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November 03, 2023


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I'm a blog reader from back in the day, and i love your blog, your views, and your ability to find and promote the beauty in the ordinary. Reading this I have been inspired to look for the beauty that surrounds me, and to get outside and walk more. Nature moves me to tears at times and soothes my soul, and yet I don't allow myself the time to wander and notice when i most need it.

Megan Larkin

Thank you for your contribution to the blogging world. Although I have to admit, besides your pattern posts, this is the first one of your posts I’ve actually read through! (Something must have directed me to your post today). Coming from Southern Utah in the States (which is technically considered the desert) I have always enjoyed your beautiful pictures. I first came across your blog over 10 years ago and made the granny stripe blanket, along with a couple of other small decoration. Almost completed, I let the blanket sit in a drawer until earlier this year. Life got complicated and busy back then. Now, after years of therapy, a divorce, being a single mom to 4 kids, and finishing my bachelors and masters degree, I am back to crocheting. In January I started to crochet the little emotions from Inside Out (I’m a new therapist and wanted them for my office-I focus a lot on emotions in my work). Unfortunately I got sidetracked from them and am now on my FIFTH blanket from your patterns!!

All of this to say, after all these years, I am so glad you are still writing and sharing yourself with the world. There is something so comforting in the familiar. The past 10+ years have been hard. So for me, even though I have not read all of your posts, even though I have come here mostly for the patterns, your words today have provided me with comfort through some familiarity. And Lucy, I am deeply sorry for what you are going through with your dad. My siblings and I are just getting my mom’s house ready to sell as she transitions to assisted living. So so many emotions.


This is one of my favourite blogs! I've made the Attic 24 Neat Ripple Blanket, dozens of times and every time I make it, it turns out amazing! I just finished a blanket that will be going to a very special little boy. Living in the state of Arizona in the American Southwest, I love seeing all of your pictures with the beautiful changes of seasons. Living here, we pretty much only get hot weather. Thank you for sharing this little bit of heaven with us!

Nadine G

J'ai adoré vous lire dans blogoctober et le premier message de novembre me rempli de joie. Prenez soin de vous. Bon dimanche.


I don't know what I like more, photos or this wonderful colorful blanket :)

Linda Pankhurst

I’ve made a lap sized Starbright v stitch blanket and am patiently waiting for your border suggestions. It’s going to be wonderful!!

Patricia A

The weather has warmed up here, so I have been sitting outside enjoying the mild spring sunshine.
You call kiwifruit, kiwis. I keep looking for people when folk say kiwis, because to me a kiwi is a New Zealand born person or their native bird (which we don't see here). :-)
The English language is a wonderful mixture of funny ways of saying things. :-)
I bought some early nectarines the other day. All gone now until my next shopping trip.
Slowly working on a ripple blanket in red, green and white. The Bendigo Woollen Mills wool came from a friend's stash and is going back to her for one of her grandsons.
Been reading your blog 'forever' as I found it while searching for JAYG information early this century. :-)
November is bound to be better than October was.


Love your writing… !!!


I am glad to see that you are beginning to be yourself again. What a wonderful view from your attic! Nice to be home, eh?


Gosh Lucy I’ve just had a quick flick back of your October. What a full month. Full of colour. Full of travel and full of emotion. What a great job you’ve done of celebrating life in all its moments. Thank you for being willing to keep such a beautiful poignant diary and for being so generous in sharing it with us. May November be spacious enough for you to digest all you’ve taken in. Go well.


So glad you are coming back to yourself x enjoy the sunshine xx


I love your daily posts. I live in Canada 🇨🇦 . It’s fascinating to see what is on the other side of the pond. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Lynn Walsh

I would be out walking every day if I lived in such a wonderful place. I read your posts every night before I go to sleep. I hope you have a restful weekend and thank you so much for sharing & inspiring us. I will be happily hooking my Startide blanket today.

Linda McD

Lucy, have been making your blankets for a couple of years now. But only recently started reading your bloggs. (End of oct). Such lovely reads , I find them calming and relaxing and the photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing.


Well, we all are blown off our socks and washed away here, but sometimes that clears up cobwebs in our brains too. It was a very intimate journey with you this blogtober. Thanks for taking us along :>*

Laura Miller

One day at a time Lucy. Slowly, slowly wins the race. xx


I don't know what you are interested in showing, but as someone who is not British (I'm American), I would love to see things that are ordinary to you such as what it looks like inside a British grocery store and things like that. You often talk about doing your marketing but we never get to see.


Hi, I have so enjoyed your October blog and your beautiful photos of autumnal colours. My Dad is in a nursing home due to advanced dementia since Aug 2022. I’ve truly struggled for months coming to terms with it. My comfort is that he is safe, looked after so well & he has a family visitor every single day. Give yourself time to adjust to your Dad’s new home. Best wishes.


We also had beautiful weather here today - blue skies, sunshine, and the perfect temperature to go along with it. The sunshine just makes me feel alive and energized! I'm happy to hear you are feeling better and more like yourself again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for posting and sharing so many lovely photos and words with all of us. Your blog is a special one indeed and one I always enjoy visiting.


If you can usefully empty some visuals, while we enjoy and absorb your lovely pictures, I'd say it's definitely win - win! Very glad to hear you are beginning to feel better. Hope the sunshine continues (we had it too, today, in Kidderminster), and that lifts you even more. Cx

Karen Dodgson

Ah, sunshine in your soul sounds a wonderful thing to achieve. I’m glad you are starting to feel and see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel at last, Lucy xx


Delighted you are feeling better, Lucy. This morning in Blackpool was sunshine and blue skies, but this afternoon the rain was brutal - hopefully you don't get the brunt of it overnight, battering against the Attic windows!


So pleased you’re feeling better. Love the photos, they bring back memories of our trips to Skipton and are making me want to return soon. What a lucky kitty having so many snugglybl blankets to curl up into xxx

Penny Crompton

Such lovely photos. Here in South Australia we are heading in to what is being for cast as a very hot summer. I hope not, so far it has been dry and cool.


So glad you are feeling a returning spark. I hope you have a lovely weekend and a lovely November. CJ xx

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