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January 05, 2024


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Peggy Traeg

If you have an email list, can you please add me.


[email protected]

Susan Turner Maconkey

I'm looking forward to starting this Sungold blanket, however prefer the warm rainbow pallet...can someone help me obtain the colour chart for this..Thank you

Averil Lauckner

I'm looking for a pattern to make a throw for my sofa in my soon to be decorated front room and think this might be just the one. Can you tell me how big the finished blanket is so I can decide whether I need to make larger (or smaller!). Thanks

Jane Twibey

I am loving this Sungold CAL, was thinking of doing the square blanket but much prefer your original design. I am about a week behind as I started a little late, but hopefully will catch up soon. I love your blankets and have made most of them, some twice.
Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Elizabeth Turner

I am struggling understanding the colourwash order for the rows . Is it written simply somewhere please. Thanks


What a lovely project! I've been crocheting away here in California (while i watch the latest season of All Creatures Great and Small). The yarn is lovely to work with. I have a tight hand, so I went up to 5mm/H, and it is draping beautifully. The colors are so vibrant, and I love the scalloped stripes. I am behind. Most days I am so busy, I can only make it through one color. But working on this blanket is becoming my favorite part of the day. Thank you for all the work you did in putting this together. What a happy way to start the new year!


Many thanks,Lucy another simple and elegant design and you are a real brainiac...thank you kindly to all at your home for their support...

I am making a table placemat with the 33 ch tension sample... Going to try this pattern with your woodland colours...

Hope it's a wonderful 2024 to all....


Am absolutely loving the Sungold cal so far. It's such a pretty pattern, and is so relaxing to work up!! I'm trying Wool Warehouse's own Yarnsmiths Create for this one, and am liking the feel of the yarn, it's lovely and soft. Colours slightly more muted than SSDK, but still lovely. Thanks Lucy for another fabulous creation !!


Georgeous colours and a lovely new blanket design to enjoy. Thank you, Lucy for all your hard work x


Finished my first week of crochet. Loved doing these colours. Can’t wait til Friday for the next block.


Hi how do I get pattern instructions for colour wash blanket . I'm new to crochet also not very tech savvy.can you help me please .

Jay Sim

I'm hoping to start the CAL next week and will hopefully catch up over a few days.


I really like the stitch design and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops over the next few weeks! I love the CAL posts each year, especially when you start showing how people are getting on and what others are doing with the colours - so inspiring! I really like that you've done an alternative yarn pack this year - great idea! Good luck to everyone participating!)

Betsy True

I'm doing the lap throw size, chain of 147 stitches. I counted and counted my chain but I'm not sure it is right. After I finish row 1 (tr across, starting in 4th chain from hook), how many stitches should I have?

(I've only done amigurumi before this.)



Is anyone else having trouble with Stylecraft yarn being terribly tangled? I'm used to winding my "cakes" by pulling the inside end out, but lately, I'm just pulling out a rat's nest of tangles. Or do most of you work from the outside free end?


So excited to get going. Thank you so much.

Samantha Claire Bayliss

Wow This looks amazing as always !!

Totally off subject - can I pm you please regarding someone who is after granny squares ?

Jane Getman

The printable PDFs make this CAL so much easier! Thanks for another winner!!!

Betsy True

Excited to start! As an aside, is there a pattern for the little flowers you made in each color (I think you showed them in a previous post?)

Clare Ashcroft

Don’t panic Clare! I’ve read it properly now, and I see that 2 rows of magenta followed by another two rows makes four. The flooding must be getting to me!

Clare Ashcroft

Hi. I’m hoping to start the colourwash version tonight. The PDF says two rows of each colour, but the instructions say to start with four rows of magenta.
Thanks. Clare xx

Patricia A

Lucy, you advise folk to go up a hook size then write go from a 4mm to a 5mm hook.
That is TWO sizes!
The sizes go up by half a mm. Have a look at one of those hook conversion charts and you will see what I mean.
My latest Neat Ripple was too big to work on this morning, so I am working on a very tiny Granny Stripe in Sunny colours. It is tiny in that, I am only up to the sixth colour. :-)
Finally gave up waiting for the intended recipient to tell me which pattern she likes. Made an executive decision that the blanket is going to be worked as a Granny Stripe.

Ellie Williams

Happy New Year Lucy.
I love this new blanket and hope to be able to start it in the not too distant future. After I’ve finished some commitments I’ve already got, then finish the Springfrost blanket.
The colour peg idea is great but I wonder if I’m the only one who always starts from the middle of the ball?
It was a tip given to me years ago and stops the ball rolling around plus you can leave the band on.

Kristine S

Lucy, ta so much! Was out to dinner for my youngest daughter's birthday (45! Eeeek!) & now it's a bit late to start (9:40pm) but your gorgeous pix & instructions are waiting for me in the morning 🤗 hugs 🫂 & ta again 💖

Liz Platt

Looking forward to starting. Thanks xxx

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