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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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i've had my triangles ready for quite a while now and am still waiting to find out where to send them. have i missed something?

Marién Baqués

Absolutely fan of your works!!! I'm catalan, from a village very close to Barcelona and I found your blog by casualty….I'm really delighted I found it.Every thing in it is perfect!! Congratulations!!!

rinda gerber

It looks like so much fun, can't wait to get to the shop for wool. Must however finish a few ufo's before I can start,thanks !


lovely idea! I would like to make a pillow with these triangles.
thanks Lucy

Joanne Duggan

Love love love these and yes they are totally addictive! Made 2 already for the Yarmdale walk....x


Brilliant idea! Brilliant tutorial!
Has anyone else found that they curl up like little bowls - cute but not quite what's wanted of bunting - I have pressed them flat but they may curl again in time and with use. I found if I ch2 in the gaps in round 5, 6, and seven they do lay flat.


Just spending a lovely Saturday night in front of the fire drinking red wine and hooking triangles to send to the other side of the world. Good luck for Yarndale Lucy - would love to be there! Let's hope it's an annual event as 2014 is on the cards for a trip to the UK!!


Hi Lucy, do we have any progress with an address for us to send them to you?


Looks just lovely, Lucy!! Thanks so much for sharing as always and just to check and make sure, for US directions: the tr's are dc's and the dc's are sc's here in the states? Anyone can pipe in and let me know if I have it correct before I begin, please. I can't wait to give these a try!

Carta Pezza Calamaio

Dear Lucy, I love your woks.You are a font of inspiration to me. I began to crochet a few months ago, and I learned some techniques following your blog. So I want thank you. Piera

Holley Downs

Hello, from Watkinsville, Georgia, USA! After quite a few tries, I think I have a couple of triangles for the bunting. Have you posted the address? I might have missed it. I love following your blog. You have convinced this quilter/knitter to take up hooking again! Will send the triangles as soon as I have the address! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and inspiration!

Val C

What a great idea, thank you for the pattern. I have only just learnt to do basic crochet and came across your blog by accident. What an inspiration. I have made some bunting which I hope you can use and will send it soon. Best wishes and happy hooking from France.

Anne Innes

Thank you so much for the pattern, Lucy. Spookily I'm already knitting bunting for the 200th anniversary of the Border Union Show where our Guild has a woolly stand. Crocheting will be so much quicker! Happy to do more for Yarndale.

Tanya Williams

You have given me inspiration to make so many things . With your blog. Ive start a blanket that you have made just in purple and white and your instructions are great. I am from New Zealand ive post my project on my Facebook page and my friends and family want me to make them one. Keep up the great work .love seeing your work.

Jan harry

Hi Lucy,
Until I found your blog I was a die hard fine crochet fanatic, only ever using white or ecru but you have inspired me to have a go at colours and thicker yarn. Will definitely have a go at some bunting for you for that very reason.
Thanks for making me "loosen up!"
Love Jan


well thanks again it is because of your blog that i taught myself to crochet 18 mnths ago and again ive managed first time with your tutorial to make a triangle mine is a half inch to big for yarndale but a friend is expecting a baby in July so they may well find there way into her nursery, keep up the good work love your blog x

Irene Porter

Lovely instructions as always. I'm sure you will get far more than you could possibly use. I wonder if anyone reads your blog who has a connection to a charity through which extras could be sold? Preferably in your area to avoid postage.

Jo McGee

Hi Lucy where do i post them too...and what is the deadline date as i live in Australia thx jo

Susan Brown

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm so excited to start making this! Thank you for sharing you wonderful creation 👌

Carole-Ann Klar

Love the bunting, what a great tutorial and cause, I can't think of anything more perfect than an abundance of colourful, crocheted loveliness. I would love to come to Yarndale but I am a relocated Scot in Canada but I will post my wee contribution to this yummy cause :) and look forward to seeing how it all comes together in your amazing blog.


Hola Lucy vivo en Argentina,amo el crochet y soy tu seguidora hace bastante, me encantan tus trabajos llenos de color, tus tutoriales son excelentes, tus relatos de la vida son encantadores y los paisajes del lugar donde vives me dan mucha envidia pues es un lugar maravilloso aunque tu dices que es muy duro vivir allí. Gracias a internet que te conocí. besos enormes desde aquí y ya estoy pensando en donde aplicar los triángulos, estoy muy lejos para poder enviarte algunos!!!! lo lamento

Nancy Duffer

What fun,I cant wait to get started,but how will you ever be able to string thousands and thousands of little triangles that I am sure you will receive lol?

dianne everett

can you make a blanket with this design please.

lorraine Mac Lovey

I used to do this shape all the time, but never knew how to block them. NOW I KNOW! thank you so much, now I can play with shapes again without fear!

Maureen Johnson

A brilliant tutorial, you have a talent for teaching. I love your work and your blog. Will get crocheting and if the postage isn't ridiculously expensive hope to send you some from the land down under.
Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to us all.

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