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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 01, 2023


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I've just discovered your beautiful and inspirational blog. It's a real pre Christmas treat, thank you.

Kristine S

It is so obvious how much we all recognise a lovely person, in your blogs. Keep on being you - lovely Lucy. We all care about you & your loved ones. Be well, we do care very much. I can't wait to catch up again... so far away to September!


So glad you are home. The crazy bench lady comment made me laugh. I have loved reading your Blogtober posts, thank you for sharing. CJ xx


Such lovely pictures, each one an instant mental vacation. Serene would be a good description — a wonderful sensation of "ahhhhhhh." Just glorious. Thank you for blogtober. I have read each one, and all the comments too. The tsunami of affection that has poured out to you from your readers from all over the world is heartwarming. You've had quite the trial this month, the culmination of many years of difficult situations, but the outcome has turned out well. I hope it continues to be so, that your father has at last found a home in which he feels comfortable and at ease, and that you can exhale and become yourself again. Be well.


Thanks for sharing so bravely. Wishing you lots of recovery time and patience with the dark winter closing in. Your ability to find the positive inspires so many people, as you can tell from the comments on your posts. That is such a strength, and your sharing it means it is amplified in a world that desperately needs light, love and something good to focus on xx


Thank you Lucy for your daily posts. My partner has Alzheimer's so life is pretty difficult but you have helped me to focus on all the good and lovely things that life has to offer. With love xx


Thank you so much for taking us with you throughout the month! It's been a real pleasure to be able to escape from our own routines for some minutes every day, and feeling close to you at the same time.
I share your passion of collecting feathers, fallen leaves, seeds and pebbles, and my two sons do it too. They are 6 and 9, and love observing the natural world. And the youngest also loves decorating and is always having crafty ideas, I love it!
Sometimes I feel I just need to do things realllly slowly for one day or two,being introspective, and it feels good to just notice it and accept it.
I hope you are doing well. Thank you again for being so kind and writing in your blog.


So glad you had a sunny day to welcome you home, Lucy.
That's for sure: there is always beauty in the world and things to be grateful for. And autumn is so spectacularly beautiful! Here in South Eastern Ontario, Canada, the leaves are definitely past their peak, in fact we had the first snow on Halloween, luckily at night, after all the little trick-or-treaters were safely home with their loot. I went for a walk at 10 pm - it's so bright and was a real winter wonderland. Enjoy your slow week!


Thank you Lucy for doing Blogtober I have followed your post ever day, I hope you will feel more able to relax now and having your family with you.this week is great for you. I hope your Dad enjoys his new home and you know he is in a safe place and well looked after. Now it’s time for you to have a bit of R and R time and enjoy what you like doing. Take care Lucy and thank you for all you do for us your followers. Love Marjorie


It’s a privilege for us to be part of life in the attic and your posts are always such a joy to read - colourful, emotional, inspirational and so “normal” we can all identify with your ups and downs. Please take time for yourself now for a few days to reflect and relax - and know we are all here for you and looking forward to hearing from you soon. ❤️💙💛💖💚🧡💜


Wonderful sources of colour inspiration surround you in your walks. I hope this month is less stressful for you. Live reading your blogs. Xxxx

Rose 🌹

As we head toward Summer here in NZ, I’m loving the autumnal photos you have shared. Slow down for a bit, rest well & enjoy the season of change. Thank you for all you do 😊💛🧡🤎

Patricia A

Do some crocheting.
Plan a new blanket.
Then have some soup or coffee.
Go for a walk with J.
Enjoy your lovely Autumn colours.
Then have a hot chocolate. :-)


Been such a reflective time for me while being curious about the life & events on the other side of the planet, in my home country.
Thanks for taking us through your thoughts and experiences & Blogtober, of course 😊 xx


and i have very much enjoyed your posts this month, sharing such a vulnerable time in your life has made me feel so much less alone. so thank you. my wish for you is one of peace and contentment through this tough time.

Debbi Robertson

I really didn't think I'd find a new post from you today, but wanted to check in anyway. So glad I did! I literally laughed out loud at your description of the start of your "crazy bench era". That felt good! Enjoy this slower paced week, and continue to ease in gently to the present. Sending love.


Everyone understands what you have been going through, and it’s a hard thing to have to do. I’ve been thinking of you, and saying a little prayer for you every day. Bless you, Lucy, your sweet and simple life is a joy to read about, makes these weird days we live in feel a little better.


I enjoy your posts so much. You live in a beautiful spot, and you share all that with us.❤️


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. What a difficult time for you. Sending love xx


Thank you so much Lucy for doing the blogtober. I am really pleased that you have felt it has been a two way street and that it has not been just you giving to us but you have felt warmth, love and companionship from us who really appreciate you!
Looking forward to the round up, however it may look! Xx


It’s nice that you’ve been able to share and I hope it’s helped knowing that so many of us have shared your experience at some time and in some way. Just ‘be’. There’s not a right or wrong way to feel in circumstances like these so if you want to sit on a bench talking to the birds, just know that that’s perfectly fine.xxx




A really, really ordinary Blogtober is what you'll be hoping for next year! Seriously though, it's always good to know we have friends looking out for us and urging us on. I'm surely not alone in feeling you are a friend that I haven't met, and feeling honoured that you have shared your thoughts with us at such a difficult time. Rest up Lucy, and get yourself thoroughly mentally and physically rested. You have coped amazingly!
The autumn colours in this post are glorious...and there are far worse things you could gobbl;e than a bag of peas!! Cx


Let it happen, you are mourning the time the chapter has closed. That is the job of the heart, not the brain.

Veronica Howard

Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. You are a star Lucy. Enjoy your restful week with your family

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