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October 10, 2023


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Becca Leese

I'm just catching up as somehow unfollowed your page. This week last year I had to go back home to the Isle of Wight for a funeral and at the age of 40 had my first solo dinner out. I strangely enjoyed it. Despite the sad reason for my visit I so enjoyed being able to wander by the sea at my own pace.


Oh how absolutely wonderful, well done you. And what a gorgeous place to stay. I hope you are having an absolutely wonderful day. Enjoy! You very much deserve it. CJ xx


I’m so happy for you Lucy! You deserve it!


Lucy your blog is like a big cosy hug for me! I’m unable to read it every time you post due to busy life as mum of two little ones but when I do I feel my inner calm button resets. I love your spontaneous choice to be by the sea in your recent post. It’s inspired me to do the same, but my go to place is a forest. I’m also ready to start crocheting your zippy bags as Xmas presents, thank you for your blog. PS I live in Bridport so always try to be on the lookout for you when I wonder down to west bay. Wishing you the best, Hayley x


That is fabulously spontaneous and courageous. Enjoy!

Belinda Sadler

Oh my goodness! this is fabulous, well done you.
I totally understand the call of the sea for me my first act would have been to go for a swim, but I know not everyone has the wild swimming lunacy that I do. I totally love Scarborough. Enjoy the experience and take the time for yourself, We should all do this more.

Sher  Jenkins

There’s an awesome shop in Scarborough called Freerange Fairies… you can check it out on instagram. I’ve ordered items from her shop and had them shipped to me in the USA.


Isn't it weird to be on your own? I did 30 years of traveling with my family, and now I travel alone. Talking to strangers, walking at my own pace (kids complain I walk too fast, XD), and watching things I love and adore. My kids do not inherit my botanical interest, alas. Our society is so adapted to couples that eating yourself is considered weird. My kids were my buffer, but now I go by myself. You are doing fine to give in to the urge to see the sea, our unconscious part. Enjoy, dear!

Carol Langley

Well done Lucy. Enjoy every minute!


Definitely go to north bay, climb over the hill or just walk up through the town and walk down the other side. Rainbow beach huts which you’ll love and a quieter beach. Also there’s a wonderful marketplace cellars type thing just up behind boyes which you’ll enjoy a potter about in! And read all the signs on the taxidermy shop they all ways make me laugh. And crema y ciccolate does the BEST ice cream. It’s Italian gelato!


Looks divine...good for you...enjoy x


Two cups of coffee? That's decadent!


What fun! I love that your sweet girl encouraged you to go! She loves you and knew what you needed. Have the best time!


That’s wonderful Lucy ! Hooray for you - well deserved and hope you enjoy every minute. I’m in Ontario Canada and I too long for a spontaneous solo getaway but I think mine will be camping in the north woods alone before the snow arrives !

Debby Chute

My home town!!...you will love wandering round tomorrow I'm sure.. Boyes department store well stocked if you run out of Stylecraft dk..Will wave if I spot you when walking my dog on the beach. 🥰


What a lovely post! I'm so glad you're at the sea.


You would be very welcome to come for tea tomorrow - I am local and can make a decent dinner and home baking. You can find me on @equalityicons (nb I have met you at Yarndale - I made the tiny tiny Lucy with blankets a few years ago for you) But enjoy your trip to my home town - maybe solitude and peace will be the cure for everything :)


How exciting! Hope you have the best time...it's amazing how you can 'reframe' how life is going when you get away from the same old day to day (however lovely it is)I do understand your need to be by the sea (though for me it's into the hills), and I've just booked my first ever solo break in November...I'll take lots of books and plenty of wool as well as my boots!

Janette Kirman

Enjoy, I get a reverse itch, grew up in Nidderdale now living in Holderness and get the urge for trees, rivers and hills. However, love living here and being only 10 miles from the sea in particular Spurn Point where I spent the afternoon .

Walk up to the north bay, the church near the castle has one of the Brontes buried there.xx


Ah! Good for you, Lucy!! Intuition calling and you listened :) Enjoy this relaxing and refreshing time to recharge your soul — and you’ve brought some beautiful yarn therapy to accompany you as well! x


Well done. You are an inspiration and courageous. I hope this mild weather continues into tomorrow and you see the sun shining. Enjoy plenty of coffee, cake and ice cream! Xx. You might have a paddle!


I’m lucky enough to live by the sea, but a few days escape alone, sounds idyllic. Enjoy your stay in Scarborough.


Wow how wonderful. I would love to be able to do that. Hubby not well and needs 24/7 care,which I do. Used to do it when my bestie was alive we would just go to her vacation home and RELAX. The food looks awesome and so do the surroundings. Enjoy to the fullest your little sojourn.

Lyn Britton

My home. Welcome to Scarborough. Can I recommend you jump on an open top bus tomorrow and check out the North Bay Beach. I much prefer ot to the South Side. It has a wilder more nature feel to it. And while on that side of town, check out Peasholm Park, and more importantly, The Glen. Beautiful trees, ponds streams and waterfalls, beautiful colours at this time of year. Have a fabulous stay xx

Debbi Robertson

It's so important to be kind to yourself. I know you'll enjoy every single minute!

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