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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Rebecca S Stacks

Thank you so much Lucy.


Hi Lucy, I'm a first time crocheter, and I found your hexagons easy to do, thanks for taking the time to explain everything so well👍. I' have made 61 hexagons thus far and worked out I need about 300 in total to use as a throw for. Queen size bed. Next I'm going to try joining as you go along! Thank you for the inspiration! Would love to send you a pic when it's done.

Mariam (Cape Town, South Africa)


I have finished my hexagon afghan. It is beautiful. The pattern was so easy to follow. Thank you very much. I do have one question. Do you have a pattern for a half hexagon, that I could use to fill in the top and bottom edge. I have been fiddling with my own pattern, but it just doesn't work. Can you help? Would really appreciate it.


Hello ladies, please I need to know the patterns for making a square around these hexagons I.e hexagons inside squares!!!

Appreciate your help



Rounded up all my odds and ends of dk yarn today and started on some solid colour hexagons, no order to colours, just picking one out and making the hexagon. Joining as I go. hopefully I will get a good deal of it done over the school holidays before classes start up again in 2 weeks


Hi can you go a u tube toto rial please

Yasmin Bennett

I have a question about round 5. Not sure what to do where you say chain 2 THEN IN THE SAME CHAIN LOOP 3....not sure what to do there. Sorry, would appreciate some help :).

Nancy from Kansas, USA

Thank you very much for sharing your talent and expertise. Also, thank you for including American stitches as well as the English. How many hexagons did you use to finish your blanket and what is the size of the blanket?


this is gorgeous and can't wait to give it a try.. just curious as to how many balls of each colour you needed to complete the blanket? also, what was the finished size of it? thanks!

Donna B.

Thank you!! 😁 I searched and searched for a hexagon pattern that worked for me!! I am working on a turtle infant photo prop for my great-nephew that is due soon. This pattern is so easy to follow! I am making them all one color and will attach with a darker shade. Again, thank you!

barbara burdick

I think hexagons are much more interesting than squares.God created the earth, and all its beauty in six days, and to me they are a reflection of that.It's been awhile since Ive made one tho.Thank you for sharing them with me! Bb

Mary Spicer

Thank you sooooo much! I have tried hexagon patterns before, none have worked. i followed your instructions and it worked out so well. i have already started on the 2nd one and we'll be making many more for a table topper. thank you so much for posting this.


Could you let me know your pattern of colors?
Did you repeat any patterns with your individual
Hexagons? It's very beautiful and I'm hoping
to make one like it.

Isobel Swade

Searching for ages for a readable hexagon pattern. Now! here you are with wonderful photos and, above all - an easy to understand written pattern. I've been crocheting for ages but never been able to master hexagon. Really cannot thank you enough.


I have made a bag with hexagons. . should have used squares. . I am battling with finding a please handle . . the top edge of the bag has the hex points,i have used a 4ply cotton with intentions of lining the bag. . can u help with handle ideas,I tried the dcrochet, but didn't really feel that stripes completmented the bag

Lynda Coulter

This crochet is the absolute best. Love your colours and designs. Your tutorials are easy to follow. keep up the wonderful creating.


thank you so much for making this pattern I looked every for one but nun working until I used yours


Many thanks for the lovely clear instructions with pictures. I missed out the 3ch ring that you did for round 4 as I'm making it look too holey. But thanks so much for your help on hexagons, I wasn't going to make them like this as I thought they were too complicated!


How do I turn these hexagons into a square for a cushion I.e. Fill in the gaps at the end

christopher lawyer

Regards concerning this particular interesting content material the following. As i ended up in search of a lot like that could with regards to decades and as well at some point I have found this kind of the subsequent.

Anne Clark

thanx you SO very much for making it look sooooo easy for me to be able to make.............XXX


Thanks so much for this gorgeous pattern. I love it and in the process of making it. Very talented lady :). Sara


Wow thank you soo much! the only thing that was unclear was the circle, but a little stop at youtube fixed that and when i came back to read again it made perfect sense! once again cant thank you enough, im on my way to start my blanket now haha!


Hello! Found this hexagon thrue a Swedish page (sorry for ny bad english). I really love this pattern. May i use it in a pattern i'm creating? I'm going to do a turtle and its shell is going go bee hexagons. :)

Susan in OK

Oh, how we find people. I was looking through Pinterest at quilts for ideas (not that I don't have any). I found a link to a lady who apparently lives in Australia (and I never found the information about the quilt) and she had come to England and tried to find you. So, I looked for your website and found the crocheted hexies. I'm currently working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. My mother hand pieced and hand quilted one for me and one for my brother before she died. I knew mine was precious and I never put it on my bed. It was stolen along with most of the material things that I inherited from my parents. She made a yellow center in all the flowers - most flowers have a yellow center. Then the next round is a solid color. The next round is a print (usually small, but not a requirement). Then they are joined by green hexagons - like grass. Some versions use a round of white before the green. Some also use blue instead of green to represent the sea. I had one quilt teacher tell me that my mother's pattern was wrong!!!! My local quilt shop owner says she has a quilt made by her mother that does not use the white round - it is my quilt and I can make it how I want and there is not wrong way! So, I am slowly progressing. Some people use English paper piecing. I am hand piecing mine in the traditional way with a 1/4" seam. I have crocheted 4 afghans in my life. I cannot read a pattern to save my life. My mother taught me to what I guess I would call traditional granny squares. So, I can find crocheting to be very intimidating. I think with your wonderful information, I can do it!! I think after I get over a busy summer, I may try it. I have a quilt retreat in July. Then I'm coming from the US to England, my paternal grandfather's homeland. I get emotional just thinking about it. He lived 1/4 mi from me and died 1 month before I graduated from college. So, I knew him well. Thanks for your wonderful blog.

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