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January 04, 2024


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This article really opened my eyes to a new perspective! Thanks for sharing such valuable insights.


Insightful read I appreciated the fresh perspective presented in this article. Keep up the great work.


So glad you had a good Yuletide, Lucy - you deserved it. I love the colours on your tree, too. I keep telling myself I'm going to make decorations for our tree - maybe this year I'll finally get round to it. Looking forward to watching the CAL progress, it's always so inspiring!

Bev  ( W Aust)

Thank you for sharing your holiday blog Lucy, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
I can see why you were excited with the beautiful bouquet, that combination is so lovely especially with what looks like three Australian plants in there!!
Best wishes for a wonderful year for you and your family xx


The sea called to me as well. And after a rather chaotic couple of months, we had to heed to call and make the journey a few days after Xmas. Fortunately for us though, it's summer! Still lots of crazy rain, but also sun, white sand, surf, family and the only time and place where I can really exhale. You'd love it. Xox

Linda Pankhurst

Yay! Can’t wait. Have been desperately finishing up knitted items so that I can concentrate on the new CAL.
I have three packs……one Stylecraft…..which will be two lap blankets. The other two (somehow I ordered two!) Yarnsmith's packs will be (I think!) the Yuletide pattern stitch. I should get three lap blankets from two packs…..at least. I shall follow the colour sequence of the CAL. I know they will be wonderful.
Thanks Lucy Attic for these CALs. Mindless hooky relaxation during these indoor months!


It sounds as if you've had a lovely, relaxing Christmas. This is the time of year for slow days and generally just taking it easy. So glad you've taken some time for yourself to just be. It's so important that we take time out for ourselves. I hope you can get away to the coast for a few days. Sounds just perfect to me. I've been craving the beach and ocean lately - hopefully soon. Happy and blessed New Year!


Happy New Year Lucy! We put our tree up on the 22nd of December and took it down on the 4th of January! Christmas is a bit of a chore for us in some ways. We really must find a way of making it a more relaxing time. We did all enjoy opening our presents and our Roast Chicken dinner was delicious, as were the subsequent sandwiches! We are absolutely sick of all the rain and dark, dark days - some days it's like the lights are never off! The garden has never ever been as sodden as it is now, and we've lived here decades!! It's actually quite dangerous in places and so horrible to look at. But apparently it's going to be mainly dry down here for the next week - Yay! - but bloody cold too! Looking forward to tomorrow's post!! Have fun with it:)


How wonderful to see you back in the attic! I am allergic to kitty cats, but I love to see yours in all the cute, classic kitty cat poses! I’m always in awe of the photos of your town— I never, ever tire of seeing the canal and the boats and the rolling streets. Loved the little pop of red raincoat in the photo of the “raging” water! You always manage to catch all the details that a viewer loves to see! We did a jigsaw puzzle Christmas Day also!

Kristine S

Hey Lucy😃👌 glad your 'silly season' was relaxing rather than silly... mine was very quiet, mostly solitary (except for my pups!) but good to catch up with daughters & g'kids & ex on boxing day!
Some other Aussie mentioned Geraldton Wax flowers - from western Aus. Love your self-present! It's Friday, 12pm so W A I T I N G for UK time! Lovely big squishy w'warehouse Yarnsmith pack... Hugs 🫂 see u Sept 😘 🤗

Corinna Mazzotta

Yes, we too have the tradition of party poppers at Christmas lunch - aiming them at the huge bunch of mistletoe hanging from the beam above the table in my parents house. 😊 I wish I could share a picture with you.

Sadly, that didn't happen this year though as it suddenly became my turn to be the one to host Christmas for the first time. A changing of the guard as the generations roll ever onward. 😔
We have nothing above our table to aim for (it's in the conservatory bit of the kitchen), so we made do with just crackers.

Thank you for sharing your slow Yuletide with us - it's been so lovely to read about your quiet little routines and traditions. I wish I could seem to slow my life down to the same extent!

Jackie Parker

Should be renamed Linton Rapids.🙂
I'm loving the idea of the Sungold stripes in the Starbright colours.

