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October 16, 2023


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Yes to snapping spaghetti, I do that for minestrone as well, it's very satisfying. Gorgeous photos of the woods, it's looking very green and lovely in there still. There are always so many admin tasks aren't there, they can easily eat up big chunks of the day. CJ xx


I freeze my going brown banana's for when I don't have to.e to turn them into cake or muffins. Banana muffins with choc chips is a regular bake in my house.


Lovely post 😁

Patricia A

Was thinking today that I would use the trellis blanket pattern in the Starbright blanket yarn that is on its way to me.
Then Madeleine above writes she has been doing that pattern with the Yuletide colours..
I have plans to complete four SB blankets before 1 May 2024 for our next winter. Two of those blankets are colours from you. The other two are in wool leftovers from friends cleaning out their yarn stashes.
Three are being done in blanket patterns found on your blog. The fourth is a pattern from another blog that you suggested many years ago.
That is not counting the five or six blankets that I packed up when I was getting ready for chemo in 2020. So many WIPs.
So what am I doing buying more blanket packs???
I really did like the colour mix. :-)

Jackie Farrow

I’m with J on the bananas, black/brown bits and soft ones as well, over ripe! If you don’t have time to bake, you can pop them in the freezer for a later day. Also banana smoothies is good. You properly know all this. Jx


Snapping spaghetti is fun, I often snap it because my little dog loves to eat dry pasta! Banana muffins look good with the chocolate chips but I try to convince myself they are healthy & put sultanas or nuts in there, they all taste good!
The green woods still look lovely. Thanks for sharing, I don't want Blogtober to end!


I am absolutely with J When it comes to bananas. Yellow, firm but not hard, no brown spots or mushy parts ... but even though we don't eat them that way, they don't go to waste. We have become very good banana walnut (sometimes pecan) muffin makers. There is nothing better than a banana nut muffin and a cup of coffee! There are always some (mashed bananas and muffins) in the freezer because we really like bananas and they go bad so fast. If I were really ambitious, I would make a hummingbird cake, but I don't. Who needs all those calories? Congratulations on your productive day. I love those. Makes you feel so virtuous!


My day has ended so well for I finished weaving all the ends in on my Trellis stitch Yuletide blanket a few minutes ago and plan to start the border tomorrow. Yes, I’m a bad person who didn’t weave in as the oh so cheerful blanket grew.

Also received an email from a school friend whom I’ve not seen for years, we plan to meet up next month.

Kate Buckley

Half way through the month already. I love having your post to read every day. I suppose it's like getting a letter used to be.


Yes, I'm having a couple of days 'admin' too: mowing the lawn, doing the last coat of paint on the garage window, tackling the mountain of ironing...last week the weather was so gorgeous, I went out walking too much. Well, not too much, it was lovely, but now it's payback time! Though looking at your muffins, now I may have to make some pecan and maple syrup flapjacks (current favourite treat!)Cx

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