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October 29, 2023


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que hermoso lo que relatas , tantos recuerdos.

gracias por compartir, cariños.


You have always been talented xxx


Beautiful blog. I love all your treasures. You are very talented. Xx


Minimalism is definitely the way to go I think. You will know the treasures when you see them. Such lovely artwork, you are very talented. CJ xx

Beverly Vinson

Oh wow I love the watercolor and think it is very good indeed as is the textile quilt.


What wonderful finds! I'm so glad you have moments of beauty and refreshment in the midst of a sad task. Thank you for sharing your days.


Lucy! Auction your artwork on the internet!
It's lovely to see that you had a blog when you were 3!

Patricia A

I think the watercolour is gorgeous. Not technically correct, but gorgeous just the same. I know, I know as I feel the same way as you do about my old works of art.
I looked at all that hand embroidery and thought of how my finger tips felt when I was doing my two year embroidery course. Tender as can be at the start and tough as nails at the end due to all that fine needle holding and pushing. :-) Lovely memories for you there.
Did your brother come and take some treasures for himself?
I have the apron, rarely worn, that my mother embroidered before I was born. Was surprised to see the same apron on display at the Embroiderers' Guild in one of the displays there. It was a kit item. Same as the lovely tablecloth that covered our dining table for special occasions. In the 1940s lots of household items came as kits apparently. The tablecloth and its matching serviettes came in one kit. My mother told me that she hand stitched the hems on all the pieces. The tablecloth disintegrated many years ago, but my younger sister and I each have a couple of surviving serviettes.
Before mum died she was on a mission to supply her daughters with tea towels. Ten years after she died three of her children compared notes to see which colours we still had. :-) I had the most left as the younger sister gave me all her orange ones as she has an aversion to orange coloured cloth. The older sister had a couple. We had a good laugh over our memories of her.
The tea towels are all gone. The memories linger on.


What treaures!

Rebecca Kleibrink

my sibling and I just had to place both our parents into a total care nursing facility. They hate it, but Mom cannot get out of bed, she is on the precipice of dying. Pop has dementia and cannot take care of himself. Seeing all your lovely photos of childhood momento tugged at my heart. My sister and I along with our niece had to go through our parent's apartment and pack it up for donation to a local thrift shop for a Youth Care Facility. I know the difficulty of watching aging parents becoming totally reliant on their children.


wow what a wonderful treasure, the drawings and weather diary you did with your mum. What a wonderful idea of your mum’s to create this joint activity. I thought your robin drawing was totally wonderful. I love your art, the painting and the textile art, just amazing. How nice to find treasured items to take to your house to remind you of your parents and good times. When my mum died, after my dad, I was fortunate that my son was able to come with me and help sort things out. It’s good to have someone along for support and company. I know your dad is still alive that you are just emptying the house.Jean in Winnipeg


Loved seeing all the treasures you found. I know that it makes sense not to keep everything with memories but I think you water colour is really good.

Penny L

What another lovely blogpost. You are very artistic. To be able to draw a recognisable robin at 3 !! Wow! I love the painting too, I think you don’t recognise your own talent Lucy! (Just read this back, I come across as the old , bossy infant teacher that I am!) Seriously though, you are very talented, and I am very grateful for the fact that your talents are used in your blog and crochet which give me and so many others so much pleasure.
Sorting out your childhood home will be very draining and wobbly making, so glad your husband is with you.xx


Oh wow I love the painting what a talent!
The embroidery is amazing aww and all those memories.
Oooh that sea !
Thankyou for sharing


So three-year-old you was, basically, doing an analogue version of Blogtober, then? That's amazing!
For all the emotion involved, I'm glad you are unearthing treasured memories to lighten the load a little. I know J will be looking after you, but go gently with yourself, Lucy xx


Such wonderful memorories you've uncovered! Love the diary pages of your drawings at a very young age. That you're an artist is obvious to anyone with eyes to see. You couldn't hide it if you wanted to. Love the little itty-bitty teeny-tiny bird, and the blue glass globe, and the ammonite fossil. Love that your mother kept, and you rediscovered, your school projects. Bet that was an instantaneous trip back in time! It looks as though you had a productive day. Part of the treasure you found, I think, was the time you and J got to spend with each other, traveling back through time and enjoying the present. A rainbow day indeed.

Margaret Huntine

You found happy memories! I’m glad for you.

Be well, safe journey home.

Jackie Farrow

Love all your treasures you are taking home with you, especially the books.


Homes carry so many different memories and emotions about relationships. Any wonder you're a bit wobbly. Xx

Mary Jo Bush

One of the first things I do each day is race over to read your blog -- your shares have meant so much to me - You have great heart and, from my own life, I know you will not regret one second of the time spent helping and being with your dad right now. not one. blessings to you and your family, dear Lucy!


Dear Lucy, it’s hardly surprising you are a bit on the wobbly side, this past time of getting your Dad into the right place and now sorting out your childhood home, has to be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, so emotional, so many memories, such indecision, and such a wrench. Leaving my childhood home town ( Wells in Somerset) was so hard and I could still cry..I spent so much time there with mum in the end, people thought I lived there.
You have some beautiful things to take home, I love your pictures.
Take care and hope tomorrow goes well.

Debbie Tristram

How beautiful your embroidered tree picture is and yo used lovely colours at that age too. It's a strange job sorting through your parents possessions but lovely memories too, like the book you made with your mum, very special indeed.


What an emotional day and you have rediscovered so many personal treasures these are truly priceless. BTW your A level work is stunning.


Precious and beautiful, all of it. ❤️❤️❤️


So pleased you had a productive, yet lovely day! A very good idea to be minimal in what you keep. Your embroidered forest is absolutely gorgeous...do you ever feel the urge to do more? Incorporating the rainbow colours you loved, even at the age of 3!! Cx

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