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Karen Godwin

Is there a kit to get pattern and yarn for the cozy strip blanket. Thankyou


Hi there I love what you do I am writing you from Spain!
I am try to find the pattern for that beautiful blanked you made for a baby it was yellow blue white and grey can you help me with that?

Marie Kelly

Hello Lucy,
Thank you for your wonderful pattern for cosy stripe blanket. It has been a joy for me especially now that I am confined to home most of the time due to my heart failure. I look forward to crocheting the blanket and seeing the lovely colours Come together.Wool Warehouse are so efficient getting the wool together. Hope you keep well and your family. I love looking at your Crochet pictures.I finished a blanket recently and gave it to my cousin, she is delighted with it. Beautiful patterns. Thank You so much. Sincerely
Marie Kelly. 🙏🤗

Erica Lundquist

How do I see peoples responses? I clicked the link but it goes to an html code page. I'm trying to make a baby blanket and can't seem to get the math right. I've made the Cosy Stripe before in regular size and I absolutely love it (actually have made 3!). I just can't quite get the pattern right for a smaller size.

Dian Adkins

Where can I purchase the pattern book???? Casey stripped blanket
To print takes 27 pages


I found 133 chain perfect for baby bkanket


Deb, it’s Stylecraft Special dk, an acrylic yarn. There’s a link in the blurb to a pack available from wool warehouse.co.uk where you can also see the colours used.


Im going to post a question here that I probably wont get a response to if the above questions are any indication but here goes.
I would like to know what yarn is used? Brand? Colors? I love the colors presented but there’s absolutely No info on that very important (to me) questions. Looks a bit military which is what Im going for.


Please can you advise instruction to make baby blanket.
ie how many chain to start and finished size. Also would 15 balls make 2 x baby blanket size?
I love the colours!
Thank you

Lisa  Retzer

Hello! I have seen a lot of requests for help changing the size of a blanket pattern like the Cosy Stripe. Maybe she modified the original tutorial. I just started this one.
Lucy states in bold type how many chain multiples at the beginning.

Multiples of 3 beginning chains for this one!
Hope this helps.

Geri Bergman

Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial. I love this blanket!

Brenda Smith

this is my first attempt at a larger crochet piece. I am a retired tutor of machine knitting so the resizing is a challenge I have had before. For anyone wanting a blanket of approx. 30 inches- 75 to 80 cms, I cast on 132sts to start and this works well with a size 4mm hook.

Susan Styles

looks like the chain count is in multiples of 3. you could make it as wide as you like on this principle.


Hello everyone! I found that someone made a youtube video tutorial of this pattern! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKwYbPaqgnA


Do you have a pattern for the border for the Cozy Stripe Blanket?


How many chains would you need to make a lapgan?


Wow so many people needing help with this pattern and not getting any replies to their questions. What is the point of posting a tutorial to teach people when you’re not prepared to help? It’s my biggest peeve with these tutorials


Hi Lucy, just wanted to say thank you. My mother is doing one of your granny square kits as she is new to crochet. I usually do simple granny squares as it requires little thought and i have a lot of brain fog with my chronic illness. Due to branching out a little thanks to Disney's new crochet magazine i wanted to do one of your blankets too. I read your blog for years but stopped for a bit. Fell in love with cupcake colours, and while im just doing one of the suggested colour orders repeatedly as i do not like haphazard colours, thrilled how easy iy is as I know treble crochet well. The volours make me so happy as i sit doing it. Already planning to do the Dune blanket after thid one!

Diane McK

For baby blankets I usually chain between 108 - 130. You want it to be about 30" - 36"wide

Teresa Evans

Wanda Gelezinsky did you ever find out how many stitches for a baby blanket?

Teresa Evans

How many stitches to make a baby blanket?

mavis pedersen


can you please tell me how man y chain stitches to nake a baby blanket.


Would love to see you do a follow along step by step for those who learn by watching another person do it. Maybe a you-tube video, as it makes it great for an add on to your photos on the blog. Thank you.


I’m looking to make this blanket baby size.

Could anyone help me with the pattern please?
Ideally I’d like 100chains rather than 198. However, as I’m dyslexic I’m finding it hard to work it out.. any help is greatly appreciated.. my attempts just grow and shrink lol

Thank you x


Im new to crochet and thOUGHT i would give this a go -butstuck -
My chain foundation row of 198 stitches only measures 84cms. Should I add more chains in multiples of 3 to make the 120 cms stated in pattern does that mean I will need more wool?
Also how do I see the response to all the comments? Your help appreciated thanks

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