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July 18, 2023


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Mette Hagesæter

Hi! I had follow your blog for many years, and It's always exiting to read about your adventures in crochet lives and about your family.However, I tried to find your autumn wreath in your archives, but could`t find any wreths. Please help! I wish you a creative autumn!

Patricia A

Excited for you finding your creative side once more.
Know that lack of creating well.
Stay well. Being busy doesn't seem to affect my creativity, but being unwell certainly does.
Love to see all your work.
I keep recommending your blog site to new crocheters and people who ask about putting colours together.

Marili Souza Pereira Bezerra

Realmente a vida é maravilhosa. Um presente que devemos desembrulhar com cuidado, alegria e gratidão.
Um beijo grande para vc Lucy e obrigada por me fazer tão, tão feliz com suas postagens.

Linda Spooner

Oh my!! I envy your youth. I look back and I know how precious being young is. I truly enjoy listening to you. I am glad you are putting down (so to speak)on paper your adventures and also sharing with us. Thank you for what you do. I hope you continue for a long time. You touch so many lives with your words and we who are cooped up in small apartments are allowed to glimpse a small part of what you say and do. Thank you for what you do. Hello, from Texas, USA. Linda


Peace and solitude is VERY helpful to a creative soul I think. I have heard such wonderful things about Madeira including how green and full of plants it is that it is very near the top of places I'd love to visit. Glad you had such a good time. 369 photos sounds fairly restrained to me :) CJ xx


An island get away with stitching, perfect! And love your colorful project.


The pictures from Madeira are lovely, and I am excited that you will be sharing more about your trip and the gorgeousness that is Madeira. But you know what? My favorite photo is of the river, and the trees, and all the beautiful green of your very own Bolton Abbey. There really and truly is no place like home. And that spark? It's always there. It's just that, sometimes, it needs to lie low and take it all in. The well needs to be refreshed, so to speak. But it always comes roaring back, because when you got it, you got it. And you definitely have it!


The stripy colours in that pouch are off the chart! Love them so much! I envy your wonderful trip to Madeira. What joy. And you get to return soon! How often do we come back feom holidays and yearn to return... and you get to do that so soon! Xox

Kristine S

L💖VE your blogs xxxxx Love your enthusiasm❣️

carolyn Jackson.

Sounds great, I would loved to have been there and enjoy your class. I will have a go at the lovely purse you are doing. I always enjoy reading you entries and your patterns etc are always so easy to find and much enjoyed. Thankyou for being you and so helpful. Pouring here in NZ today, not our usual weather at all. Cheers Carolyn.

laura k- from the crochet ladies of france

ordered my pouches to come in the mail this weekend- Im ready for your tutorial when you are ready to post it.... excited!!!! and feeling very appreciative of all that you do


Ah... que agradável, ler seus post. Obrigada


My goodness! I love visiting you here! Your week away sharing your talent and wisdom looks amazing. What a beautiful place! That view! And I so love your intentional living, my friend. I am inspired to do the same here in Pennsylvania, although it seems a world away from the beauty of your world. Thank you for sharing!

Ann Bartram

Love reading your blogs. Thank you for not spoiling the surprise. I too am joining you at the September retreat. 🌞 🧶

Seaside Karen

Madeira sounds wonderful, and how lovely that you get to enjoy it again in September!
Hope you have a lovely family holiday. Our family are here in St Anne’s for the annual family gathering this weekend. We have a beach hut and a family sportsday planned on Monday. 13 of us, and rain forecast! I'll need a big lie down after that!!


Welcome back, Lucy! So nice to hear the Madeira trip went well and you have regained your creativity! Enjoy the family holiday and I look forward to reading more about Madeira, it's a place that's always fascinated me.


Have a lovely family holiday Looking forward to the crochet pouch tutorial.Which stitch are you using so I can practice and be ready for this project ? Thankyou


This a lovely colourful post. Madeira is a stunning isle for sure <3

Gillian Edwards

So pleased to have you back Lucy. I love those zippy bags. Can't wait to make one. Have a lovely family time away x


It is so good to have you back. 💕xx


Glad to have you back but so thrilled your creative career has taken off so well!
Keep creating and challenging my skills!
Thanks Lucy.

Libby Parker

Your trip to Madeira sounds delightful! And you get to go again!! I look forward to your coming tutorial for the crochet bags. They sound like perfect holiday treat bags and shouldn't take long to do up.


I’m all kinds of envious of people having a crochet holiday with you.. sounds wonderful! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your Madeira trip. Love that you have your spark back, I can see why you would worry. We have just got back from a wonderful busy vibrant visit to Amsterdam, what a fabulous place that is! X


Wow, sounds like a great time away in Madeira & look forward to your photos roundup. Ah.....Bolton Abbey is great to clear the head & wind down after a trip, somewhere we always go first after flying over from Oz........maybe again one day (I wish). The little pouches look good so far & fling some of that mojo my way please....this year has definitely been on the slow side here too. Thanks for posting & hope this actually shows up as the last 2 comments haven't. Think I need some updating on the tech side of things. Take care & hugs from a damp/cold old down under.

Jan Kelway

Love the Madeira pics, I’m so looking forward to joining you there in Sept! What a fabulous place to sit and crochet while admiring that view.

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