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September 27, 2023


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I’m so glad you are doing Blogtober again. I love reading your news/ideas every day. Thanks 😘


My thoughts and hugs are with you Lucy ❤️. Wishing you all the best in Dorset xxxxx


Love and best wishes to you Lucy, and the rest of your family.
You know we'll always be here for you!
Looking forward to seeing the new pattern :)


A stunning blanket, such energy and light, I love it. So sorry things are difficult with your dad, I am sending my very best wishes to you both. CJ xx


Hope your trip to Dorset goes as well as can be expected. Looking forward to blogtober and new blanket


A stunning blanket, such energy and light, I love it. So sorry things are difficult with your dad, I am sending my very best wishes to you both. CJ xx

Linda from Boston

Loving thoughts sending your way. Life sure isn’t easy.
Can’t wait to hear about your new blanket. Glad there’s a striped
version. Squares aren’t my thing!

Lynn Hind

Dear Lucy can fully sympathise with you regarding your dear dad, dementia robs a person and the family in so many ways, they are lost but still here, which is unbelievably cruel. You can only do your very best and no regrets because there can never be any blame, because its out of love whsteverbeeds doing. I'm so looking forward to the new blanket I'll probably do a stripe and a square ...that's winter sorted lol take care and keep faith Lucy xx


Omg I love this blanket omg omg omg!!!
Yes dementia sucks so hard so upsetting hang in there we are😥

Nora McGrann

Lucy you are always so generous with your time.. You've had your own concerns but give all of us such a lift in spirits..
I've not been doing any crochet recently.. But ALWAYS enjoy your blogs..

So sorry about your Dad.. A lot for you to handle..
Please take care of yourself..

Gorgeous blanket.. Beautiful colours.. Xx


My mum suffers from dementia and your blog and patterns have certainly helped to keep me sane over the past few year.
It’s a very cruel disease.
Have a safe trip.
Love the new blanket. Thank you for all the hard work you put into all your gorgeous and easy to follow patterns and pictures.
Take care
Sandra xxx


Love the Starbright blanket, the colours are amazing together. Take care of yourself Lucy, life sure isn’t easy at times. X


Yes, dementia really sucks, it sucks the life out of everyone affected, such a cruel disease.
I hope you can do what you have to do, I understand from personal experience. It is not easy. Xx


You will do the best you can with the information you have now. <3 Wishing both of you peace during this time together.

A giant pile of rubbish indeed! Sending good thoughts your way, always.


You are lovely, truly.
Thank you for the love you spread.


It looks a lovely blanket you have designed for us Lucy. Sorry you are having a difficult time at the moment dementia is a truly horrible thing for people and their loved ones to deal with I don’t think there are many families that don’t have someone in their family going through the same thing or know someone that has I am sure I can say everyone’s thoughts and understanding are with you. Take care of yourself Lucy and thank you for another lovely pattern for us all to enjoy.

Janet Malcolm

Love the new blanket Lucy colours are great . Good luck with your Dad , such a worry , can’t wait for the pattern .❤️


It blows my mind that you think to write to us when you’ve got such big events going on for you. Hope you have a safe journey and all goes well with your Dad. Your Starbright blanket is beautiful and I look forward to hearing all about its story. Take care. Xxx


Love the bag. So beautiful

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