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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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janet brokofsky

Hi Lucy
Another wonderful pattern to make. I always find something to make when I come to your site. Thank you for sharing all your exceptional work with us. I have started making from my scrap yarn. Should turn out beautiful like yours when it is done.


Thankyou for this pattern I'm already now for 5/1 /18

Jessica Wyke

Thank you Lucy. I have just made a very shallow basket using this pattern, to put all our Autumn treasures in...conkers, acorns, leaves and pine cones. My little boy will love it.
I am getting rather addicted to your blog...I'm spending hours breastfeeding my baby and looking at all the beautiful things I will be able to make when I have more time on my hands. Sadly he doesn't like me crocheting while he feeds. I recently donated for the sunny log blanket which is taking me an age to make, and will do so again for this bag/basket pattern. I really hope most people donate as you so deserve it for your talent, cheerfulness and generosity. Thank you again. Xx

Jackie Jukes

Hi Lucy, What a wonderful website this is, I adore all of the colors that you put together to make these masterpieces. I am currently making this bag to hold all my yarn in that I have got in the last few days.
How long did it take you make this bag? I am only on row 8 and it feels like I have been crocheting this bag forever. Mind you I have only learnt to crochet about a year ago.

wonder woman

hello lucy, well i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your inspiration and wonderful tutorials, patterns and banta you kindly give us all. i dont know how you manage the comments on your site, i see you get a lot of erm... questions and wotnot that aren't really to do with the pattern/tutorial etc. i hope you enjoy lots of calming tea and know not everyone is quite so cheeky, lacking in ability to READ what it says and so on and that you are appreciated immensley in all you do. i am quite knew to crochet and love that i'm learning THROUGH you! books have availed me nothing in my knowledge to grow with it but your clear instructions and pics do teach me. thank you! truly and mahoosively! i shall indeed click on donate and enjoy a serene/soothing cup of whatever you fancy from Baldock, Hertfordshire. God bless. xx i do not know how you handle all the repeated questions and requests to add things, change things etc. hohum. xxx


Hi Lucy, thank you so much for this fun pattern. I only learned how to crochet two months ago and this was my third project and it turned out beautifully! I have just bought you a coffee through the donation link. I will certainly come back to make more of your patterns!

Natacha Oliveira

I can´t find your pattern for this bag...I would like so much to have it...


Sar Reed

How wide is the bottom before you start the sides?

Bernadette Remond

Un très joli sac ! merci pour les explications !

Diane Beeson

How much Aran wool would I require please?

Esme Render

Love the this pattern. My first attempt not quiet like yours. Have used up my wool that seems to keep growing. Next one will use recommended wool. But I loved making this bag it's a bit bigger then yours but will use for the storing of wool , as I am half way through your granny stripes blanket. Which is Really great to crochet. Makes me smile as again using colours in my stash. Husband not so happy as he said I had too much wool and since so far there are 18 different colours in my granny stripes I think he had a point. But as I said to him these are all for projects.


Is there a yarn pak for this..I love the color themes you come up with..I did the Moorland afghan..getting getting to start your new one as soon as the yarn comes in..am now looking at your other things..

Ricki Lieberman

HI, I love the bag pattern, but I walk with a walker and I would like a pattern that includes straps that close with a button, so it can hang on my Walker when I walk out of the house. Is that possible? Do you have a pattern for a bag that closes this way? I really love this bag! Maybe you can just send me a pattern for the straps my way to this wonderful bag! Thank you for considering this! Ricki


Hi, please let me know pattern for the bag in which handles are worked in - not attached, I can't find that pattern, thanks!

Janifer Keel

How much yarn did you use for your bag? I only want to use 3 colors , and so how many should I buy .


Thank you. I like lucy. From turkey


Thank you so much, i'll try to make follow ur guide

Sonia ward

Hi I started this bag tonight but I'm only on row 8 and it won't lay flat it's rippling ? I'm using style craft dk on size 4 hook doing trebles as stated is the wool wrong as mine doesn't seem as tight as yours and definitely won't be flat by row 14!

Lorraine Grantham

Hi Lucy

Thank you so much for the patterns (I have printed the smaller bag as well). I have Myboshi No 1 wool in gorgeous colours to use up so I'm hoping it will work well for these patterns. For the lady who was asking about having a print button on your patterns - I have found it works well to select the pattern (right click and copy down the pattern) and copy it into a Word document. You can save the pattern as a Word document and print it from there. Thank you again and regards from Lorraine in New Zealand


Thank you for sharing your own pattern l'll try but different kind of wool I live in Colombia s.a. we can't find thin yarn here I'll get another one very similar

Jenelle Glanz

I'm making the bag and must have done something wrong. The bottom turned out huge so I took out 4 rows and started on the sides. I think it is still too big. Any suggestions? I'm thinking about tearing out some rows and making the bottom smaller. I don't know why it is so different from yours. Thanks!!


Thank you, I made this bag last weekend I'm so pleased with it


LOVE THIS PATTERN! Thank you for all your wonderful info. How do you attach the handles? I am having a hard time figuring this out for any pattern!


Delightful pattern for perfectly sized WIP carrier! I am going to make a couple of them as gifts for my hooking pals. Thank you for sharing!

Caryn Littlefair

Hi, this really is a lovely bag pattern and I really want to make so I have somewhere to keep my ever growing yarn supply, but I was hoping for some advice on what yarn to use. I can't seem to find any wool yarn that is equivalent to what you're using, and I was wondering do you think that using the Drops 100% cotton Aran yarn (http://www.woolwarehouse.co.uk/yarn/drops-love-you-5-all-colours) would make a good enough substitute??

Thanks so much!!

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