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We really love this crochet snowflake pattern – we've just featured it in our Top 10 Christmas Decorations post on our blog: http://bit.ly/1eVbjzF

We've also made some to put on the Christmas tree in our office!!


- James @ Stitch Craft Create


I had to write to you, I have been trying to make a snow flake every christmas andsoon I give up... finally I made one using your pattern today! yay! I am sooo excited! thankyou


Just been using this tutorial to do this years Christmas cards, and have linked you from my blog. Hope that is OK.

Lovely snowflakes, thank you!

Rachael Langley

What superb little snowflakes. Great tutorial as always!


I have made these using 'plarn' that is using yarn made from plastic bags. Originally I used them as Christmas tree decorations but my daughter pinched some of them and uses them as coasters for drinks.
Ps how to make plarn? Consult youtube.

k othen

Very pretty and dainty. I used crochet cotton size 20. loved them Thank you for your pattern.

claire mason

Sorry I'm late to the party, but I have just discovered this fantastic tutorial! Started immediately on a snowflake garland. Many Thanks!
(Ps. I expect you'll have some real snowflakes soon in the North East! Scotland first then the North East always!)

Noemi Domingo

thanks from Spain :-))
the snow flake will be a christmas gift to my nieces, because I want them to value hand made creations... love can be found also in little things

Rita holloway

Is there an "idiot guide" to crochet? I can knit but don't know crochet and would love to be able to do the snowflakes. Many thanks.

Gaynor Roberts

I really want to make one of these but am a complete crochet beginner - can you recommend any online tutorials to get me to this point?!? Thanks so much xx


muchas gracias una idea genial.. besos

Aubrey Garcia

Thanks for sharing. I was looking for a snowflake pattern to put on some slippers I was crocheting. I did the first and third round to make a smaller snowflake but the pattern and pictures you had written out were so easy to follow. :)

Jennifer Toal

Love them Lucy!!! Just made one and as usual your instructions are easy and perfect to follow. Hope to make lots more and thinking of adding them to Chirstmas presents as little tags that can then be hung on the tree....sooooo pretty!! Thanks for all the time you take to share your ideas with others. X


Just made my fist one out of a shiny blue sport weight yarn and I love it:)

Thank for the great info



Can't wait to have a go at this. Thank you for sharing!


So happy I saw your Facebook post earlier today, I'm happily hooking these cute little snowflakes near the fireplace and oh dear they are addictive! I'm going for a big garland :-) I can't believe this pattern escaped my attention, it's brilliant! :-) xxxx


oh lovely, I like the little ones. Thank you

Connie Ferguson

Lovely, Poundland have a white with a little sparkle yarn. I think it was buy 2 get one free. I was looking for an excuse to buy it.

Kathy Lye

Hi Lucy,
I have been following your blog for some time now (planning to start on my own hexagon blanket nest week).

I work for Age Cymru (that means Age Wales) in Cardiff - we have a Keep Warm This Winter campaign every year to raise money to raise awareness of the issues that older people face during the winter. This year, staff and volunteers were asked to make Christmas tree decorations out of wool to publicise the campaign. I contributed some snowflakes and stars from your patterns and wow, what a reaction!

I am pleased to tell you that I have been asked to send the links to your patterns to one of our corporate supporters because some of their staff want to learn how to make the decorations. It looks as if I will be going over there to give them some crochet lessons.

I would like to be able to send you a picture of the decorated tree sometime in December, as you were the inspiration for so many of the decorations. Please can you let me know if this is possible.



Thank you so much for the visual tutorial! Our church craft group has so enjoyed making these. The instructions are clear and the pictures help so much.


Thanks for the patter! I used it last year for christmas cards. Today I made a Dutch translation and posted it on my blog. I hope that's ok.


Thank you for posting this snowflake, it is so delicate!, ya lo hice!

Kelly Walmsley

I block snowflakes by saturating in a solution of 1/2 water, 1/2 white glue, squeezing out the excess gently and pinning inside the outside loops to corrugated cardboard covered with a towel.


Hia Lucy, I'm really glad I've discovered your blog, I just wish I had two or three years ago when I was first trying to learn crochet. I first heard about your blog on Emma's Dolly Doulton blog. I eventually found your blog when I searched for a multi layer flower pattern. Previously I couldn't work out how to make the petal layers off-set. I immediately set about and made a flower (in cream 4 ply cotton to add to my recently completed summer scarf) even though it was approaching midnight. I was delighted to find your snowflake pattern; After Christmas I made a special trip to a lovely wool Shop in Clitheroe, to get a pattern for the lovely snowflakes displayed in the window (when the Shop was closed) - you can imagine my disappointment to learn that they had been bought from Ikea!
I hope to make lots of them in time for Christmas.
By the way, I really enjoyed reading about your recent visit to Arnside. We were there last week, it's only a short drive from our Caravan in Kirkby Lonsdale. Scuse the rambling!
Carol xxx


These are exactly what I envisioned. Thank you so much. My family will be enjoying them this Christmas.

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