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November 06, 2023


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I absolutely love the autumn colour too and how the seasons change. It very much is a very wholesome feeling to experience it all.


I am absolutely with you on the overwhelming feeling of nature and trees sometimes. I'm sure the urchins get tired of me exclaiming about it, but oh my goodness. Actually, sometimes the youngest comes home and tells me about an amazing sunset or a really fantastic tree, so maybe some of it has rubbed off. The cookies look scrumptious, I am writing down the recipe. I made my own miso recently and it was (surprisingly) an absolute triumph. CJ xx

Linda Pankhurst

Is that a border going on your Starbright?
I’m on tenterhooks waiting!!! Thanks!


I am a crybaby. Beautiful music, I cry, stunning view, tears over my cheeks, moving text, I cry. Walk in nature, I am in full emotional state. Sad news of others, I have tears in my eyes. It's okay in my view, I feel intensely. Thanks for the lovely photos. Part of your blog is the stunning photos you take, of everyday life.


I do so love your photos, Lucy. They are a real blessing. Thank you. xx

Sarah Howard

Leaves and clouds! And of course blue sky! My phone is full of pics of them!
Your photos are beautiful!
I saw a cloud in the shape of Angel wings but sadly I was at work so couldn’t take a photo! But it lifted my spirits no end!


That's one delicious-looking salad! I love salads and soups for lunch and even better when they are leftover from the day before. I think I'm going to give your cookie recipe a try. They look delicious and rather easy to make. Also, they'd go perfect with a hot milky coffee. I hope the sunshine returns for you soon. It makes such a difference, doesn't it?


Such lovely photo's! I'm going to give your lunch in a bowl recipe a go! It looks so tasty and healthy. I agree bowls do seem more comforting for some reason 🙂

You are making wonderful memories for Little B. He will always remember coming home from school and being greeted with fresh home baked goodies! Reading this reminded me of a time when my daughter was a young teen. The poor thing was suffering a bit being the first day of her period but she went to school none the less. I always enjoyed chocolate specifically on the first day of my periods so while I was out running errands I bought her a chocolate bar. When she got home from school I greeted her with said choccy bar and a hot chocolate drink. Well, did I win mother of the year or what!!! She was over the moon happy!

Im so so pleased for you that you are starting to feel better and coming down off high alert. Sometimes we need to have those slow days where we arent necessarily productive in order for that to happen.

I just want to add that it's so lovely reading your blog, it's very much like receiving a letter from a dear pen friend! Like in the old days when we used to have pen friends! I remember the excitement of receiving letters in the mail box ha ha!

Anyway take care and keep having slow days amongst the busy ones. Have a lovely evening 😊 ❤️


I love the bright colours of the Autumn leaves in your photos and even you lunch looks bright and colourful, as well as tasty.
I haven't made your cookies for a while but they are delicious.

shulamit marrro

oh Lucy,claro que te comprendo,hasta las lagrimas!gracias por compartir..me encanta la lluvia no sabes como te envidio por eso bendicones desde israel


I'm so glad you're not making us go cold turkey after blogtober despite having so much to do and sort out.xx

sue mason

Send your rain down here Lucy. (QLD Australia) we need it. Drought and bush fires again. But the rain will come again. Your words always make me feel like I've chatted with a friend. Thank for your beautiful blog. Take care. xxx


You're not alone is crying over the beauty of autumn leaves. I drove through Colorado a month ago and was quite literally in tears seeing the aspens in all their glory (whilst my children moaned "it's just trees").


Yes, you are not the only one who could cry over leaves. So beautiful!


Reading your blog posts are and always have me, feeling like I just did a yoga session. It's true, I feel relaxed to the max.
Thanks Lucy for sharing.


I also love nature, to be out in it, soaking up all the colors and the constantly changing sky, hoping to see a furry or feathery friend... it is where I feel the closest to God. I love seeing all the photos of your walks and the canal. I sometimes think you must live in Narnia!

Thank you for sharing it with us!

Debbi Robertson

You really do live in a special place, don't you? And your photos are always so enchanting, both in subject matter as well as the brilliant way you manage to capture them. I almost love your photos as much as your words. Almost. ;)


The colours in your photos really are wonderful. I can definitely see the top one translated into a crocheted blanket (yes, the purply and greeny greys of the road, too), all sort of whirling out in a spiral from the centre in stripes of different widths! We did quite well for sunshine here today, but I rather squandered it by having to make 2 trips to both Aldi and Sainsburys...second time to pick up all the things I forgot first time round, mostly my Mom's things. Topped off by a trip to the tip with the loo I had replaced last week! Will definitely try your oat cookies tomorrow, thank for the link, Lucy. Cx

Linda from Boston

I live in the forest and while I do enjoy nature, this time of year is a LOT of cleaning up of pine cones, pine needles, and leaves. Things are beginning to wind down a bit!! Love your pictures. Is that a border you’re doing on that blanket??


Glorious colours in your photos - soul food much needed after recent months.
And yes, I do know what you mean about the beauty being almost overwhelming, it makes us feel so lucky to be alive at that very moment in time and space…


I love the greenery and the trees and canals (the sea really but canals will do)….nature basically! I have been told a lot maybe has to do with age, a greater appreciation of our natural surroundings. It really is beautiful and, yes, I am one of those people who can get emotional about the sheer beauty of it all and could just sit within it for hours and just soak it all in. I feel another trip being booked before long! Xxx

Winwick Mum

Beautiful photos - autumn is stunning this year, in between the rain showers ... it really is time for the rain to stop for a bit! :) xx

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