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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 30, 2023


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Lynne Chandler

Thank you for sharing this with us Lucy. My parents have recently moved into care due to dementia and frailty so I am in the process of starting to clear their home. So many memories - it's hard but I just have to switch off a bit while I'm sorting things otherwise it would never get done. I hope your dad continues to be happy in his new home and that you can relax and take time for yourself. Take care 💐


Dear Lucy, thanks for all the time you’ve given us. I hope the love and support from around the world has gone some way to paying it back. It is a relief of unparalleled proportions to find our loved ones somewhere where they are safe and cared for. But letting go is hard.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures and letting us journey along on the other side of the screen.


Well done, you! How lovely that your Dad is in a safe, caring place, and that you can have respite from all the care and worry from before. And you find all the best coffee shops, my goodness!


My Mom and I are thinking of you during this time- she and I dealt with closing up my grandfather's home when he was diagnosed with dementia. He, too, lives in a care home surrounded by nurses and is much happier and safer than he was before. <3

Mary Ann

Dear Lucy,
I am a long time crochet lover and reader of your blog. I have always loved how you share your beautiful photos and skill and art of color and crochet...but Blogtober has been my favorite...like daily reading a chapter in a good book or visiting with a friend. Thank you for sharing such an emotional time. I hope the good wishes and prayers from your blogging friends have added to your strength. We all have to go through the tough times in life, and can really relate.
Sending best wishes from New Jersey, USA
Mary Ann


So going to miss your daily posts. Thinking of you and all you are facing and sending hugs. You got this x


You're a little ahead of me in this same process. Thank you for sharing. It's always helpful to know that others are doing what one is doing or experiencing. It makes it feel less lonely and strange...

Debbi Robertson

When your contributions to Blogtober began, the month seemed to stretch before me and away into the future. I was so excited with the anticipation of being able to hear from you each of those many coming days. How is it now that we're already at the end?! You have been so generous with your time and the sharing of your heart and soul, and we are all such lucky recipients. Sending you little pink clouds of love, and light...


Such a difficult time you're going through. Thank you so much for keeping up with blogtober while you're having to go through this. You know we're all here for you, each of us in our own corners of the world sending you love and positive vibes. ❤️


Thank you Lucy for sharing your day to day through October. I appreciate how much work it must be, but it is the highlight of my morning knowing I'm going to get a few little snippets of the beautiful English way of life all the way over here in Australia. I recently returned from a UK holiday and am already trying to work out when I can return. Charlotte's post above probably says it best. All these strangers, whose lives you touch, are cheering for you at this emotional time.


You have fought hard to get to your 'new normal', and I so know what you mean when you say you are beyond-done. Thank you so much for sharing this very sad and stressful part of your life with us. I think you know that we've all been cheering you on from our computer keyboards, I-pads and phones, and will miss you when the month of Blogtober ends. Cx


Take care Lucy, Life is hard some times xx


I read your post with tears in my eyes, Lucy - it's such a horrible, horrible phase of life. You've been so brave blogging through this of all months! I do hope it's helped you debrief a little.


My mum has just gone into care and it's a hard wrench. She went voluntarily as she is just fading physically and feels no longer the tiredness she was feeling. She has all her faculties and the staff love her as she is scouting around sharing her love with everyone. Today we'll find out if her unit sale is 'unconditional' and then the next and final stage of sorting and chucking will happen. It's exhausting but great to see mum happy and managing well. Hope your dad continues to thrive.xxx

Jennifer Keast

One of hardest things you ever have to do Lucy - so glad its all nearly done and you can just enjoy your lovely dad and your lovely Dorset in the future without all the stress xxx


Does your dad like music? My sister loves to sing and can remember the words to songs and yet can't remember other things.
It's not easy having to clear your dad's home, but a job that had to be done. X


Thank you Lucy for sharing blogtober with us all, I have looked forward to reading them each day. I can understand all the upheaval and emotions running through you at this difficult time. Safe journey home to Yorkshire tomorrow.

Sue Wheeldon

Glad to know that you've made good progress in your difficult task and that you and J have been able to do it together and share the time on your own - despite the circumstances. There's a lot to be said for a nice chap, believe me - I don't half miss mine. I loved your findings yesterday, especially your ammonite and embroidered creations. I have a few of my own framed on the walls of my sewing room - I must have been obsessed with french and bullion knots as there's a heck of a lot of them!! I do wish Textiles had been a subject when I was as school things could have been very different. I shall miss Blogtober very much - you are a breath of fresh air in this world of extraordinary values and priorities. Sometimes, even the world of crochet sadly knows no bounds as I discovered in a group yesterday. Safe journey home and thank you for allowing us to be part of your life - I'm sure it will help many others who are going through something similar.


It is a relief to leave someone who is such a huge part of your life in good hands. The freedom of having no kids around is recognizable. XD Safe drive home tomorrow, dear.


Because of the dementia it is a closure of the old but its also a new freedom where the care is taken over and you know he is safe.
Its difficult but a new normal you will soon settle down as we have with visits and video calls etc and life goes on
Omg those photos gorgeous !!!!!!

Linda Graveling

Thank you Lucy for sharing your heart with us. I’ve enjoyed this little jaunt through October with you. Saying goodbye to your past and, perhaps, your childhood is never easy, but time will heal and you can rest easy knowing that your dad is being well cared for x


It is really difficult Lucy. We cleared Mums house and an elderly aunts flat within a three week period in lockdown. Both had been admitted to nursing homes. At the time it was overwhelming and exhausting but eventually the tiredness and anxiety does start to subside.


Thank you so much for being willing to share with us the realness of your life and family, through the cheery and the difficult! We can all identify with so much. So fun that you found so many treasures from your growing up - your drawings when you were little are so cute, and your embroidery so beautiful :)


Safe journey Lucy. I was fifty when I had to clear out Mum’s house and although I had never lived in her flat, I still felt the sadness of emptying het home❤️


Thank you for blogtober blogs they have given me much pleasure. Whilst I appreciate daily blogging must be a great challenge I hope that writing them has given you some solace.

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