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June 29, 2023


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Hello Lucy, thank you for a lovely post. How can it be 30th June already. I am just home from a lovely few days in Largs, Scotland lovely long evenings there! Craft wise I have just finished some socks to and have a slipover started. Also I'm knitting Noah who's a horse, he's sitting on the back of my sofa in just a t-shirt as I still have to knit him some dungarees!!


Hello! I so enjoyed your words and photos this morning, way over here in Pennsylvania. I love joining you on your walks and marveling at the beauty of your world. Here we are experiencing the most dense smoke from the wildfires in Canada. The air quality is so poor we are advised to stay inside. In any case, I am enjoying the beautiful days, for as you said, they are growing shorter. Have a cozy day!

Nancy H

It was nice to see someone else who feels as I do about summer solstice. I hate that the days now get shorter.

Steph Mallon

Good morning Lucy, I've really loved reading your post whilst eating my breakfast. You're posts are such a tonic and I love going on your walks with you too. Visiting the bakery is such a special thing to do and long may it continue :) It reminded me of France where we love to go in our campervan, Wilmur. We're going in October this year to Carcassonne and can't wait. We were supposed to go last year but it was way too hot to visit and appreciate those cobbled streets (it was August). Have a super lovely time in Madeira and I'm very much looking forward to your blog post from there. Happy crocheting xxx

Anna-Karin (from Sweden)

What a lovely June you had. Here in southern Sweden it has also been so hot and dry, but the last week the rain has finally come. I say finally, because it was really needed, even if it's a little sad when that summer heat you want isn't there. But it will come again soon. The benefit is that you can sit inside and crochet and knit without feeling that you should actually be outside ;)
Always lovely to see your pictures and read your words :)
Love from Anna-Karin


My sonofaguns love when I buy them croissants. I might pick a bag from a little french cafe in Flinders Lane in the Melbourne CBD after my french class or even every now and then from the local supermarket. They amble out from behind their devices, join me at the table and we all have teas or hot chocolates and slather butter or jam in our own little ritual. Love that you're soaking up that summery goodness. I hope the days drag out long and warm for months yet!

Sue Woodhouse

What a brilliant June. I was on the outer Hebrides and the sunsets 🌅 were amazing. Did you see sewing bee program where they upcycled crochet blankets? Some beautiful blankets seemed a shame but they did create very clever outfits. Here’s to a sunny July. Enjoy the retreat. X

Debbi Robertson

Oh,Lucy,you NEVER let us down! Your words are always uplifting, regardless of whether or not they happen to be taking us on a creative journey. I loved seeing Tilly cosy in the sunshine again, I've missed her! And I've learned a new word lately that is totally me and I know you'll appreciate: Pluviophile. A person who enjoys rain and rainy days, and who is fascinated by the sights, sounds, etc. of rain. How perfect is that? Totally!
Sending love.

Jan Heywood

Hey Lucy… wonderful blog, as ever!!
The sweet peas are gorgeous!
Petrichor is the name for what you smell when it rains after a long hot spell… it is a lovely word for a lovely smell, we had it here in Winchester, Hampshire.
Excitedly awaiting the CAL. ❤️💙💚💛🧡🩵

Linda Carpenter

We have had some lovely rain here in normally dry Colorado, USA and it's so refreshing. I admit I keep hoping to see a glimpse of the next blanket, can't wait. I finished my Fireside and everyone who sees it thinks its fabulous. I do too, when the sun shines on it, it just glows.

Linda from Boston

That sky picture is so interesting. I’ve never seen anything like it. Glad someone is having good weather. Here in New England it’s been so humid and always under a threat of rain for the last week. It’s like living in a rain forest. I’ve been working on a Woodland Ripple blanket with assorted colors to keep me busy. Just had a yarn delivery from Wool Warehouse this afternoon!!! All new balls of yarn!!! Good thing cuz more of the same weather is predicted for next week!! Ugh.

Maggie Huntine

Here in Michigan in the US we’ve been under a smoky haze from the Canadian wildfires for most of the week so I’m doubly envious of the beautiful clear skies you’ve had.

The air is expected to be clearer tomorrow, which is good because I ate my last bit of chocolate with lunch today and it’s time for grocery shopping!

Bonnie K.

My husband likes to tease me about the days growing shorter. What is it with our guys? Oh well, they are still good company.


Beautiful photos as always, Lucy. Thank you! That sky in the final picture is glorious.
I too am having a strange year, craftwise. I've found myself turning to finishing things that have been half done, then put away to start on something new.
Last night I watched an amazing red moon set around 1.30am. Something to do with sand in the atmosphere, I think.
Keep making memories. One day it's all the children will have left!

Spécialiste de l'Éphémère

I have 4 grown ups, and i can tell you that "small" things like getting them croissants on friday mornings is the kind of thing they remember!

It's always a huge pleasure for me to see pictures of my beloved and enchanted kingdom! Not born there... but it's definitely a mistake of nature ;-)

So glad to see that you enjoy it!

Jane Dorfman

What a wonderful summer you are having. Great photos.

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