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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 09, 2023


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Sally Roberson

Hello Lucy

A very happy new year to you & your family! I have been following your wonderful designs, photos & comments for several years.

I’m a volunteer at a heritage property, & I often sit with my crochet in hand. People keep asking me how they can learn this craft too. I always tell them that you are, without question, the go-to!

Do you have a logo, business card or anything I might show them on my tablet (in a house with little internet access) which will let them see your web address?

Many, many thanks!


What a month! I read every post, it was a privilege to follow along with you for the whole of October. I particularly love that you had a spontaneous break by yourself by the sea. Very well deserved I think. And now its halfway through November already. Onwards etc. Sending hugs, CJ xxxxx


I loved your blogtober entries. The world is harsh and angry and loud. We need to see peace and loveliness, kindness and generosity, and both extra and ordinary beauty. This is what old school blogging is all about. Thabks for sharing with us!


I don’t believe I’ve ever left a comment for you, and I’ve followed you for gosh, 10 years? I’ve made a few of your blanket patterns, and made a bunch of stripey bags for Christmas gifts one year! Your patterns are so easy to follow and colorful. I love reading your slices-of-life, I live in Louisiana in the US so it’s great to see our similarities and differences. I have kids very close to yours in age, so I have certainly related to your experiences as a mom. Thank you for sharing yourself, what a difficult thing to do. You are the only blog I follow, blessings to you and your family. Amanda


Loved reading this blog, as I do all all your blogs. Makes me sit down with a cup of coffee and relax. Your photos are wonderful too and I'm transported to the beautiful places you visit and walk. Thankyou for all your efforts, very much appreciated. Xxx


I really did love this review and the whole of blogtober. You were my coffee date during this October. Thankyou for all those written words.


Thank you Lucy! I always love reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful photos. And I marvel at how you always manage to find something positive even I; the hardest times. I hope November is a calmer month for you!!


thank you for the time and effort it takes to share a snippet of your life each day for a month. It's such a treat for a sticky beak like me.
honestly i was exhausted just reading all that you had done and achieved, may the next few weeks before the silly season truly kicks in, but restful and peaceful for you


Thank you for your blogs, and all the effort that goes into them. You have opened a window into a creative world and inspired my love of crochet. Your blanket patterns are my “go to” and I’m currently working on my 10th, every stitch hooked with love as gifts for friends and loved ones. Your words, and your gorgeous photos remind me to look for the beauty in every day… and I do! So thank you again, for being there in the attic, chatting away to us all and for creating such glorious yarny magic.


I always enjoy your blog...the photography, the peek in to your life in the UK and your colorful crochet. I appreciate your efforts! THANKS!

Debbie Tristram

Thank you so much for the time you put into sharing your days with us. I so look forward to seeing your posts and realise the time it takes,especially when you manage a whole month!!


I love reading your posts Lucy and appreciate all the time and effort it takes you. I am slowly completing my spring frost blanket in between the November knitting challenge for dementia care. Xx

Stella Armstrong

I love the way you document your life and it felt a real joy and privilege to share all of October with you. It was obviously a difficult month for you which you shared so eloquently. Thanks so much for all of your posts


I don't often comment but so enjoy your blog. I will turn 55 in a month or so. Like you I find the smallish and seemingly unremarkable elements of home and friendship, colour and texture, and of course crafty creativity so restorative. I smile in agreement when you mention that your heart has skipped a beat happening upon a pebble or fallen leaf. I like that you have kept your family members' identities private so that I don't feel I am pushing my nose into their lives. Long may you blog and keep inventing crochet projects for me to try. Yay for Attic24.


oh, I love your blog so much! It is much more homey and friendly and personable than instagram or Facebook! From your generously shared patterns, your beautiful nature photos and pics of your delightful canal with the colorful boats, to your recipes (your lemon cake is a family favorite!) and your warm chit chat, I feel like you’re a dear friend that I haven’t happened to have met. The time and care you put into this blog have made it a wonderful place to visit!


What a lovely review of your month. I, like so many others, love reading your blog, hearing about what you’re up to and seeing your photos. And of course there’s also all your lovely crochet and little kitty! 🐱 You have so many people sending you messages from abroad and I feel so lucky that I don’t live too far away and have visited your beautiful part of the world a few times and, yes, I’ve had the coffee and cake in Cooper’s which is definitely to be recommended. (Good coffee isn’t always easy to find but you will find it there ☕️.) I’m making a friend a blanket for Christmas so I’m going to get on with it now. Thank you Lucy. Keep the blogs coming xxx

Helen Mathey-Horn

I always enjoy reading about you, your day and your part of the world. Thank you for blogging.

Winwick Mum

Cheers to you, my fabulous friend, for another Blogtober month! Worth all the hard work 🥂 xx


Such a lovely review of blogtober and what a crazy busy month you had!!! With all the highs and lows it's not surprising it's a bit of a blur in your head!

I never find your daily "ordinary" blog posts boring or mundane! For me those things are little bright lights that brightens my day. It's also interesting seeing where you go for walks, coffee, trips, outings etc. It's quite different to life here in NZ so I find it so interesting. When you show pics of your coffee, or crochet etc it gives me a sense of relaxation and cosiness too!

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get more "you" time this weekend 😊 It's Saturday morning here as I write this and I've just started a new job where I have to work Saturdays 😭 I'm still getting used to the idea! At least the day goes fast and then I have the rest of the week off until Friday afternoon 😊

Take care and enjoy! 😊😍


Lucy that was a wonderful read and your photos are stunning as always. I hope you don't mind but I've used your Birthday sunrise as my desktop pic as I can't think of a better way to spend your birthday. Take good care of yourself during these next few months. xx


It is so beautiful to see people from all over the world read your blogs. Thanks again, for all those 24.000 something words ;>*

Marjorie Sanderson

Hi Lucy I have enjoyed you Blogtober and seeing all the beautiful photos you have taken thank you. I know it has not been an easy month for you but your Dad is settling in his new home and you can look forward to time with your family and the festive season it’s not long to the shortest day and then we can all move forward to lighter days.Reading your blog ever day encourage me to finish my Spring Frost Blanket which I made in Autumnal colours which I am really pleased with so your words encourage me thank you.
Have a great weekend love Marjorie.


I’m going to miss blogtober. It is just as therapeutic for me as it is for you. A moment to escape to another place. Enjoy your day .

Beverley Farrow

Wow what a month! Sometimes it’s good that we don’t know what is ahead - the enormity of it would finish us off before we start! But I know I’m not alone in feeling that we were really honoured to share your journey with you Lucy and if we helped in a small way to ease you through it, it was the least we could do for all you give to us. 💕
Our trips out with you in your daily routine are a breath of fresh air - I can feel myself taking the walks and drinking the coffee!
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Lucy 🍂🤗

Sue Walton

Thank you Lucy for the review and all the lovely blogs and photos in what I know was a busy, difficult, emotional month. I'm glad that you managed to get some time to yourself outside in nature during the month, it's something wonderful. Just about to start the last round of the border of my Starbright even though it's only 6.50am!

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