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October 27, 2023


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Jackie Farrow

Rather them than me. No way could I get up there. As I’ve got older I think of the dangers!

Margaret Huntone

The contrast of your picture of that very brave man on top of that very tall chimney with the next picture of your cosseted toes in front of your cosy fire brought a smile to my heart.

I’m glad you have the comfort of times in your life that bring you joy and peace, like your Friday morning gatherings and your daily walks, to balance the times that cloak your heart in sadness and sometimes (if we’re being honest) anger at the damned unfairness of it all.

Look for things among your dad’s possessions that bring happy memories.


I am always fascinated when you post pictures/write about the canal boats! It is something I know nothing about.

All Creatures Great & Small (the current series; it's lovely!) taught me that "a brew" is what people who are from Yorkshire call a cup of tea. Fun to see you use it!

Going through parents' things is such a challenging task. Thankful that J is with you.

Thank you for writing!


Love the cozy fire and what at the end of your day! Kind thoughts to you & J for the clearing out of your dad's things!


I am happy that part of the journey of your dad will be with J. It is emotional. Hugs dear.


I love an early bit of exercise. It definitely sets you up for the day.
I will be thinking of you as you start the clearing process. Bridport is a good town for selling bits and bobs as I’m sure you know. A lot of my parents’ ornaments and radio’s, records and linens went to the antique market at St. Michael’s. Make sure you don’t make too quick decisions on the sentimental stuff. It takes time to process. If you can bear to, deal with the most challenging things first, storing those you are wavering over so that by the time you have finished the job and the house is nearly sold, you have time to come back to things you couldn’t decide about.
If you find yourself down there this week, wave at my nephew who is working in the river by the side of the Red Brick cafe. They are clearing it and dredging. Mucky work!


I feel for you as you tackle the sorting of your father's house contents. I've done this twice this year, for my parents and for my in-laws, and it was a huge task. As other people have said, we found precious photos and family records all mixed through everything, and also cash in variable quantities in all sorts of odd places. So one needs to check, for example, all pockets of every garment, all pockets of any handbags and wallets, inside books (my mother's favourite), in teapots and jars, boxes and tins, even the boxes of board games.....that was what took the most time.Good luck with it all.


So cool to see the chimney climber going up there and know he is doing this for 40 years. That's something to admire :)
Love seeing the houseboats on your blog every time. It has always been my dream to live on one.

Debbi Robertson

If it's possible to detect a spring in your step just by reading your words, then I believe I have. It's delightful!


Just read the book, “Longboat Summer”. For those of us in the U.S., would you be so kind to give a brief explanation of their history. Thanks!


I love your views from the attic. I had thought it was your very first picture; but no, I was wrong. Your very first posting of a view from the attic was on March 21, 2008. 2008!! And that tree to the right wasn't there -- at all. My, how things have changed. Little Man has grown up and "little" no longer applies; same with Little Lady. Little B is now older than either Little Man or Little Lady were when we were first introduced. I have always loved that we got to know your family, J included, but you protected their privacy. Now you are on your way to clear your father's house and he has moved on to the next stage of his life. It's all good, these quiet lives we lead. History books are not written about us, but it is not queens or kings, or politicians, or celebrities that make up the vast majority of living. It's us, the quiet people, who celebrate life every day in the living of it, with our families, our hobbies and interests, the work we do, and our caring for each other. I, for one, am happy for it. It's a good life.


My mom died September 5 and I had to go through all her things, including shared storage units, to find all her stuff and make decisions about what to keep (small amount) and what to donate (most of the stuff). It's hard. Maybe you will find a few childhood or long forgotten items stored in the loft.


We cleared my mums house exactly a year ago, or rather, my brother did the bulk of it, and I did some and took what I wanted, a lot of which was mine or I had given my parents originally. Hard time consuming work. Some of it was emotional, a lot of it is just a slog. Good luck with it. Xxx

Jean Stein

Thank you for the chimney inspiration! English chimneys are things of beauty, and that so many are still connected to fireplaces is great!

Elizabeth Denny

Dear Jane, Blogtober has been such a treat! Thank you so much.


It is enough to give you vertigo looking at the chimney inspector! We have a similar chimney in Kidderminster, part of the old carpet factories; peregrines have taken up residence and have terrorised the local pigeon population! I've said before that I'd love to join your Cooper's Cafe meetings...but a 300 mile round trip is just too much! You will probably heave a sigh of relief when Blogtober is over, but I bet there are lots of us who would like it to be followed by Blovember!

Kathryn Grimshaw

Hi Lucy, I notice that Jane has beat me to it in suggesting that you make a blanket based on the vibrant colours of the canal barges as they come and go from the canal basin at Skipton. I can’t tell you how often I have thought that you might do this over the years.
I love walking that path at Skipton and looking at the names of the barges and also all the different styles and colours!
I hope you do make a canal based blanket sometime ; it would make a lasting memory of Skipton and it’s surrounding area 😊
I hope all goes well with your forthcoming visit to Dorset . It must be such an emotional time for you. You are in all of our thoughts for sure! 🌹


Auto correct is a pain - should be "brings you peace"


Agree with you about feeling sluggish if I oversleep. Will be thinking of you as you sort out your Dad's house. We found all sorts of things with all sorts of memories but also hidden cash among groceries, clothing, in airing cupboard and loft. My sister lived half an hour away with an empty garage so boxes of postcards, non recent aperwork and Mum's start of a family history went in there for 3 years until COVID had passed and we felt like spending a few days on it. I hope there's someway you and your brother can take time to do this and find it prints you together and gives you peace

Sally Spragg

Safe journey this weekend. Xx


Thank you for your persistent energy spent in writing for all the crochet reading community...Sleep well enough, dear Lucy as you keep on thinking how they built that Chimney during 1800s 🤔
Have a wonderful treasure chest clearing weekend.,.
Love and hugs to you and all at home.
Bye now


You need to make a canal boat blanket, Lucy, based on the colours you see on the boats in your town. That green is gorgeous!

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