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I love this pattern so much, i was wondering if this blanket can be started pff with a chainless foundation chain rather than doing a normal foundation chain


How many chains for a baby blanket?

Hilary Fraser

I’m just starting crotchet and my chain foundation row of 198 stitches only measures 100 cms. Does this mean they are too tight ? Should I add more chains in multiples of 3 to make the 120 cms stated in pattern or re chain the foundation row more loosely


In response to Johanna, I counted very carefully and used knitting markers to make sure my clusters were on track. It works. I did have to rip out a lot at first but once I got going, it looks great. I just used 3 colors and a lot of white and it turned out lovely. Jan

Angelica Lopez

This is a very beautiful blanket, and I will try to make it. Because I like crochet to make anything. Thank you very much.


To keep the rows even,I count the stitches and use knitting counters every 10 or 20 or 30 stitches. I'm experienced too but I make any necessary corrections on each row &follow the tutorials.

Betty Moore

Absolutely lovely. Picks your spirits up just looking at of. Thank you so much for sharing.

Nora  Ambrose

Hi Lucy,
This is a lovely pattern. Thank you for sharing it. Just wanted to ask where can I get the instructions on how to do the border?

Thank you!


I have made this blanket now, twice. Both these beautiful blankets were made to use up my stash ( or at least try ) first my wools, then my acrylic yarns. Both blankets have turned out absolutely lovely and, like your illustration, are so colorful. The acrylic one I just finished somehow named itself while I worked on it. The colors are so vibrant and I am in love. It insisted on naming itself "music". Really!!! It just would not be quiet about its name. So "music" it is. It is to be given to my very last grandchild. This will be the very last out of 10 blankets and 10 grand children. Her sister was the recipient of the gorgeous wool one and everyone comments on it and loves it. I know this "music" that her sister will receive will also be loved and admired. Thank you so much for this pattern. I have knit or crochet so many many blankets. These are my favorites. AND EASY!! This pattern is so perfect for knitting up wonderful things to help knit down some of our sizable stash!!


Love the pattern! I haven't crocheted in years but hope to get started once again when I retire in a few months.
This looks like a very easy pattern to get me back in the swing of things.

Thanks so much for sharing!


I've been searching for just the right blanet pattern to showcase the colors I have chosen. Happily I have found it here!
Since I am just not a fan of beginning with long chains, I wonder if it's possible to begin with a tr foundation row.


the tutorial is very helpfull, thank you so much

Michele Brisker

Are packs available in superwash merino?

Susan Jensen

Justy found your site, terrific pics and instructions!
One question, I always worry about the end coming out a little so you see little tails. Once you have woven up and down then out to the edge do you just strim off or do extra weaving please?
Thanks, Sue.

Marie Gunns

Has someone figured the amount of stitches needed for a double bed? X

Gina Rossellini

Beautifully illustrated, Clear instructions. THANK YOU 😉


Been looking for this pattern. Thank you so much for sharing.


Thank you for mentioning skipping the last stitch on the treble crochet rows. I had started a blanket from a pattern similar to this but couldn't figure out how I had an extra stitch. I pulled put multiple rows and was just going to try a different pattern but I'm so glad I found yours. Thank you!


I love this pattern! I have made one for my love seat and now I want one for my sofa.


Where can I find this pattern in US Directions

Robyn Brodie

This is my go to for blankets. I have used it for a temperature lapghan, stroller blanket, knee warmer, etc, and I don't get sick of doing it. Thank you tsuch a beautiful but simple pattern. Well worth the effort.

Luz Virginia Barratachea

Dear Lucy what a beautiful blanket fell in love with the colors . Can you let me know the baby colors you use and where can i purchase it. Also how many chains for a baby blanket.Please let me know and I thank you so much. Virginia from Texas.


In response to Johanna - so long as your total stitches is divisible by 3 I have found it works. The clusters should be going into every third stitch so there are two skipped ones in between and your total number of stitches then remains the same. Good luck!


I am an experienced crocheter but this one is killing me. I have my first two rows but the math does not work for the number of clusters. There are significantly more than 3 sets of 64 if you do one cluster every 2 stitches. The blanket keeps growing because I am evidently missing something in the pattern. So disappointing as I was so looking forward to gorgeous spring colors.
Can anyone offer any assistance? My first 2 rows are great but I lose it on the next rows. And a pet peeve - if the number of stitches is posted in the pattern they need to be correct.
Any help from anyone?

Marie Bristow


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