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January 18, 2024


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enjoyed reading it.


I first found your blog when pregnant with my first child (now 15) and remember your pregnancy announcement. How the years have flown! Have so enjoyed rediscovering my love of crochet over those years while enjoying your bloggy inspiration.

Susan Horton

I have “accidentally “ dropped into this fabulous site. What an inspiration! So very pleased to have found you. I think I may take up knitting again I already have the wood burner!
Thank you


Goodness, I can’t believe 14 years have passsed since Little B was born. I could only dream of having my own little one at that stage, but thankfully he arrived safely 6 and a half years ago.
Cooking, blanket snuggling and candles are my go to over here, gentle hibernating and planning veg growing for the spring. The more blankets the better!x


We have been in full renovation mode. Painting walls , fixing things etc. I spend so much time in our home , I wanted to make it cozier. Have a wonderful day.

Michelle Gladwish

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family. It is hard watching them grow up. My youngest is 17 this year and I wonder how he grew up so quickly. We've had a similar January to yours but with the added excitement that we are moving house next month. I've been immersing myself in crochet blankets and am currently working on your Cozy Stripe one and its beautiful. I am looking forward to May as I will be attending your Crochet Retreat something in the Diary to look forward to x take care x

Helen Lou

Happy new year to you all! Lovely to catch up with you Lucy and sounds like a perfect January to me. Your story about teen shopping has amused me, a mum of 3 boys, the youngest, age 12 exists in joggers and shorts, I bought him a pair of dark jeans to wear over Christmas to look a teeny bit smarter needless to say they’ve not been worn and now hang next to the unworn pair from last year!! Someone will benefit from these new cast offs one day!! My 18 old now loves clothes but shops with his girlfriend now, girlfriends I need to book a shopping and coffee date with him! Crochet keeps me going too, I’ve made a hat and gloves so far this year - now trying my hand at a jumper. Will see how that turns out!

Kristine S

Love your images, SOO different from me here in a bushy suburb of Sydney! AND the weather!
Those LUSTROUS colours of yarn❣️‼️❣️ W😲🥳😎 Need sunglasses❣️

Anna-Karin in Sweden

Lovely as always to read your thoughts and see your photos from everyday life.
Here in the south of Sweden, we have much snow (for the unusualness) and really cold crisp wheather (a few nights ago it was -19 C degrees here... brrr). Thankfully, I have knitted some "Icelandic sweaters" and socks to keep us warm :)
Wish you a happy weekend, with lots of sun!

Patricia A

Happy Birthday to Mr B. 14!
The time has flown. I remember your posts from when you were expecting him. And the little fingers straying into pictures a few years later. :-)
My baby boy is 43! You will get there too, some day.


Oh I have missed your lovely posts !
All that sirdar squishyness gorgeous colours!
My family had the dreaded covid and other lurghies so didnt get together at christmas. So my yarn pack isnt here yet but is getting to me via one of my daughters i am informed on saturday. So there will be a lot of sofa surfing and crocheting going on from sunday to catch up sqweeee!
Your boy two pairs of trousers kids are so funny!

Debbi Robertson

What makes me happy? Coming here to find a new post from you! I'm in a small community in the Pacific Northwest of the USA where we've had HUNDREDS of big trees come down in the last 2 days. Huge, 160ft plus, 100 year old trees down all around us, because of an Arctic blast that took everyone by surprise. SO scary! And so grateful for no structural damage at our house. I kept coming here, hoping for some gentle Lucy-ness to soothe and cheer me up. This bit of a peek into your Attic has absolutely done the trick. Thanks, Lucy!

Jackie Farrow

Lovely as always. My January didn’t start off too well. Shingles hit me, had it before but never the rash. It’s horrible, one night I was crying because of the pain I had all day. Then I developed a reaction to the meds and was bitten by an any on my foot. Still have nerve pain but rash also gone. Up side I was still able to knit and crochet. Because of a family issue from last Feb going into this year, I lost my heart crocheting promised blankets for the grandkids. One only needs the square sew together and the border done. The other two decided to change the patterns, so yesterday I started crocheting a ghostbusters blanket for no.2 grandson. It’s been very hot here in Perth WA, thank god for air con. Anyway, better finish have Christmas decor to put up in loft, been to hot to do before. Take care. Jx


I Agee about simple pleasures. Mine is getting up,in the mornings with a good cup of coffee and knitting socks while I watch the news. Then later I go out to my shop where I can make quilts all day, well, one at a time! Then I spend some time, if it is warm enough outside, to play with my three Labs. It’s a busy yet lazy kind of day and I love it. Sometimes I even manage to clean house and cook dinner for my husband! We are having extremely cold weather here in the state of Indiana, so it is nice to be in a cozy house doing what I love to do.


