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October 15, 2023


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Kathy from Tennessee

I just realized I've been reading your blog off and on since you were expecting your youngest... and now he's 14. WoW!!!

Liz kebbell

Hi Lucy, I’m loving reading your October daily updates. I wondered if you could help identify the maker of some earrings DD bought in the very first yarndale. They are ceramic ovals with sweet little sheep painted on.


What a beautiful day for a lovely walk. Thanks for sharing!


Yes…they leave us so quickly, make the most of every second.x


Gorgeous scenery, I love the streamside path, so pretty. And hurray for a village pub at the end, always a welcome sight. A frost here as well the other night, I was very surprised. CJ xx


Thank you for sharing the walk, Lucy. The limestone pavement is amazing and the views all around you are stunning.


What a beautiful place! The earth’s natural wonders are amazing. It reminds me of the Grand Canyon, just awe at the ancientness of it all.


What a fabulous treat to be taken back to Malham! I visited in the early 70’s on a geography field trip and seeing the limestone pavement in the sunshine with you has been magic - Thankyou 😊 happy times I must go back again me feels. Lovely to have your boy with you and he will have forever memories of the beautiful experiences of the area you live in and your appreciation of the outdoors and that’s a precious gift to give! Loving your daily meanderings and photos this month 🙏🏼


Incredibly picturesque. I would love to visit there one day - the thought of traipsing over England and Ireland delights me. I'm contemplating a solo trip there for my 50th next year (long way from Melbourne Australia though). So I love seeing these places and will pop them on my list.
I too have an almost 14 year that sounds exactly the same as yours. lol. My 15 yr old not interested in coming out with us but the 19 yr will occasionally do so when her social/work/and Uni life allow. We do need to make the most of these times.
My eldest if off traveling to Vietnam and Thailand alone (no tour) early next year and I'm terrified so making the most of our time together.

Elizabeth Caro

Thank you :)


🌿🍃🩵🧡🌸🌼💜😘 from Australia xx


That is a gorgeous walk, on a magnificent day. You did a fantastic job taking photos for us, Lucy; making it look deserted, thank you. I walked with my sister-in-law today, our walk was deserted save for madly foraging magic mushroom hunters!(Not us!!)Don't think they noticed the magnificent views...


Thank you so much Lucy! We had Malham on our to see list when we stayed in the Yorkshire Dales this year. Unfortunately we didn’t get there as there were never enough hours in the days to see everything. It’s a long way from home for me and I don’t think I will travel back your way again. Instead, you’ve taken me on a virtual walking tour which was magical. 😍

Bonita Brocklehurst

Love everything about your walk today, love everything about where you live it is beautiful here in Newfoundland today, after a week of foggy, rainy weather, one of the last beautiful Autumn days to treasure.


Mother Earth is stunning, eh? I love to go to places like that. I remember being on holiday there with my youngest, 17, on the brink of going to the university the next month September. Knowing it would be the last time I would be on holiday with child. It is good that all are out and about on their own now. I miss traveling with them, their massive energy, the fun, and knowing each other well. It's just me and my thoughts now perhaps next time to go there for a walk again? ;>D

Linda Graveling

Although we live way down south my brother in law lives in Baildon Last time we visited them we went to Malham Tarn. Your photos took me back there to enjoy it all over again. I enjoyed that little wander with you x

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