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November 27, 2023


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I love the smell of clementines, all things citrus in fact, scrumptious. Gorgeous reflection photo, you've captured it beautifully. I do the catching thing and making a wish in summer with dandelion seeds. You have to release them after you make your wish. But they can also be quite tricky to catch :) Have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx


I am also upside down in Auckland, NZ. Can confirm the weather is still unsettled but my bean plants are flowering and the tomatoes are growing so all is not lost. Loving the longer days and t-shirt weather (sometimes). Knitting a cotton top for myself and discovering, after making lots of socks, that my attention span isn't quite what it used to be. Those socks are such instant gratification. Meanwhile my 25 year old son has decided to crochet and is embarking on a scarf, so I say that's a bit of successful parenting right there! Take care

Nancy H

Here in Washington state in the Pacific Northwest we have been having freezing nights and clear sunny days with daytime highs in the mid 40’s F. We are expecting a change in the weather tonight. We are going to warm up a bit and we are going to get rain this weekend. According to the weatherman, lots and lots of rain. They are saying an atmospheric river is headed our way. I am not crazy about the cold but even less fond of buckets of rain especially when I have to drive to take the grandkids to and from school. I spend a bit of time waiting for grandkids for pickup and really need to start a crochet project to carry with me.


It’s cold and wet South of Manchester as well. But the sun is out today, so that’s lovely. It was very foggy this morning and I was hopping to go for a foggy walk but it disappeared very quickly. It’s definitely blanket on the sofa weather! I’m curious about the red kiwi fruits: I don’t like normal kiwis but would love to try those!


Central Texas, USA .... We're having daytime temps in the 60s(F)/15-21C Evenings 50s (F)/10-15C. Still picking some cherry tomatoes from one plant we left standing, and I really should have planted some spinach, radishes, and carrots already, and will soon. We really only get a couple weeks of really cold weather in the winter here, but I always hope for snow!

Megan Drennan

HI Lucy, lovely post as usual, thank you from a non-crochet-er (tried and failed couldn't hold the hook properly). Weather beautiful and sunny here in Llandudno, North Wales all morning,great walk in the park...then horrible and pouring with rain all afternoon. In other words normal! My friend in St Andrews in Scotland says it is very bright but freezing cold there but not stopped the golfers!


All looks lovely in Atticland! Nothing can beat a beautiful countryside walk, followed by an evening cuddled under a colourful blanket by the fire...I went into a super cafe in Clun at the weekend and a throwaway comment to my sister-in-law (I'll have to bring my knitting here, and sit in the warm!) was overheard by the proprietor, who said 'There's a lady from the village starting a knitting group here on Friday afternoons in the new year'!!


Checking in from Wellington New Zealand where it is currently blowing a strong southerly = cold! Plus a few showers thrown in for good measure and 11 degrees, so cold for this time of year.
I love red kiwifruit, to me they taste like candy floss and I eat as many as I can when they are in season.


Freezing nights here as well, across the pond (the Netherlands). I`m working on a starbright in winterfrost colours, feels appropriate right now.
I don`t have instagram or facebook, so can`t show you sadly, but I`m loving it!


Hyacinth pot going well here too... mine will be white. Love the scent and the promise that good things can't be held back. Also very glad you asked about everyone's weather -great to hear who's reading your blog from far flung places. (Eastern coast of Ulster, NI - beautifully sunny morning melted away to overcast afternoon, cold - about 6c and a bit damp, but hey, that's Northern Ireland for you!) No happy hooking until nearly bedtime for me today - trying to get a merino sweater finished before the cold really kicks in.

gina in alabama

27-32 F here in central Alabama this morning, bright and sunny though which is way better than the overcast grey and damp of the past few days. its unusually cold for us even at this time of year. Please do reconsider going back for the parrot tulips, I don't think I have ever seen a magenta one and I love some parrot tulips!

Robin May

North central Texas...sunny, with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s. Perfect fall weather for walking in my opinion!


We are just entering winter her in eastern Canada 🇨🇦. It snowy today. We got about 5-10 cm and predicted to get 5-10 more today. Great day to be inside and get some projects done . Have a wonderful day .


Here in the eastern part of the Netherlands it's cold but sunny, just the weather I prefer this time of year. Yesterday we had a lot of rain and some snow, so it's much better today. Unfortunately it won't last long, as the forecast for tomorrow is rainy and wet snow :(

Jenni Kelly

I'm in south Essex, where it's a lovely sunny morning albeit chilly. My crochet has had to take a back seat for a while, as we have acquired a kitten who needs lots of attention. I am almost 2/3 of the way through a stash busting granny stripe blanket and hoped to finish it by Christmas, ready to start my CAL in January. Not sure that will work out now! I love your blogs Lucy and those beautiful photos.

Linda Pankhurst

Here in Kent, UK we have had a chilly start this morning, but it’s bright sunshine. Wind is from the North so although the official temperature is over 40F the wind chill brings it down to nearer freezing. Gotta walk the dog in a minute……hoping she doesn’t want to go too far! (Whippets don’t usually relish cold weather thankfully!)


Eastern France, just before the Alps start. On Sunday I had washing dry on the line in 2 hours with a combination of sun and Mistral at around 7°C; now it's grey and wet, though fortunately rather less wind. Apparently it's snowed higher up at around 1000 metres, but I can't see the tops of the mountains to verify that as they are wearing a big grey blanket. Crochet project is a baby blanket for my future grandson, due early February - a sea and beach version of the Woodland ripple, with added motifs of sea and beach inhabitants.


I have always the feeling to join you on your walks by your pictures and your discription. And I love to cosy up with hot tea, blankets and some knitting. Wishing you lots of cosy days.

Janet van der Merwe

It’s been very hot here in Benoni, South Africa. We had a thunderstorm last night so hope it will be a little cooler today. So far we have had very little rain and everything is dry and burnt.

Annie Chermak

Bright, sunny and COLD today in Southern Idaho (started out at 7 degrees F)! We had a good 4 inches of snow late last week and it's not going anywhere for a few days!

Kristine S

Love your:
"...like waiting for a Gender Reveal party to happen" 😁🤣
And I have exactly the same oil/wax burner! Wish I could find it... 🤷🤭 must get some of the recommended tea lights & scent 🤗🥰
Hugs, Kristine


Olympia WA United States in the part of the west coast known as the Pacific Northwest. It tends to rain a lot here but instead it has been cold and clear and bright with the temperature around 40 degrees during the day.

Patricia A

End of Spring in Sydney. We have had typical Spring weather - hot, cold, hot, cold, cold, wet & hot.
Currently humid and mild warm at present with persistent drizzly rain.
I, too, burn wax melts. I have an electric burner. Learnt about them when working in Aged Care over twenty years ago. Naked flames can be dangerous.
Still working on a Neat Ripple blanket as well as trying to design a cotton blanket in hexagons. Having trouble deciding which hexagon pattern to use. :-)
Never mind the dozen or so UFOs that are a bit too complicated for my tired brain. Hoping to get to them next winter as I am getting better slowly.


Soooo cold already here in Wisconsin (northern tier of USA). About 2 inches of snow on the ground, covering all the leaves that didn’t get raked in time!

We’ve been busy preparing for my twin granddaughters craft sale at their school this weekend! At 8-years old they are actually quite handy but do have a tendency to wander off til my daughter or I “need help”. They have a huge blanket fort built in the living room that I had to promise I would “not touch!) The joys of being at Gigi’s house!

Becky W

Cold here in Memphis, Tennessee 43 was the high today but humidity makes it feel colder. Perfect crochet weather

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