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Penny Delow

I have really loved making this blanket, but stuck for borders, what would you recommend please?

Bonnie Gogolski

Can it be adjusted to make a baby blanket?
If so, how many do I chain to start for one 32 - 36”?


I'm so just loveing this beautiful blanket ..it's just so pretty.. loveing all the wonderful colors...

Debra Gruszkowski

I found, after several starts, that to make this work out, the count must be multiples of 3 plus 1. Otherwise, when you do the rows with the clusters of three, you will end the row with only two stitches left instead of three. So, my blanket is 150 stitches which is 50 sets of 3. Then I needed to add 1 more stitch. That means my first row of double crochets should be 151 stitches.

Angélica López

It’s beautiful very nice I like I will like to make I’m very interesting

Wendy fisher

If I wanted to do a large double that goes over the bed & sides how many sts would I need & how many balls of yarn would I need I am knitting with a 100gram balls plus a huge one

Julia Whitesel

I started with 198 chains, but my first row is off. Is 198 correct for the starting chains? (I've seen other comments about this but can't read any responses.)

Joyce Butler

Thank you. A very pretty and easy pattern.

Debra McClarrinon

I live in Alaska, and I share your passion and enjoyment in crocheting. We have long winters to do relaxing things, and crocheting is the most enjoyable hobby for me. I usually do edgings on fleeced blankets as we have 5 children, 19 grandchildren and 7 great-grand children.Please keep posting ideas, as I'm always looking for something new. This looks like it will go along quickly.


Please subscribe me to your email website. Thanks.

Marlene Moran

Pretty blanket. Can I make this was a variegated yarn.

Julie Raasch

Is the pattern for the squares anywhere on here? I really like the way it looks.

Thank you,

Celina Taylor

I have crocheted this as a crochet virgin and loved doing it BUT my edges are all over the place. Is it because I haven't followed patern properly or should I have kept counting the sticjes

Debra Atkinson

Exactly what I was looking for

Sheila Karch

Thank you for writing such a clear pattern! So many of the patterns I find are written with so many abbreviations, with no key to what they mean, that I get frustrated and quit. I’ve only actually ever finished one crochet project and that was a baby blanket for my niece, who’s 25 now. This one will be my next finished project and I can’t wait to get started. Just as soon as quarantine ends and the craft stores open again. I have to feel the yarn to make sure it’s soft enough. Crazy, I know, but that’s just how I am. Thanks CAGS in!

Gary Mitchell

Like the pattern. All looking for patterns to learn. Right now, I crochet Afghanis for kids. I know someone who builds bunk beds for kids and I thought this would be great to share with them.


Hey!! I know you say not to worry about the bumpy edges, but if on row 5 you skip the second to last stitch and put your last treble in the last stitch it makes things quite even and lovely if you have no wish to add a border! I’ve done it on two blankets now! (Well, done on one that’s finished, no border, straight sides and lovely, the second will have a border and is a wip!) :)

Gail Jones

Hi how would this work using aran weight yarn (I'm in u. K). Looking at making a baby blanket. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you


The pattern is lovely but it isn't correct. I've started this twice and never got the correct number of trebles either time because the number of chains in foundation chain is off. To get the correct number of stitches between the last treble and the 2 treble you will need to chain multiples of 3 + 2 so for example 198 (multiple of 3s) + 2 = 200. Hopefully this will work. 3rd time lucky!

Linda Gillis

Hi everyone across the pond! I'm writing from north of Boston, MA, in the US. Im working on a super bulky blanket for my grandson right now and I want to start this one for a baby blanket (using size 3 yarn, baby weight.) as soon as I'm done with my grandson's!

I couldn't find on your blanket instructions how to finish with the border. Did you use one row of multiple colors?

Thanks for letting me know.!

Angeline Nietling

please print pattern

Gail Slaughter

I just figured it out I have to do 196 Thanks anyway

Gail Slaughter

I love this pattern but I also want to know about Foundation chain we start out with 198 chains if I do foundation chain do I only do 194 trebles? Please respond as soon as possible I can't wait to start this project

Mandy Long

Can I suggest than instead of starting with a chain row, and then a treble row, you do a foundation treble row instead? This is much easier to do and it means you can work out the correct number of trebles and length as you go along. I learnt how to do this from a friend and always start my blankets this way now.
Btw, I LOVE your blankets and will be trying this one soon.


Could this be adapted to make a shawl/sweater?

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