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October 25, 2023


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Jackie Farrow

All I am going to say is wow to the decorations. Oh plus trying to guess which one you bought. Had a choice of 3 so let’s see if I’m right tomorrow. 😜


Talk about The Great Escape! Super.

Patricia A

The old arcade looks very similar to the Queen Victoria Building here in Sydney, Australia.
Looking forward to their Christmas display. There was nothing there when I was there a few weeks ago. Another month and the tree should be up.
Good see that you are home and at peace.
It is supposed to be Spring here, but I am rugged up in a woollen crochet blanket with a cat on top to keep me warm. It has been raining and is cold and I just washed my winter vest and jackets, ready to put in storage, thinking that I wouldn't need them until next year.

Debbi Robertson

What a happy day you two had! Good on you for listening to your inner voice telling you to just go for it. And why not?! I think I know which string of colour came home with you. I'll be eagerly awaiting tomorrow's missive to see (as if I need any more reason to come visit!) ;)


I'm always surprised when you write about how close cities are to your town. I drive a total of 43.2 miles a day, just for work. I have to drive 14 miles to make it to the closest grocery store or restaurant. I wish America had such a dedicated transit system- and that folks would open cafes and restaurants near me, like the way they are in your town!


I was in that John Lewis last Friday lucy and was inspired by the felty garland! Popped myself over to Scrap in Farsley at Sunnybank mills and managed to a) find a cheeky fabric sale going on and b) get two lovely rolls of coloured felt for £5! And a bag of scraps for £3. So now I’m cutting out stars which is fun. Can highly highly reccomend - not sure if Farsley has a station and you’d be into Leeds and then out again to visit on the train, but I think you’d love sunnybank mills. It’s all textile and there’s a wool shop and an art gallery and an amazing mill bakery. They do HEAVENLY foccaia and it’s my favouite place.

Laura Miller

What a fabulous day! I love when that spontaneous, "Let's do it," thing happens. We do the same thing and go to Durham which is equally beautiful. Have you ever been? xx


I bet it was the stars! They're just lovely. So glad you had a good day with your girl, Lucy xx


Aww impromptu decisions are the best and omg I am swooning over those decoration pictures and omg those cocktails.
Lovely mosaics .....


Fabulous time Lucy and I reckon those colourful stars are it. I want lol


Lucy, I love reading your blog, and especially enjoy Blogtober! My two little girls love shopping days with my mom and I - I really hope they still do when they are grown! This looked like such a fun day. I am in Maine, (US) and really hope to visit England someday. I am betting that you took home the colorful stars?!


Hi Lucy! So glad you had a delightful day! That Christmas department is perfect! I could spend so much time in there! Can’t wait to see what you bought — I know I would pick the star garland for sure!! So, I did a thing today after work. I bought myself a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers to arrange on my table in a vase. It was a Lucy inspired moment and made me so happy! Well, I’m off to work on my starbright stripes :))

Linda from Boston

What a fun day!! Beautiful mosaics. My guess is that you got the star garland. That’s what caught my eye. Stars and hearts are what I’m drawn to. Enjoy every moment with your daughter.


Lovely to see Leeds - I lived and worked there through most of the 90s when it was starting to be developed more, and enjoyed the best of both city life and the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.
I’m an Aussie and an utter Anglophile - loved living in both Leeds and later in Bristol and Bath - back in Oz now, but I still miss UK life, shops, pubs, theatre and proper beer (!) so much…


What a contrast...your amazing peaceful walk to start the day, ending up with afternoon cocktails in Leeds! Like you, I'm not good at clothes shopping. The last time I went to Birmingham, with a list of things to buy, I lasted about 45 minutes, before thinking 'All these people!! Get me out of here' - and leaping on the next train home. Mind you, all the colour in JL is amazing! Did you buy the rainbow baubles? They would be my choice! Cx


Ha! We nearly walked into Leeds today but decided to walk more locally in Headingley. I’m pleased you had a fabulous day. I❤️Leeds

Sally Spragg

A lovely trip to do on impulse! That drink looked super and sooo alcoholic!!! Haha. Glad you enjoyed it! Shalllook forward to seeing a photo of your purchase!


Sounds like just my sort of shopping trip. I’m not a clothes shopper either but my daughter is and seems to look good in anything she throws together. Does that have alot to do with youth? I love walking through the Victoria arcade, it’s so beautiful and feels luxurious though not been for a while. I miss the more regular visits there when my daughter was at uni in Headingley. I’m hoping the mosaic floor is inspiring you to come with a crochet pattern - it really is beautiful. So pleased you had this trip with your daughter. Times to treasure xxx

Winwick Mum

That sounds like a wonderful sort of day and I'm sl glad you got to enjoy it - but seriously, Christmas shopping in October?! (Says she, who may have bought an Advent calendar already ... 🤣) xx

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