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November 15, 2023


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Hi Lucy my name is Gail l love your colours l decided yesterday I was going to learn to crochet l can knit really well. I am 74 and thought time to learn.


I love your colours so much 🤩 I’m just embarking on a temperature blanket (one row of DC every day of the year according to the temperature high of that day). I hope my colour choices look as wonderful as yours always do!


Beautiful once again Lucy ☺️ my creativity has been on the back burner this year with family is this stitch straightforward or tricky? Clair (Sydney Australia)

Linda Pankhurst

Silly me. Should have read it properly!
This is the January CAL!!!

Linda Pankhurst

Will definitely do the Sungold one…..! I love quiet mindless crochet in the winter.
Will there be a January CAL as every year?

Jo B

Wow, what beautiful colors! So glad you do all this work and share the results with those of us who are not able to plan these creations out ourselves. I saw a post about the Sungold colors on IG and had to come investigate. Love love love them. I guess it works out well that I’ve been procrastinating on ordering Starbright yarn - I can get both shipped this week! I’m still working on my summer Dune blanket project. I can’t keep up!

Becky Donaldson

I love your post! I just a suggestion but it would be fun to see scrap blanket of all your samplers. Which could be your “Journey “ blanket. Keep up the good work!


What a wonderful introduction to a beautiful post! =)
I love your blanket designs and the fact that you so generously share not only the designs themselves but also your designing journey.
Thanks again for putting more colour into our lives and reminding us to see the beauty of simple things.


That is truly a heck of a lot of work in the design process and I am envious of your tenacity and perseverance. I think it's a true gift to go from an idea, to the vision then the practising and perfection. We are so lucky you are generous with your passion! Im a serial 'starter' of projects and look forward to starting another one with this new blanket:)

Rachel MJ

Lucy - I've always been a crochet refusenic but you've broken me. I have to make the Starbright Blanket, it gorgeous!!
But is this too difficult for a complete beginner? I'm a pretty good knitter but no idea what to do with a crochet hook??? Should I start with something easier?


Well, I haven't picked up a crochet hook for over 30 years, but am very tempted to join your crochet community and make a blanket...Aria is my current favourite, that's probably the one I'll go for! Your Flora granny squares are gorgeous, how about a flower garden blanket next, incorporating them? Cx


I am a long time reader and admirer of your cheerful blankets and beautiful pictures. I am a wallflower generally, but this post was so inspiring and well timed. I have a yarn pack I bought for a knit blanket years ago and just never used. I have been scrolling through your blanket patterns and the many projects hoping to find one to crochet instead. Sun gold would be perfect! Thank you so much for sharing your projects and your process and day to day puttering and coffee, especially when life isn’t always rainbows and roses.

Mary Ann

Hi Lucy,
Thanks so much for sharing the "behind the scenes" color and pattern design process with us...it is amazing! You are so gifted and we are so lucky that you share it with us!
Sending my best wishes,
Mary Ann
from New Jersey, USA

Lesley Drayton

Your enthusiasm for crochet, colour and your adopted home town is infectious and I am grateful to you for introducing me to all three.
Looking at your stripy samples I can’t help thinking what gorgeous sock yarn they would make. Do you think Stylecraft might consider producing it?
Thank you for being such an inspiration.


Love this blanket. Am inspired to make one. I’ve made blankets for my 3 grandsons and will make this for my granddaughter Ruby. The colours just shout her name!


What a wonderful post, I’ve loved reading it. Absolutely love love love your new Sungold blanket and YAY!! the yarn pack is coming out on my birthday 🎉, that must be a sign!! So excited, can’t wait to start it!! 🥰😁 😍


You really deserve all the success you have had, you are so creative, and you have brightened up the lives of so many people. Interesting to see your design process. Won't be joining the CAL as I am working on my own blanket but I am enjoying snuggling under the Springfrost Blanket I made last year.


Oh my word, the Sungold stripes are so so beautiful. They sing a very rich and happy song to me. Your brilliant colour work is an inspiration to me - I've tried to make my own colour selections with very poor results. What joy you bring to us, thank you


beautiful blankets!


I’m obsessed w your color blankets and wool warehouse. AND the English countryside ❤️❤️❤️. Love love love your blankets. You definitely helped this gal through some tough mental times. Crocheting is so calming to my soul….bc at the same time I can just settle in w thoughtful mental conversations w Jesus to balance my day.


You know Lucy, whenever I feel I need some soulfood for the eyes or just a cosy feel reading, I head to your blog. Either I am lucky and you've written a new post and in case you haven't I just randomly pick one from your archive. Never fails to put me in a good mood and make me aware of the beauty in little things around me.

Actually on my way to work I pass a sugar maple tree and every morning I pick up a leaf and twist it in my fingers until I get to work, just because.

Anyway, just wanted to say Thank You. Your enthusiasm for your own surroundings brings so much joy to others. Thank you. And looking forward to Sungold, love the pattern (though my husband says I am not "allowed" to buy new yarn packs until I've worked up the ones I already have... we'll see about that haha).

Becky Brown

I’m speechless! I couldn’t love this blanket design more if I tried. Ms. Lucy, you’re a bright spot here in Crochet Land. I’ve followed you for years and I send your blog link to everyone who asks me how to learn to crochet. Thank you.


Looking forward to do it ! Love from Portugal 🥰

Veronica Howard

I loved this blog of how you design and choose your colours for your wonderful projects. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration passion and talent I really appreciate it as I’m not confident with my colour choices. You have designed such beautiful blankets I’m in awe and love with them. Take care and look after yourself it’s been a real year for you


Colours make your heart pop, eh? Wouldn't know what to do without them. Now the garden is almost without flowers, and the trees have dropped their leaf I need colours to survive the darkness of the winter days. Love how you meticulously work through all the stages, Lucy. Thanks for a peek in the cabinet of Doom.

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