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October 04, 2023


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The yellows greens and hints of red in the fallen leaves scream blanket at me 🙂
I have enjoyed reading your blogtober this morning whilst also nursing a cold.

Helen Mathey-Horn

I have 'lites' (glass window panes) on either side of the front door. There are four glass shelves per side and I am always bringing home leaves, acorns, feathers etc to place in little arrangements on the shelves. Then as the season changes (Christmas usually) I clear some it away and start again. Blue Jay feathers and woodpecker feathers usually remain as they are just so colorful(jay) and interesting.

Patricia A

There is nothing 'weird' about collecting nature's little treasures. It is a perfectly normal thing to do.
If people didn't examine the things around them, how could we know what we do??
Picking things up and twirling them in your fingers is a way of examining something.
I think the weird people are the ones who don't look at their environment.
Lovely to see you doing Blogtober.


I have to have a dish of shiny new conkers every year, and I love throwing the sycamore keys/helicopters up to spin back down again! We collected a stone from each of the Normandy beaches when we went on a coach tour one year.
Look after yourself! Hot honey and lemon works wonders for me.
Oh, and the new blanket is gorgeous 😍


Hope you feel better soon, Lucy. Sounds like you have a pretty bad bout of it. With any luck, once its over, you'll be done for the season, and isn't it nice to get the inevitable overwith? I like to collect nature's momentos too -- rocks, pinecones, shells, seaglass, leaves, but not feathers. My daughter won't let me. She says they carry diseases. I've never bothered to research it because, well, I collect enough stuff. And sand. I collect small amounts of sand wherever I go. It amazes me how different it is from place to place. I display it in antique perfume bottles. I have a whole bag full of liquidambar seedpods that will make a beautiful wreath, and a trunk full of pinecones that I plan to make into a garland. We don't have many trees here in SoCal that turn those spectacular colors in autumn, but liquidambar does a beautiful job of giving them a run for their money. This is a delicious time of year for all the senses. I hope you revel in it.


I collect feathers. When my mom passed, I started finding random feathers here and there . I save them in my little spot beside my chair. A great home remedy for colds and what not is oil of oregano. Put a few drops in a glass with a bit of orange juice and drink up. It taste like motor oil, however it works . Do it twice a day for a couple of days . PS - check with the health food store to make sure it won’t interact with other meds or supplements. Hope you feel better soon


Your walk along the canal bank sounds blissful. I too collect leaves , feathers, shells and beach glass. Such a therapeutic thing to do. Cuddly up in bed with cats is my all time favourite pastime. What’s not to love. I’m in awe of the amount of effort and love you put into your blankets. This one is another winner although I’m still tempted to start a fireside blanket. As ever I’m loving your homely posts although the reminders are not coming through on my blogger feed. I wonder if others are finding that too. No problem I have you saved as a favourite so I can check on you that way. B x


I also collect things as I walk, and every year bring a little bit of autumn into my home (don't have a garden) I used to do it with my little people who are now big people and have their own homes - but I haven't stopped, I always make a little space for leaves and berries and conkers every autumn. I don't know anyone else who does it either - so now there are 2 of us :) xx

Wendy Bassett

Occasionally feathers, but always leaves and I still love kicking through them 🙂. Last weekend I was collecting conkers with my 5 year old grandson which was lovely. You're not alone in your "weirdness" Lucy! Hope you feel better soon.


You are in the good company of yarn lovers, hookers, and leaf lovers. I collect them, together with empty snail houses, and put them on display on my garden table. I taught my kids to do so and had long walks with them kicking up the leaves in the forest. We miss the red here in our hemisphere, but the orange and yellow are showing its gorgeous palette. I have had chicken all my life. And a macaw called Pedro for a long time. Pedro had the most gorgeous coloured feathers. I still have them. Together with the silkie and Wyandottes chicken feathers. Gold, blue, and fluffy.


