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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Ann Kelly

I'm loving making my lovely cupcake blanket for my grand daughter but I'm a little confused, 1st you chain the 198 stitches work your first row and at the end have 196 stitches? 2nd my work at one end has got off at an angle? I feel I need to unpick and restart


Love your blanket! It's the second one I am making. I'm just wondering: When I make a foundation that I can divide by three, the pattern does not work out. Shouldn't it be "divided by three plus 1"? Or am I missing something?

Moly Hamilton

I have just moved from a 4Bedroom doublestory house to a 2-Bedroom unit. I had to cull everything BUT not my wool. I have huge containers of wool and here I am buying more ! Who could resist these beautiful colours. I shall have to follow the instructions in this pattern. Wish me luck please

Moly Hamilton

Though I have had a passion for knitting for 70 years I am an absolute beginner when it comes to crochet so.... Living in the tropics of North Queensland we don't have an occasion to wear lovely winter woollies. I knit continuously for my many grandchildren and daughters in law who live in southern states of Australia. I have now taken to knitting knee rugs. After seeng the scrumptious colours of the cupcake striped throw (I would be quite cross if I thought that one of my younger relatives did "throw" one of my rugs) I am going to make one for my daughter AND another for myself. Thank you so much for this beautiful colourful rug, I love it. My late husband knew what I meant Shen I said,"I must finish this pattern" that usually meant That I was ready to sit all night just waiting to finish "that pattern"
Molly Hamilton in Townsville, North Queensland, Down Under


I love this blanket. It's my very first project at crochet and your site is amazing. Thank you so much. I can't wait to finish and start my next project. Could you help me out please? I would like to make a granny stripe throw, but being so new to this I have no idea of size or numer of chains for foundation or pattern rows. I know it's smaller but really can't work it out. Please please help I'm at a loss. Thank you again for your inspiration

Donna Blissett

Is it just me, or has anyone said they have put on extra weight crocheting this blanket? Mocha a.k.a cappuccino, apricot= peach/mango smoothie,fondant= strawberry/pineapple smoothie, cream= vanilla ice-cream lemom =keylime pie. The quicker I finish this blanket the sooner I'll be out of the land of 150 lbs. How did you manage?

Hazel c uk

I am crocheting this blanket but find my edges are not keeping straight, am I doing anything wrong.
I am really enjoying it the colours are delightful.
Hazel c uk


Hooray! My Cupcake yarn arrived in today's mail. I just finished a Cosy Stripe blanket in Sunny colors on Sunday and am making matching pillow covers. Still deciding what to make with Cupcake yarn...


Beautiful blanket in this colours I love it!
groetjes van Marijke


This combination is beautiful, thank you for sharing all you patterns and know how with us. I can't wait to receive my pack & start making it :)


How difficult is this project

Winifred Waite

That is a lovely blanket. Beautiful colours.

Lynne asked for knitting stitch suggestions to produce a similar blanket.
There is information here about a crochet look knit pattern which might work http://blog.loveknitting.com/crochet-like-knitting-stitch/

Lynne. Levey

Lovely colours in a very attractive sequence. I struggle to crochet, if I knitted this, could anyone suggest a stitch that would work please?


This looks pretty in these colors! When I am finished with my first Cosy Stripe, I'll have a difficult time choosing my next project!


Just ordered my yarn pack... thanks Lucy!


I loooove it!!


I love this! it is beautiful!


Thank you for this lovely pattern. It's so fresh in colour and definitely spring-like.

Mama Bear

Yipeeee! So excited to wait for my new kit to arrive! Luckily I didn't even have to do much persuading, as hubby already knows how happy my crochet makes me! This design is just scrumptious, Lucy - your talents have no end to them - these colours are so perfect for spring. I honestly didn't think you could surpass the gorgeousness of the Harmony blanket from last year, but you have, and my fingers are itching to get hooking on this new woolly deliciousness! Thank you as always for sharing your incredible talents with us all! My health is not good and there are many days, like today, when I am house-bound, but thanks to you and your lovely crochet kits, you make even my hardest days a bit more bearable! I always enjoy reading your blog - like many others, I come here for a lovely dose of sunshine and sparkles - better than any medicine! Love, Rubekah xx


Oh my...I neeeeeeeeed this blanket in my life! Just so beautiful..
Your gift with colour is truly something, really it is. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place Lucy.
*Goes off to plot how to smuggle an entire new blanket project into the house without husband noticing*


This is GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing.


This is such a beautiful peace of work. The colours are so pretty. I have been waiting for this day, nd here it is already. Thank you so much for sharing his very beautiful afghan. Thank goodness there is only one stitch to translate to American. Now to get to bed, it is like 4 A.M., just had to stay and catch the pattern. Take care Lucy. Have a great day/night.


You always make me smile (especially on a Monday morning. What scrumptious, vibrant colours - thank you

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