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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Just finished a worsted weight version for my son due early September! I really like the simple pattern and I switched it up by doing a group of dc,dc cluster, dc rows with one color and then five sets of rows with other colors in random order (since I had a lot of one color and less of my others). I abbreviated the border too, but I'm so happy with the result and it worked up fast between the worsted and my need for stress relief! :)

Judy Allen



How do I print the pattern off pleas ka

Barbara Brauer

I can’t wait to bake this blanket. What kind of edging would you suggest?

Jacqui Thurgood

Hi Lucy, I wanted to tell you my Cosy Stripe blanket was just beautiful. I followed your instructions to the letter. As I was close to finishing my dear brother in law was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. I gifted it to him as a 60th birthday present, and the look on his face is something I will treasure forever. He was totally overcome to receive this gift. He absolutely loved it. Thank you so much

Diane Lofthouse

How do I do a border


Hi, I am also a newbie to making blankets. I would love to know the measurements/maths to be able to make this blanket smaller in width. I’d like to make some smaller doll blankets for my children at kinder.

Cindy Willman

I loved this pattern,it worked up so fast. I decided to finish it on the vertical because I was using up stash and did not think I could make it bigger. It's now my Cosy Seaside throw.

Rhonda Keen

Hi there, I have purchased Dune colourways yarn and it has arrived in Lake Macquarie Australia. Can you share the exact sequence to use please?

Hilary Airey

Hi can you let me know what kind of edging you decided on. I have finally finished my cosy blanket and did a row of trebles on one short end. When I turned the corner and continued up the long side, it looked uneven and lumpy. So I am wondering what to do now. Leaving it unedged looks unfinished. Many thanks. Hilary

Wanda Gelezinsky

I am a novice to crocheting. I love this pattern! Is there a printed version for a baby blanket size? The pattern seems to he the size for a twin bed. Thanks in advance.

Chris Hocken

Hello there I love this blanket so much and am trying to make it in one colour. I have tried multiple times with the count of three’s but it never works out by the time I get to the pattern part!! What am I doing wrong???


how many chains to make this a laprobe or afghan size? about 36x48?

Marj Frels

I ordered this kit about 3 months ago. I was busy with Christmas projects so am just getting around to make it. Upon checking the colors, I find I am 3 skeins short. Claret, Camel & Meadow. I need them to start this afgan.


I love the colours for this blanket, but need a bit of help please.
My chain foundation row of 198 stitches only measures 80cms. Should I add more chains in multiples of 3 to make the 120 cms stated in pattern or use a 5mm hook? TIA

Ina Evans

Hello Attic24. I've started making Cosy Stripe blanket. Due to not crocheting into last stitch on row 5 and 9 etc, my edge isn't lining up, it is like steps. I've done 10 rows and my stitch count and groups of 3 tripple clusters are getting less. Can you work out what I'm doing wrong? Will be very grateful of your help. Thanks.


Why cant I see any Replies to these questions?


I love this pattern so much, i was wondering if this blanket can be started pff with a chainless foundation chain rather than doing a normal foundation chain


How many chains for a baby blanket?

Hilary Fraser

I’m just starting crotchet and my chain foundation row of 198 stitches only measures 100 cms. Does this mean they are too tight ? Should I add more chains in multiples of 3 to make the 120 cms stated in pattern or re chain the foundation row more loosely


In response to Johanna, I counted very carefully and used knitting markers to make sure my clusters were on track. It works. I did have to rip out a lot at first but once I got going, it looks great. I just used 3 colors and a lot of white and it turned out lovely. Jan

Angelica Lopez

This is a very beautiful blanket, and I will try to make it. Because I like crochet to make anything. Thank you very much.


To keep the rows even,I count the stitches and use knitting counters every 10 or 20 or 30 stitches. I'm experienced too but I make any necessary corrections on each row &follow the tutorials.

Betty Moore

Absolutely lovely. Picks your spirits up just looking at of. Thank you so much for sharing.

Nora  Ambrose

Hi Lucy,
This is a lovely pattern. Thank you for sharing it. Just wanted to ask where can I get the instructions on how to do the border?

Thank you!

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