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Christine Hunt

Can anyone give me the colour combination for the granny stripe blanket in Woodland colours as seen on the chair. I am a Granny and need the extra help with such a lovely colour combination.

Gill Reay

The sidess of my blanket seem to be outgrowing the middle- it’s not that they aren’t straight, but after about 20 rows they’e longeyr than the middle. Is this a common problem? Any suggestions as to where I’ve gone wrong??

Wendy O'Connor

I find it a lot easier to watch a small video to get the stitches going do you have any video tutorials please?

Sara R

I have had this pack for a VERY long time and I finally finished! I'm so excited to get some use out of this bright and beautiful blanket. Thank you for your creative ideas and pops of color!


So well written and easy to follow. Thanks so much! It's been a while since I did a granny stitch and just needed basic instructions to get me started again. Thanks again!


Lucy, I made the Granny Stripe using leftover yarns and my intention at the time was that it would be MY blanket. However, my daughter "borrowed" it when she went camping and it has lost its way home. But, I wanted to tell you that her friend, Autumn, fell in love with and would cuddle-up at the campfire with it each night and each night she would drag it into her tent. I purchased the Sunny Pack to make Autumn her own blanket (for Christmas) and the colors are just beautiful. Am almost done with the edging and have a feeling I'll be making another one soon. Thank you for inspiring us and taking us along with you on your yarny journey. Happy Holiday's!

Tracy Sutton

Hi Lucy new to crochet and just started this well a smaller version to practice on. Love your detailed explanations.


I have crocheted for many years but have just completed my first blanket (Granny Stripes) and am delighted. So relaxing to do and a change from tops and cardigans etc. I'm hooked and can't wait to start another blanket, a ripple one this time. Love your site. Thank you.

Helen Vette

I just love doing this blanket. I'm on to my second one now? I don't know how to share my pic on here though. Thank you for your patterns,they're so easy to follow, for someone who hasn't crocheted before. I live in Australia and have been using DK acrylic yarns, they work up a treat.


Hi Lucy. I love this blanket! I've recently purchased the yarn pack from wool warehouse as an early birthday gift for my sister in law, I'm waiting for it to arrive (in Australia).

I notice that colour printed instructions doesn't come with the yarn. Do you have a download available at all? I'd like to give her instructions to go with the yarn.

Thank you in advance!


Very pretty! I am half done making this using leftover yarn from two Cosy packs, a Coast Ripple, and the Cottage Ripple (and a few extras from my yarn stash). Am keeping this one for myself as all the other blankies were for my sweet peeps and this one is special...little bits of leftover love from all the blankies. Feeling like I just might need a "Cupcake" when this one's done.

Rowena Corlett

Oh dear just noticed last post from someone who doesn't know we have different stitch names in the UK! I wanted to say how much I am loving this pattern. I like to have several different projects on the go to include one I can do easily in the evening when watching TV and this is that one! I was going to do the cosy pattern (and will at some point ) but this is brill and so relaxing and satisfyingly! Many thanks x

Rowena Corlett

Hi Lucy - just realised I have all the colours that you used in your first Granny stripe blanket already so will be using those. I know your order was random and I can get if from your pictures if necessary but am wondering if there is a list somwhere? Sorry to trouble you!

Claire Sandison

Hi Lucy. Absolutely love your blog. You are an inspiration yo so many. I have just started crocheting this year and i am on my second blanket. I am currently working on the granny steipe blanket in a rainbow colour pattern. Iam in love with the colours and the fact that crocheting has become my form of relaxation. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to have a go :)

Rosemary Dargan

Hi Lucy,
I am starting the granny stripe blanket and I chained 200, then did the dc in the stitches and ended up with 1 stitch less but made up for it at the end of the row. I then did the chain 3 and the treble, and the rest of the trebles in the row. I then checked my trebles against the number that you said one should have (2 tr at start, 65 tr groups and 2tr at the end). Well I only have 2 trebles at the start, 49 treble groups and 2 tr at the end.
I have done everything exactly as it's written so I don't know where I've gone wrong.
Feeling tired and deflated. My width measurement at this time is about 118cm.
Do you know where I might have gone wrong? Thank you in advance.

Christine B94

I am a beginner and would like to do your granny blanket in the colours of your coast blanket. I would then need to add 3 colours to the pack ordered. Any suggestions?

Thank you. Your blog is lovely.


Lucy is there any way you can present your stitches in graphic format? I have great difficulty following "verbal" instructions, but a graph makes it so much easier! Please try!
Thank you for such a beautiful & inspiring site.

alix coralie

Hi, lovely tutorial,I am thinking of making a blanket like this very interesting one ,,I love granny squares and stripe but never make anything with granny stripes



Hi Lucy, I love your blog and the pics of crochet have inspired me to learn. So as a beginner I'm attempting the granny stripe blanket but I wanted to do four rows of each colour, there's a pic of you doing a four row rainbow blanket under the caravan section of your blog which looks beautiful but I wanted to check if I'm not changing my colour every two rows do I still follow the pattern of doing 2 tr and then 1tr at the start and end of the rows or do I just do 1tr when I'm going to change colour? This may be a stupid question and become obvious as I'm crocheting but wanted to be sure as first project! Thank you for any advice x

Adele Teeling

Love this tutorial, have got the original pack (17 balls) will I have enough to complete the granny stripe blanket & border

Rosemary Baggott

Dear Lucy, I have such pleasure looking at your comments and pictures, and copying your crochet. Sunny log cabin and stripey version both coming along a treat. Sorry I'm unable to send any pictures as I don't have the relevant equipment. Your choice of colours is so much appreciated, because though I love crocheting (reaching obsession level I'm ashamed to say)I sometimes get the colour choices wrong, so it's a real treat to just follow someone else's choices which I love and can be seen before starting a project. Much love and thanks to you, Rosemary

Carol Appleton

I would like to know the length of yarn required to complete 2 rows of the granny stripe blanket so that I can put some yarn on smaller bobbins.

Marion de Jong

Hello Lucy,
I am from Holland and I Just want to say I love your blog and creations. That sunny cabin blanket those color!! Love it😍


My afghan measures 150. Will I have enough yarn? Also, do we need to order the four colors for the border or is there enough yarn in the package to complete it? Thanks.

Patty Davis

If I order the pack of 18 colors is there enough yarn to do the border also? Silly question I suppose but I need to know. Love your work!

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