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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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I’m so hungry! It’s your pattern! https://www.garnstudio.com/pattern.php?id=8357&cid=4#add

George M-C

I am new to crochet and was recommended y
This site... It is I'm formative, fun, friendly and real. I love this bag but as I have little understanding especially about yarn types please can I ask can I use an acrylic aran rather than 100% wool, mainly due to cost and I may go wrong ALOT!! Also how much wool do you think I'd need? I'd estimate about 8 balls but I may be wrong? Thank you for the inspiration!!

Ína Sif Stefánsdóttir

This lovely bag caught my grandmothers eye when we were surfing the web for inspiration. I translated the pattern along with the flower pattern for her into icelandic, I wondered if you would like to add it to your ravelry post for other icelanders to enjoy?


Pour ceux et celles qui désirent les instructions en francais, faites comme moi. Un copier-coller dans Google Traduction et le tour est joué!!!

Veronica Davis

Newly hooked!
Have made three little crochet bowls and am now hooked on crochet - ordered wool for this super bag and with a week's holiday due soon hope to get to well under way mid March. Wish me luck - Dahlia `blanket next on the list. I love the flowers - grow lots pf them am]nd must have a blanket to match. Thank you for your blog. I'm loving it already.

Monique BAZZO

Pourriez vous s il vous plait traduire les explication pour les maillzs je ne comprend pas


Est ce possible d’avoir le patron en français, merci

Alice Forbes

Hi is there a pattern for the original picture on this Pinterest post? I love how the straps a crocheted straight from the body. Thanks

marie antoinette ECLINA

pour la traduction, télécharger google crome sur votre ordi à côté de l'etoile des favoris vous avez un petit icone g et cela vous permettra de traduire automatiquement vos textes j'ai ce systeme sur mon ordi et cela fonctionne tres bien


Je viens de découvrir votre joli sac réalisé avec des restes de laine.
Serait-il possible d'obtenir la traduction ?
Un grand merci
Evelyne Cognault


Can't wait to make this! I've been thinking about a nice big bag and this is JUST PERFECT!

Anne-Marie Viviers

Would love to make this but I need a printed pattern, please
Would it be possible to send me the pdf please


Looks such a lovely pattern, as I have a lot of wool I will make one for myself to use. Just love the pattern. Thanks Annerose


I have started this bag using dk yarn with a 4 hook but my rows are waving , I tried a 3 hook and still waving when I get to row 6 what do you sugest


Where can I purchase that particular yarn & all those perfect colors?
I need to make that bag as its stunning!

suzanne Guichard

svp traduction français Merci

Pat o

I give in, I’m addicted, I’m hooked!
It started off really slow, now I have a huge box full of wool, I am almost at the end of the cup cake blanket, have a woodland blanket waiting, calling me from it’s dark little box, I plan to make a wool bag first!
I bought you a coffee, thank you for saving my sanity’s during the world cup⚽️


Hi Lucy,
just wanted to say Thank you for your lovely blog. I really do appreciate all the time you take to explain so clearly-I have made this bag- my first big(ish) project and really enjoyed it EXCEPT- I am obviously doing something wrong when I start the new row- my bag has a funny lumpy bit in that area and you can see there is something not quite right along that "seam" if you have time please could you explain to me how to start a new row- I finish off the old row and tie on the new yarn to start the next but then not sure where to insert hook to pull through a loop because I am at the chain bit of the row above so there isn't really a stitch- I kind of made it up each time which is probably why it looks a bit wonky. Also I have even more respect for your amazing way with colour - I thought I would just work out the colours as I went and that didn't work out so well for me- I will stick to projects that you recommend yarn packs for in future! Thanks again Lucy _Regards Rachel


To the Jackie Daugherty and Crochet World magazine. Ex editor from More magazine Abby Perlman recently got involved in dangerous coraption business with crazy CBS anchor Otis Livingston to steal money from Crochet World magazine employees bank accounts never trust Abby Perlman and Otis Livingston they belong in prison!!!!!!!!!!!

Pierrette Dubois

Trop trop beau si je s avais faire du crochet . Plus qu a trouvé Quelqu' un qui pourrais me le faire ? Merci


Hi Lucy, love this bag, can you tell me approximately how many balls of aran wool required to make it! Love your blog, full of inspiration! Thank you


I'm loving the bag so far. I've gotten about halfway up the sides and can't wait to add the ripple edge on the top!
Thanks for this pattern. I'm going to try your Woodland Blanket CAL as well. Love your site - it's very beautiful and full of helpful crochet information.

Elizabeth (Earl Grey Crochet)

Thanks for sharing this pattern Lucy. I'm currently working on it, but in a colour block version (so pretty much use grey unto I run out/feel its done, then switch to mint). Just wondering if you have a recommended diameter in centimeters for the bag, to hold the 15 balls of one of your yarn packs? Sorry if you mentioned it and I've missed it!

Linda Woodman

Dear friend,
I'm delighted to read your useful blog. How refreshing it is to read something from someone who is happy. I'm not from the UK but I'm sure your pattern will not be as difficult as the Swedish one I've been working on. Will you have yarn bundles to purchase for the woodland autumn blanket?

Martine Pépin


Votre sac est vraiment très beau.
Connaitriez-vous quelqu'un qui pourrait le traduire en français SVP ?

J'en serais très heureuse.

Merci beaucoup


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