So enjoyed reading this. Just home from meeting friends and enjoying a lovely meal together. -2 is chilly but the clear star-lit skies are beautiful ⭐️

Andrea S.

I love seeing your January! It's been exceptionally cold here in North Texas, U.S.A. When not working I am happily crocheting a blanket with 100% cotton yarn in all bright and sunny colors. The yarn carries happy memories as I bought it on a fantastic trip to Mexico City last year.


It's so good to have a gentle routine (and that magical array of colours) to see us through the dark days of January. Good, too, to have a quieter time of year, to slow down and reflect...'little' B 14? I've just been reading Katherine May's 'Wintering', about the 'down' times of life. It's not at all dismal, but a lovely read. I think you would like it. I've also pulled lots of boxes of wool down from the loft...playing with all the colours and textures always makes me feel happy...I probably spend more time playing than knitting! Cx


Lovely to read your blog Lucy. My January has been similar, time at home, crocheting, knitting and cooking with some cold crisp walks thrown in. I also have been out bird watching with a group I belong to, you definitely have a wrap up warm for that. This morning the bird bath was completely frozen but as soon as I put out fresh water down came the goldfinch and blue tits for a drink.


It’s been freezing cold down south in Surrey too (-3’ prob isn’t as fierce as you though!) but soooo glorious to see vivid blue skies and sunshine after dreary grey with rain and floods! And that meant a glorious sunset on my way home. My big boy is 37 today so dropped his present off and my day has unfolded with some hooky rows & some sock KAL rows, my daily yoga and a jog on the Downs at lunchtime. I’m loving the promise of lighter days but for now the small pleasures of a warm cafe and friends, a blazing fire and some music on the stereo with one of my (all grown up) sons, a day of colouring with grandkids and cooking comfort food like chilli and stew interspersed with the occasional foray into de-cluttering are a perfect match with this time of year.


How wonderful to hear about your son's birthday and the trip to Leeds! Someday, I would love to visit and see all the places you hold dear. Thank you for sharing your home with all of us, scattered across the world. I know I appreciate you so very much, especially this month. My family and I have just recovered from a two-week bout with Covid. Yes, the dreaded virus finally laid us low. Reading your posts and working on the Dune blanket has really helped with my recovery. I plan to begin the Sungold after I complete Dune. It makes me happy just looking at all the colorful photos! Winter is upon us in the southern USA and we have been in the midst of a very uncomfortable arctic plunge! I look forward as always to your next post. Take care.


Fourteen years!! I think that’s about as long as I’ve been reading your blog, vividly remember devouring your lovely crochet pages when I was at University in 2010 and you were getting ready to welcome him!

Lots of love to him on his birthday, and always lovely to see you popping into our Leeds. I live in one of its suburbs and I promise it changes loads everytime I pop in as well!! 🤣


How fantastic to visit the Stylecraft warehouse and see all those beautiful colours enough to make the brain fizz with inspiration. I’m also glad that the weather is properly wintery now as it’s certainly easier to feel better than in the gloom.


What a lovely glimpse into your January! Thank you for the beautiful photos. You ask what makes us happy - well, for me crochet has been a solace, comfort and distraction this month as I've had this looooong cold/flu thing and haven't felt well at all. I've had a play with the Sungold pattern and had to order a 3.75mm hook to get the right tension, so haven't made a start yet. I'm planning to use my Summer Ripple pack (Christmas pressie) as I've already done a Ripple in your beautiful Cottage colours. I've really enjoyed the planning and thinking and trying out stage of this project, but am now feeling envious of everyone who's following the CAL and is already 33 stripes in! I'm with you for the RAL (read along) of the blog every week :)

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