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Suzette Franck

I had a stocking with a pattern for a holly leaf and it turned out ugly, so I found your instruction and was able to make perfect holly leaves! Thank you, the pictures and step by-step part where really helpful.


Finally a design that works for me. Thanks!


Thank you so much. I was just thinking about the holy leaves last night and today I found your tutorial. Your instructions are great and easy to follow.
K from Down Under


This is just fantastic!


Also, Holly leaves make dandy piranha plant leaves if you leave off the stem.


Seriously, this is the best written pattern I have ever followed on the internet. I made a successful leaf in one shot. It had every bit of detail without holding my hand through each point.
Thank you for writing such a wonderful pattern.


Thanks for the free pattern, I've been looking for a leaf pattern for awhile for accents. I love to read some of your blogs that interest me and love, love, love the crochet patterns. Thank you.


Your instructions were so easy to follow. Many many thanks. I am only a beginner with crochet and find it very difficult to hold my work and the hook. But I will succeed. Have just completed my first leaf.


Thank you so much for this step-by-step tutorial! Excellent pattern and explanation for a perfect leaf.


I love this tutorial, I sat with it on my lap until I sussed out how to make these little leaves. I made a lovely garland and have blogged about it on my blog. I've included links back to here for the pattern and your main site address and I hope, properly credited you. I'm happy to make any changes to the links or wording if you want me to. Thank you so much - love this pattern!


Brilliant really nice neat and pointy holly, thank you 😊


Clever! :)

Carmel O'Connor


Wendy Beckwith

Thanking you so much this the jolly holly pattern has boosted my confidence. I have a disability and found this pattern a joy to follow ;0)

Thanking you again

Dorothy Via

Perfect! Just the tight size and shape! Thanks for posting the US terms. Very helpful. I'm putting these on Christmas hats I make to donate for preemies.

Kath Woodward

I make lots of Christmas novelties for charity every year including mini Christmas puddings and have never been really successful in making leaves to top them with.Thank you so much for the perfect holly leaf.

Maria McCabe

do you have any advice for a quick holly berry?

Karin  Brown

Thank you, this was just the thing I was looking for. A nice holly leaf.....☺


Thank you so much for taking the time to show us this pattern. I'm using them to decorate a Christmas pudding tea cosy and it's perfect. I struggle to follow crochet patterns in books but you've made it really easy to follow.

Elaine truby

Hi Lucy. I hope you don't mind me asking: I wondered if you would be able to make me some of these leaves so my daughter can use them in her greetings cards. How much would your fee be. I look forwards very much to hearing from you. Many thanks.
Elaine (Truby) 😄


This is one of the clearest tutorials I've ever seen. Excellent work Lucy. Thankyou for making my "crochet life" a little easier at this otherwise hectic time of year. Sure my mum will love the holly card I'm making her. Merry Christmas to you and I look forward to having a good study of your other work come the New Year.


I'm using these to embellish yet another Christmas stocking! Thank you - these are the easiest and best looking leaves for which I've been able to find instruction!


its that time again!
thank you for these clear instructions. its my first crochet project in a long time and i forgot how fun it is. it would not have been nearly as fun without a good teacher. great pattern too. thanks again for sharing

Nell Homan

Loved the holly leaves. I will put them on soda can cozies with white or red background. Thank you so much for sharing.


Great pattern, very easy to understand and turned out exactly as pictured. Thanks these will look very nice on my tree this year :-)

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