaping strands of the coloured yarn - 1 strand = 2 rows. Fingers crossed that it will turn out OK. Will post a pick to FB when I have finished. I really love these hydrangea colours!!!!
Alison in NZ

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