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October 31, 2023


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Sending all the hugs my lovely friend. I can well imagine how hard it was. I'm glad your dad is settling well. And I hope you are feeling better soon. CJ xxxxx


Hugs to you if you want them. Take care Lucy!


Warmest wishes Lucy. Thank you for sharing your October month here especially when life has been so difficult personally for you. Now take some time to recuperate. revive and relax. You deserve it xx


Thank you for this month worth of writing. I'm reminded to look at the angle of the sun, the flash of color in the undergrowth, to really see the world - to inhale it and to breathe it out.


Dear Lucy, I hope you can recuperate and get back your equilibrium now you are back at home, if you are like me it will take a while. I honestly think the whole process of dealing with dementia, getting them somewhere you are happy with and clearing your childhood home has to be one of the hardest things you ever have to do, a path taken by so many of us. Thank you for writing every day through all this.Sending love xxx

Charlotte M.

A heck of a month and you blogged through it too. You have my admiration and my sympathy for all that you are going through. We went through that with our mom years ago. Hang in there. The right thing to do is not always easy. Be kind to yourself now.


Oh Lucy, you are in the thoughts and hearts of so many, please know this and thank you so much for all you do to create this wonderful blog. It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I will continue to send you the warmest and heart-felt positive vibes from Canada.

Brenda Drury

Such an emotional time for you Lucy, it’s not easy having to clear a parent’s home, especially if it has been your childhood home. I think that you have done amazingly well and you can be proud of what you have achieved. To have been writing your blog amidst everything that has been going on in your life recently has been quite an achievement. During my own stressful times, your blog has provided an escape into your world and I have loved it. Thank you so much for sharing Lucy. I should also say that I loved seeing your artwork, I am in awe, such beautiful pieces. Take care of yourself, love and hugs, Brenda x

Anna-Karin (from Sweden)

Sending you lots of love and hugs!


We all need to grieve at some points in our lives, when and how we do it is so individual. Thank you for sharing your journey. we are here patiently waiting for when it feels good for you to write some more. There is no pressure take your time hugs


Take your time! Its a new beginning and things will get better. Big Hugs xx

Mavis K Hewitt

Sending lots of hugs and love Lucy. It is part of a grieving process for the past and the person who our parent was. Ultimately you have to do it in a way that works for you, it takes time. Thank you for sharing your day’s through out this process. I am sure there are many who have to go through the same process and will appreciate your words. Such a beautiful part of the UK. I was blessed enough to live in Poole for 13 years. Much love from a wet and windy South Wales UK xx


It has been an honour to walk this road with you Lucy, so impressed by your coping strategies and overwhelming kindness to the situation (hope that makes sense).
You are amazing, thank you for sharing. Jill x


Oh Lucy, I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. It really is indescribable how hard it is and it’s definitely a grieving process, so let the tears come when they want. It’s exhausting but you do need to let them out. It’s so lovely you have such good support around you, that really does help. As always your photos and your ‘Blogtober’ blog were wonderful to look forward to, so thank you so much for carrying on with that when you had so much going on around you, hopefully although a lot of work for you it helped a little. I’m glad your dad is happy in his new home, it always feels a relief after visiting to know they are happy where they are. Take care of you now, lots of love and big hugs to you Lucy, Becki xxxx 🤗🥰☺️

Karen James

Sending love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️

Jane Deeley

I hope that by sharing your stories here and knowing you are among friends will bring some relief. Don’t feel you have to rush any of it or conversely feel guilty that you are. All this takes time to process.
We also have a Chinese money or jade plant. I remember the one on my gran’s windowsill, my mum had an offshoot, then I took one from hers when I moved away. When each of my boys moved into their own flats, we gave them one too. Miraculously they are both still going despite complete neglect! We call it the ‘family tree’ (that’s my other hobby!)


Oh Lucy, bless your heart, it was bound to hit you like that eventually. You've been through so much and managed to hold it together, but all that emotion needed an outlet - and well done J for the coffee-and-sea remedy.
I'm glad you're home safe - you can start to process it all now, safe in your comfort zone xx


Sending you lots of hugs & some warm Australian sunshine to help through this trying time.
Just keep tying to think of all the fun & positive times you spent at home with your Dad. It's difficult & reminds us of our fragile life & gives you strength to carry on for the sake of your own youngsters . Xxx


So many of us have been where you were this morning (and in the past weeks). It is not for the faint of heart! Even though your dad is in a good place and you are thankful for that, there is still SO much emotion involved. It’s good for the soul that you had a messy cry with your beloved J there with you! And by the sea! Give yourself lots of grace.

The pictures are stunning. Make sure to replace the fluids lost via tears….you will feel better.


It will be fine. So, so, so much in such a short period of time. I'm surprised you haven't lost it on multiple occasions. Just let it go. It's going to be fine. You've done brilliantly. Really.

Debbi Robertson

So much well deserved love coming your way!

You're so good at listening to your body and paying attention to your intuition -- those attributes are invaluable anytime, and are especially essential now. You have such a treasure in that family of yours; let your heart fill up with their love.


Lucy, you have had quite the month. I'm not sure I always believe that 'things happen for a reason'... but with the big life changes happening during Blogtober, I hope it gave you some extra support and love that must have been needed. I dread going through these changes with my parents - I have with my grandparents whom I loved so much and it was very, very hard. I'm glad the sea has been there for you too 💙


No sientas la obligación de escribir. Si el escribir te sirve para avanzar hazlo pero si no tomate tu tiempo que aquí estaremos esperando .Lo comprendemos perfectamente.


Lucy, you've had such a rollercoaster over the last few months, you would have to be made of iron not to buckle at the last hurdle. It's awful having to sort out a parent's home. My dad died in May, and we had 3 weeks to sort it out and hand the keys in. My girls felt like they didn't have time to grieve as we were rushing around such a lot.
I'm glad for you that your dad is in a happy, caring place and is being kept safe. It's such a huge weight off your shoulders, and I hope that you can now look after yourself. It's good that you have your amazing hubby by your side.😊


Just looking at Bridport’s ohso familiar beach made me well up, so no wonder you had to let it all come out this morning. Let it flow...top the wells up with coffee!! And a nice young man to serve it up to you on occasion...take the kindness from others and enjoy it...

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