Sarah Star

Happy New Year Lucy! I'm soooo excited to start on the Sungold CAL, my first for a couple of years now! Much love and see you tomorrow x

Linda from Boston

Happy New Year Lucy!! Great to catch up on your holiday happenings. Can’t wait for the CAL tomorrow; have hook ready! I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying the Starbright stripe blanket. I love everything about it……including the border. We’re finally getting snow(!) here in New England on Sunday!! A great time to have a new blanket to work on. ♥️


Happy New Year from Newcastle, Australia. Such a beautiful post, touching on so many of the beautiful joys of the season. I spy some Geraldton Wax & proteas in your gorgeous bouquet. So excited to be joining the CAL, between about 8 and 9pm tomorrow local time.


Happiness is a blog post from Attic 24. Happy New Year.


My daughters bought me the kit but I havent seen her yet so will be catching up later!
I love carnations meh!
Oh my that bouquet lovely😁
Rain rain rain 🙄

Teri Sullivan

Your Cosy Stripe was must first CAL. THen the Sunny Log Cabin, my fave, and the Cottage Ripple. I’ve managed to resist several of yours since then but these colors….oh my gosh….

Teri Sullivan

I have my yarn all ready, but I need another few days for a commissioned blanket…and the Peacock Plumes blanket I’m making for myself is about 85% done. So I will split my crochet time in half between the Peacock and Sungold. Yeah, I can do this🧶🧶🧶🥰


Hello Lucy, Happy new year to you and all your family!
You are right that Christmas is a lot about nostalgia; bringing out all our old favourites (breaking a couple of treasures :((. Choosing beautiful new decorations to fill the gaps can ease the pain a bit! We're lucky here in that there are quite a few sandy places to walk, where the awful gloop can be (mostly) avoided, though I just did a short walk in the Wyre Forest and had to retrace because the brook looked too challenging. Not surprising given that the River Severn it flows into near Bewdley is almost at its highest ever level, and they are frantically increasing the height of the flood barriers...fortunately, I live up a hill, not near the river. Given the incessant rain over the past weeks, I think your family made a very good call to go for a warm, dry and colourful 'home' Christmas. Altogether a lovely, cheering, cosy post which really conjured up the spirit of Christmas - thanks, Lucy. Can't wait to see what you do with those lovely tweedy yarns...don't theuy make you fancy a beautiful, bright crocheted jacket to keep out the winter gloom?! (I do!) Cx


What a wonderful blog post, Lucy! Thank you for not only sharing so many wonderful designs, but also so much of yourself. It’s why we all love you so much. Looking forward to tomorrow’s CAL xx

Karen Dodgson

Hi Lucy, it sounds like you had a perfect family Christmas, just lovely x
We had my Dad with us for a week, and had a slow gentle time watching Christmas movies and nipping out whenever the rain stopped…it was pretty constant. I love jigsaws too (next time you’re in St Anne’s, there’s a fabulous charity bookshop at the top of Wood Street which always has a fantastic stock of them) so I sat at the window, happily looking out to sea while doing my jigsaw. Santa brought my 63 year old self a Lego set, yippee! so i spent a happy day making the Lego ‘Up’ house too! After Christmas i decided in a mad moment to train for the couch to 5k run. Up to now my life has involved walking, i do not run!!! But so far although its hard, i feel so blessed to run, jog and mainly walk fast along the prom. I hope you manage to get to the sea soon xx


It’s my first crochet along and a, so looking forward to it. I have crocheted Dahlia blanket and it is beautiful so I cannot wait to get started. Xx


So looking forward to starting the CAL tomorrow! I am sure the post Christmas wait for it to start builds up the expectation nicely.
Thank you for your curated colours, beautiful patterns and detailed tutorials, they are much appreciated and help to make my friends think I am cleverer than I really am 🤣


The urchins like a bit of origami too. I have a little crane on my mantelpiece that the middle boy made for me years ago as a gift tag. One of my treasured possessions. I know what you mean about the term 'little people'. My littlest boy is 15 and taller than me. I hope you get that seaside trip, it's just glorious at the coast in the winter. And all the other seasons too, as it happens. The dog is tired of the rain. He had about nine soaking wet walks in a row and has spent a long time lying against the radiator, steaming. CJ xx

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