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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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 Becky knowles

Have you done a blanket in the same pattern please it is so nice x


Thanks for sharing

Elaine Adams

The formatting of this pattern is not very good. A printable version would easier to work with.

Charlotte Kerns

I would like to have a printable pattern. love your patterns, but I need to have the pattern near while I work.

Karen Clewer

I made this in just two colours which gave a diagonal stripy pattern and with just two colours it meant that I only cut the wool at the end.


Hello. Merci pour vos jolis modèles et votre envie de partage. Je reviens très tôt vous lire. Cordialement, Patricia

Clare Barber

Made this with variagated yarn so no ends to weave in. Has worked well. Just right for the season as it is warm when needed in the morning but small enough to go in my bag when it warms up. Only took a couple of evenings woork. Plan to make another using cashmerino yarn. Thanks for the pattern.


can you make a EASY crochet tissue box cover sometime I'd really appreciate if you could thank you in advance


I'm knitting this neck in brown, beige and dark red. It's wonderfull. As soon as I finish I'll send you a photo. Thanks for your blog!


Hello amazing blog
Am trying my hand at this neck warmer I am going wrong somewhere as I am getting a circular piece

maria cristina da costa

seu trabalho são maravilhoso agradeço muito compartilhar conosco amo square amei vc fez cobertor lindamente amei o padrão vou copiar e fazer amo
square demais colorido dá vida obrigada sou brazil rio de janeiro.

Sue wilson

Attic 24 - just an amazing place to go when everything around you gets too much.
The colours, patterns, ideas and photographs are a total joy !
Thank you Lucy - you inspire me so much.

Yael Smith

Hi Lucy,
I want to use this pattern as a blanket, could you give me ideas how to make it flat?

Sian Thomas

i love this and would like to get started, could you tell me how much wool is used in this version please?

Robin Summers

I have been just drooling to do a neck cosy using your pattern. The colors are just perfect and I know it will be just awesome with my coat since I hate to have the wind blowing up inside my hood leaving my neck and ears cold. Thanks as usual for your time and talent that you so unselfishly share with all of us. I just adore your blog and the colors that swirl all around you and your world. Lots of love from across the pond. xxxx

Kacy (California, USA)

I just love this Cosy. Every time I try to order the yarn they are out of one of the colors and since I live across the "pond" I want to make my shipping count. I will keep pursuing until I get all the colors. The colors are fabulous that you used.
Can you tell me how many skeins you used? And how many different colors? Lucy, you are so talented:) Thank YOU


I am always so inspired by your projects, Lucy. Always loving the colours, the patterns, and of course, the joy that exudes from you as you share your hooky colours with us. :)

I do have a question about your foundation chain. It appears to be a more substantial foundation than just a series of chain stitches. It appear to be a series of single crochet stitches along a length of yarn, but I worry that I mightn't be right. I have perused YouTube and other sources for an idea of what it is you might be doing, but I am wondering...

Is there a tutorial available for what you used as your foundation in this project? Is this the way you begin most of your projects?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for being such an inspiration. :)

- nicole (Ottawa, ON Canada)


thank you very much for sharing with us these wonderful and fantastic ideas, and at the same time, so easy to follow. I wish you and your family to enjoy life, lots of love. I´m glad to send you a big hug for let us have a smile in our faces when we read your stories and see your amazing photos. Mary- Barcelona.



This happened to me, too. I believe it is because the 2 chains between each cluster makes the warmer stretch out too much. It may just be me (Lucy IS more experienced and has WONDERFUL patterns, and her neck warmer turned out great, of course!), but because I didn't want my neck warmer/bag to turn into a trapezoid, I decided to start only doing 1 chain between the clusters. It has worked for me!


Thanks Lucy!

I will actually be using it to make a bag out of "plarn"- plastic bag yarn. I'll crochet the "neck warmer" and then sew up the bottom and add a flap and handles. Hopefully it works out. ;) I just love the way th stitching looks in this pattern, and since I'm hear in sunny Southeastern USA, we don't have tons of use for cozy neckwarmers, if you know what I mean :)


Lucy, adoro seus trabalhos. Beijos.


I'm making this at the moment and I've never used so many colours for a piece! I love it!

PLEASE put this on Ravelry! I want to add it to my projects and upload pics and generally brag about how awesome a pattern AND tutorial this is! Xx

Lynda M O

Happy Mother's Day, Lucy, your dreams are coming true each day as you nurture your young family into life. So lovely of you to share it with us.

This neckwarmer looks delightfully easy and so beautiful in the pattern that even with only one color, a stunning one with shades, could become a stunner ~!~ I have a superwash merino wool 50gm hank which might be very pretty, in its own subtle way--You have-once again-given me lots to think about as I travel my way thru this delightful life, of which your blog has become a part.


Thank you Lucy..you are amazing! :)


hermosas bellisimas.LUCIA(ARGENTINA)

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