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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, one and all! lol I've heard from Lucy (bless her heart) and the edging instructions are correct and the edging is worked with a 4mm hook. Hope this clears up confusion for those that comment after me. ;)


Hi Lucy,
I have loved making your cozy stripe blanket so much. The colors thrill me in that they take on such a different look in different lighting. I am now going to start the edging and like someone else wondered, have the edging instructions been altered by you to be correct or do I have to try and follow the corrections noted in the comments? And hook size?? Was there a change? I'm confused. No idea if you will have the time to answer these questions, but I sure hope so. Or, if anyone here could assist?

katherine edgar

Just completed mine yesterday evening absolutely love it thank you for the pattern and inspiration

Roselyne richards

Dear Lucy Ijust finished my blanket and loved it all the way . I found your instruction clear and easy. Row four : Iknew where to push my crochet because you have put yours (in the photo) exactly where we,all, should put ours. It made it very obvious.
Each time I had a question.I search in your photos and always found my answer.
Thank you for such a lovely project and am expecting your next one with impatience.
Again, many thanksfrom Roselyne

Pat Sever

Hi Lucy. i loved the pattern for this cosy stripe blanket which I worked with spice, claret, gold, cream, copper, mocha, latte and cream. I wanted to make a double blanket for the bed in my motorhome and cast on 240 stitches. It has taken me two months to make and has been a real pleasure. I loved the edging and used your coulours except for row four where I used spice as this was my predominent colour. Thank you from Pat x

Melissa B

Hi Lucy,
I'm about to start on the last round and have read though the comments and am now confused because there is mention of the instructions being incorrect.
Can you tell me if your instructions are correct or do I need to figure out what the posters are trying to say in their comments?
Thank you for this pattern. I've enjoyed it and plan to use it to make more blankets.


I m just about to do my final few rows and then the edging, I ve chosen different colours for this one to use up a bit of my stash, but will do this bright one next, I ve loved doing it and it looks so clever even though it was easy to make, great work Lucy, you don't realise how much pleasure your work brings to so many people.


Hi Lucy, thank you for the amazing blanket pattern. I've just finished it and I'm thrilled. You are really inspirational. Thanks again


Love the colours and thanks for the edging. I am using it on a play blanket. Always find some inspiration on your site!!

kirsty roper

Hi I have just finished the blanket and starting on the border. My blanket is 110 by 165 however I do not have enough copper why?????


Hi Lucy. Thank you for that wonderful colored cosy blanket. It's almost finished. But just like Diana I noticed that you used different sizes for the edging. As I did the blanket with no 4 I was wondering which size should I use for the edging?
Thank you for chairing al you beautiful creations with us.


I'm ready to start the edging on my cosy blanket and notice in the tutorial that you change crochet hooks. What size hook should I be using. Thank you for the inspiration, my husband can't wait to snuggle up under the blanket.


Lucy, just finished my cosy blanket, really enjoyed this project, thanks for the inspiration.

Lyn keeping

Hi Lucy, I have just finished the stripes in my Cosy blanket, have just done the first edging round but have run out of wool before I reached the end, sooo disappointed, I don't crochet loosely so not sure what has gone wrong, and now Wool Warehouse have run out, so I will have to wait to finish mine. 😞


Hi Marie, have looked at the pattern for row 2, 3 and 4 and see what you don't understand. If you look at row 3 you do 1dc into top of st on row 2; 1ch skip 1dc on row 2; then 1dc into top of next st on row 2. When you get to row 4 the dc st goes into the top of the st on row 2 which you skipped on row 3. I hope that helps. Lucy may have been in touch with you already but thought I would try and help. Regards Pauline


Thanks for this pattern, just finished mine for a local hospital and love the edging. What to start on next?


Hi Lucy, can you just clarify what you mean on the last row of edging please? You say to go into the skipped stitch of round 2 but round 2 had no skipped stitches. They were DC into every stitch.
Many thanks and have loved making this blanket.


I like the small picot stitch in the last row. It is very subtle and I will be trying that out, Ty, x


Hi Lucy ...I've just finished my blanket and what a wonderful Ta Dah moment it was ...This is for my daughter Christmas the colours match her personality she's so warm and loving and you just want to cuddle up with her all day... She's 18 and wanted to give her a blanket that will go with her to university . THANK YOU SO MUCH . I hope u feel better soon


I'm so glad you chose these colors for the edging! Ive been dreaming of them throughout the whole CAL. These are the colors that inspired me the most along with the petrol which is the first and last color of the blanket. I'm on row 63 and can't wait to get to the icing on the cake so to speak!


Hi Lindis, I have had an email from Lucy and it was wrong, if you look at the last row and look closely at the stitches it is only 1dc, 2ch, 1dc; the 2dc, 2ch, 2dc is wrong. Unfortunately Lucy is still very much under the weather, as she said "her head is full of cotton wool". So Lucy I very much hope you are feeling better soon so you can enjoy all the festivities. As soon as children go to school they bring lots of bugs home to share with the family. At least you can enjoy another lovely blanket to snuggle under, get well soon, healthy wishes coming your way. Love Pauline xx


Pauline, I think you are right that there is an error, but I think it is in describing the first stitch after the corner. It says 1dc, 2ch, 1dc. If you look closely I think there are actually 2dc, 2ch, 2dc there. It is just on the corners where 1dc is used. My guess is the 2dc,2ch, 2dc parts are correct, just the first stitch instruction is wrong.


Hi Lucy, have read through your final edging row and I think there is a mistake, at the start of row 4 you write working into the first stitch after missing one it is 1dc, ch2 then 1dc into same stitch but from then on you say 2dc, 2ch, 2dc, I think you meant to write 1dc, 2ch, 1dc. Forgive me if I am wrong but I understand your concern that people will run out out of the final colour Meadow. The blanket looks lovely can hardly wait for the final photo reveal. Hope the poncho is going well. It will soon be time to relax a little over Christmas with your family so I'm sending you warm & cosy wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year, enjoy everything you do. Hugs & kisses from Pauline xx :-D

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