Hi Lucy, sorry your still not feeling well. Just getting over 2nd bout of covid myself.😓 Yep I'm with you on collecting leaves when I walk. I display them in my hands, as if they are in a frame.My husband is a wood turner and loves to point out all the different trees and how the wood looks when it's turned. My favourite is olive wood.Colours are amazing. Hope you feel better soon.xx

Tracy Sutton

Well done Lucy - hope you feel better soon. Sending hugs.


I don’t collect leaves or feathers, but like many others, I seem to like finding stones. I know when I have found a “friendly stone”, as it doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it is good if it is smooth in the hand.
Looking forward to visiting your area and town at the end of the month. Fingers crossed that we have good weather for some rambles, but coming from Vancouver Island we are rather used to drizzly weather!


Not exactly 'slouching'...you have been working! And hopefully recovering, not to mention keeping your germs away from everyone else!
I confess to picking up feathers (and bringing them home); occasionally leaves; but my real weakness is stones. There are so many beautiful stones from lovely places we've visited, decorating my home...heart shaped stones...stripey stones...amazingly coloured stones. Great to see there are more like us out there. We're just more sensitive to the beautiful things 'normal' people miss. And who wants to be 'normal' anyway?!

Corinna Mazzotta

Yes I too collect feathers, leaves, sea glass etc etc. I have an old jar full of the feathers that I have collected on my Welsh Dresser and in Autumn I'm always picking up beautiful leaves just to admire their colours.

Hope the lurgy is soon gone and you are feeling better again. Take care of yourself as you have so much going on at the moment - your immune system is having to work extra hard to combat all the stress hormones too!

So enjoying hearing from you daily - it feels like a chat with an old friend! Sending you lots of love. xx

Jools Morgan-Jones

Just catching up with the last half dozen posts or so.

LOVE the blanket in all its gloriousness!

I can sympathise re having a parent with dementia,and living a fair distance from them, too - it's hard work, so please try to be gentle with yourself. None of us are prepared for the emotion or the suddenness of it all.

And I hope you're feeling a bit better by now, too. Lots of fluids, stay cosy and try not to push yourself too hard xx

Margaret looms

I pick up leaves feathers stones confers acorns fir cones etc


Love collecting feathers leaves or seed heads when I am walking to twiddle through my fingers. My daughter only commented on it yesterday when I had a dried cow parsley seed head, which was particularly satisfying!


I do collect feathers…….i use them for dusting narrow places, and de-furring my sewing machine bobbin area..
And I pick leaves to put on my kitchen windowsill to enjoy the colours.

Mrs Jane Halvey

I too am a collector of things natural when I go for a walk. Acorns, pine cones, interesting sticks, feathers, stones and pebbles, shells and sea glass are among the things that can be found in my coat pockets.
And I feel your pain for being full of cold I am just getting over a cold that the children I work with so kindly shared with me last week.
Love having you back on a regular basis.
Yorkshire is my spiritual home (living in Nottinghamshire)so I love reading blogs from there. Can't wait for half term when we get to come up to Filey for the week. Jane x


Hi Lucy, never ever think that you are the only one that feels/does/thinks etc. a certain way. There are so many people that are experiencing the same things at the same time, this always makes me feel better, not lonely anymore.
I too collect feathers, leaves, small stones, and I make way too many pictures of all the nice things I see. Don’t ever feel like it is just you!


Absolutely with you on the leaves and feathers. And acorns and conkers and pretty pebbles and all manner of other things. Been doing it for my entire life. Both my house and car have a selection lurking in quiet corners, as do many of my coat pockets, often well after their best before dates.


I am also a leaf twirler if that can be a word. Also thanks for the V stitch pattern. I had a blanket with a similar stitch, but the moths found it delicious this summer. I was so sad because it had been the picnic blanket of my family for two generations probably! Now I can make another or mend thé damaged rows thanks to you.


I'm so with you on the leaves and feathers thing. Also acorns, bird egg shells, conkers, nice stones, you get my drift. My jacket pockets always have little surprises in them!


Ohhh yes I to collect leaves and feathers. The feathers go in an old vase and the leaves, well, just looking at them and admiring the wonderful colours of autumn, sometimes pressing them in a book.
Hope you feel better soon x

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