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October 28, 2023


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Gloucester Services is not far from me, but I've yet to visit. It looks brilliant. Glad you had company to start clearing your dad's property. I know from experience it can be a difficult job. CJ xxxxx


Ooh I want to go to gloucester services now ha ha and oh the sea!!
Tommorow will be hard, take it easy.
Lovely photos as ever, Thankyou x


That shop is very interesting. It took me a minute to situate it in my mind – at first, it looked like it was built OVER the water. It's interesting how things can look at first glance. The photo of the rooftops surrounded by lovely sky and trees and hills is just beautiful. I do not envy your current job, sorting through everything, deciding what to keep, what to give away or sell, and what to throw away. A lot of it will be an easy decision, but some of it will be quite difficult. All those memories taking you back to another time and place. May your journey be gentle.

Jackie Farrow

Oh my, I would have trouble choosing. Will have to stop here next year on our trip over from Australia. My cousin lives in the Forest of Dean and have 2nd cousin dotted around Dorset who I only discovered this year with Ancestry. Maybe this farm shop is where we can all meet up, 5 of us. Call ourselves the Pocock Cousins, that’s the family surname that links us.


Best wishes Lucy - I’m doing the same - clearing out my dads condo - he’s in long term care following a stroke / dementia.. it’s hard and emotional.. but I find light in those little treasures that make me smile - remind me of my childhood - those I bring home for comfort 😊🤗


Hope your sorting day went productively nice...three minimum bags...ta - dahh

1) keep sakes that goes to Skipton!!!
2) Charity shops
3) Garbage

Lesson learnt we go and do a proper Autumn cleaning of our own stuff seriously that our Children don't have to repetitively do a similar kind of emotional sorting and clearing our mess in this beautiful 🌎

Good Luck to you and yours dear Lucy

Thanks to your loving dad you are still meandering Dorset area...

Thank you for all your blogging days.

Jane Deeley

Just coming to the end of clearing my late Mum’s house. I found I put stuff on one side to keep early on, but am now going through again with a more practical head on and only keeping the really special stuff. (Not helped by me being unofficial keeper of the family tree!) I wish you much strength and patience. Plenty of coffee and pastry breaks can help! (And a supportive partner by your side to ‘challenge decisions’!)

Sara Tomlinson

I regonised the service station as soon as I saw it. They did a great series all about it and how everything is so local from the Cotswolds. I'm going to ask my boss for vouchers for Christmas so we can treat ourselves for Christmas day to treats from here.

Harry often pops in on college days to buy treats.

I'm so loving reading your blog and it has inspired me to do mine far more which I'm really enjoying.

Sara x

Sue k

Tebay services in Cumbria, is owned by the same family.
Also check out More? At Staveley near Kendal and the shops by plumgarth (all artisan food shops on small industrial estates). And not too far from Skipton. You won’t be disappointed. They also supply to Tebay.


The services looks amazing, and so convenient! My goodness it’s wet in Dorset! The rain seems never ending! Here in Christchurch at the end of the still filling up Avon and the Stour, we are getting waterlogged..so many other places too of course.
Good luck tomorrow Lucy, we will all be thinking of you xxx

Karen Stewart

You are in our thoughts. Xx

gina in alabama

Thinking about you and sending you strength for tomorrow. I've been down that road myself during lockdown. I'm glad J is with you. Hugs.

laura k- from the crochet ladies of france

having just recently cleaned out and sold my mom's house after she moved to assisted living center, I want to say pace yourself as best you can. It is a big task and some company and fun music help- as does multiple cups of coffee and some tissues nearby as it is a lot. You can do it and it will get done. Honestly it makes me want to edit my house possessions down to almost nothing so my kids don't have so much to do. On the other hand we have just absorbed a lot of stuff into our house that was from hers.... I have boxes and boxes of stuff for my kids as they are making their way to their own apartments- they will now have pots and pans and dishes and silverware and towels and pictures and and and.... silly to waste money buying all new stuff... coffee, pastry, wine and company will be your comforts in the coming days as will knowing that we are here supporting you from afar.

Corinna Mazzotta

Ah, you were in my family's neck of the woods if you stopped at Gloucester Services. 😊 My parents live about 15 minutes away in our family home. We love Gloucester Sevices (& Tebay which is part of the same family) - and often call in on our way home to Swindon even though we have no need to stop! 😂
Hope all goes well tomorrow as you start to sort through the house - it will be an emotional day I'm sure, so sending you a big hug in advance. 🥰 x


Hope the coffee is good tomorrow, and sets you up for your sorting marathon. The forecast looks better; though you may get a heavy shower or two. You should have bought extra pastries to sustain you tomorrow! Cx


Having walked this road with two relatives recently I fully appreciate how difficult it is. All best wishes and support to you and your family Lucy x


Tebay, Cairn Lodge and Gloucester Services are owned by the same group and specialise in local produce. Tebay and Gloucester are suffering from overcrowding since the TV programmes. Good luck with your loft emptying, Lucy, and it is a hard thing to have to do. We cleared our loft during lockdown as we wanted to try and bet rid of clutter and had the time to clear it. Catriona


We've stopped at Gloucester services a couple of times, its lovely and the farm shop is amazing. I hope the weather improves tomorrow and that the sorting out goes well, it's a difficult thing to have to do bringing all sorts of emotions.


All the best for the next few days.
We love Gloucester Services and try to stop there on our way between south of Manchester and my in-laws in South Wales. We’ll stop there tomorrow for bread and next time we’ll have to stock up on set honey.

Carolyn wood

That farm shop looks awesome! Hope you’re house sorting goes well.😍


Best wishes for the house sorting.
I’ve not visited Gloucester services but I love Tebay and Cairn Lodge which I think are very similar with farm shops.


Hope you get a lot done tomorrow, go for that coffee dash, dear. Take care, thinking of you. :>*


We always call that the tellytubbies stop-the car park is always rammed it’s so popular. Good Loos!!

Julie Hodges

We have recently watched a programme about the Gloucester Services and Farm shop and where they source there products from. Hope you have a successful trip

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