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June 29, 2023


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Kathy Stewart

I'm sorry I'm late, but haven't been well. I also fell and broke 3 ribs and was in the hospital for a month. I love a your photos and read all your blogs.


It sounds like your kitty is quite the expert at finding the best spots to beat the heat! 😺 Lounging all over the furniture and seeking refuge under your bed must be her way of staying comfortable during these hot days. Cats have an uncanny ability to discover the coolest nooks. Stay cool, both you and your furry friend!

Sue Floyd

Another epic post! I love your blog, and I've been without a tablet for a few weeks, but i finally caved and got a new one. Your blog made it worthwhile and just reminded me of how important it is to smell the...roses, coffee, sweet peas, you know what I mean. Thanks for being you Lucy!

Marili Souza Pereira Bezerra

Lucy, gratidão pelo lindo post. Amoooooo. Meu coração fica quentinho e feliz. Viajo através de seus olhos e descrição dos lugares e acontecimentos que vc vai mostrando e contando. Muito obrigada. Amo tudo. Vejo vc como uma fada e amo isso. Gratidão. Aqui no Brasil é inverno mas, o Sol está lindo também. Beijos


How nice to catch up with you again. I absolutely love the sky picture at the end! Xx


This is just so lovely all around. Your talk of refreshment reminds of just how much I tend to centre a nice drink treat in my life these days. So satisfying.

Gaye Brodie

What a wonderful long blog for the month of June. Such beautiful photos and lovely to hear about day to day goings on in your part of the world. I live in a village in the South Coast of Australia and longingly look at your summertime. But as we had the winter solstice its all up for me!! At the moment today we have blue blue skies not a cloud to see, however we have 60Kmh winds, gusting to 90-100Kmh!!! So it is definately very blustery weather. Just hoping my roof stays on. I learnt to crochet from your blog and fantastic illustrated instructions, even as a left hander I found them easy to follow. I have made two blankets now and even though they have a definite slightly wonky look, my daughter says she absolutely loves them. Thank you so much. Gaye


I always love the beautiful spots you get to walk..... Thankyou for sharing......

Toni D Frye

I'm looking for the yarn kit for the Cable and Bobble Stitch blanket.

Thank you, Toni


It's been glorious out there hasn't it, the long evenings are utterly divine aren't they, I want to preserve them somehow. A bit of a small slump here at the moment, but hopefully I will plough through it and out the other side. Your post has been absolutely lovely to read, thank you. You always capture the seasons so beautifully, especially summer. CJ xx


Hello! I'm just starting up again reading your blog. Please excuse any grammatical or spelling or any other weird writing. I had a stroke last year, leaving me with aphasia (so frustrating).

I first started reading your blog, oh...maybe...15 years ago? Love reading it, looking at your projects, and photos from your walks. I believe you were in Yorkshire? I had ancestors from that area, mostly in Bradford and Haworth, and came to the United States about 1850, so your photos give me a good idea of where they came from.

The Little People must be all grown up now, or close. How old are they?

Do you have any problems with ticks where you live? It's terrible here (Ithaca, New York). My son got Lyme disease last fall and I never knew how bad it could be. He was very sick and was in hospital for a month, mostly unconscious, and even requiring emergency surgery. Now I'm afraid to go outside!

I had forgotten how happy your photos make me. Thank you 🙏🏻


I spent a good chunk of June in Ireland on an unexpected free trip! I love traveling across the pond and would love to visit England again (it’s been twelve years😢). I love reading your blog—I, too, had a parent with dementia. My heart really goes out to you. Keep creating and inspiring! Thank you for your openness!

Carol Green

Love reading your blog Lucy and hearing all about where you live. I’d love to visit one day. Especially love your summer ramblings as it’s so cold here in Sydney, Australia, at the moment. So lucky though most days we have beautiful sunshine and try to make the most of it. We’re just about to have a new bakery open so will think of you and take a walk there to try their croissants. My favourites here are almond.


Oh, what I wouldn't give for your lush greenery! It is so beautiful and so very soothing. May and June here in SoCal are very pleasant, but come July? Mother Nature turns more impish than your J and cranks up the thermostat! It has been hot, miserably hot, and will continue to be miserably hot through at least the end of October. It's also fire season. So far, so good on that front—but it is early in the season. I haven't crocheted in well over a year. It doesn't bother me. It is good to lie fallow for awhile. I am beginning to feel the stirrings, so I suspect I will be at it again before long. We were at the nursery today, and I picked up a plumeria. I have wanted to try growing one for quite awhile, and they were on sale for a very good price. We'll see how it goes. This is a holiday weekend for us in the States, so there are lots of backyard barbeques, family reunions, and fireworks going on. It's a happy time. Enjoy your trip to Madeira! Be sure to tell us all about it, and take lots of pictures.


June has been a bit of a stinker here unfortunately:(
The hot weather really doesn't suit us at all and I hate not being able to do anything because of how wet and sticky my hands get! And if that wasn't enough, we've all had Covid, which has not been a pleasant experience at all! There has been lots of flowers though, and we too had a thunderclap louder than anything we've heard before, and that was during a storm with over an hour of loud, constant rumbling! I do hope July is better.

Joan Combes

Hi Lucy really enjoying your blog only just found it!
I am crocheting small items for RAOCK (random acts of Crochet Kindness) to leave for people to find hoping to brighten their day.
Would it be acceptable to you if I mentioned your site on their facebook page as a source of written patterns for those among us who have difficulty following utube and need written instructions for crochet?
thank you


I just love reading your blogs and seeing your beautiful countryside/photod
Its been awful dry here and so hot hot (heathrow surrey) but at last we had rain and omg the air is so fresh.
Thankyou so so much for sharing!


I had not crocheted for over 25 years until I found your blog. I started once again and made a small blue blanket in my very old 40+ years pattern. I was so pleased that I started a small crib blanket in the Linen stitch. I’m unable to do intricate patterns because of a tiny stroke I had years ago. Anyway, I made 3 crib blankets and tomorrow we head out to a Indian reservation in South Dakota to deliver my small crochet blankets and tons of other items. So thank you for getting me going once again on crocheting. I also made about 40 wash cloths in various cotton yarn. I will never be a artist like you but I’m quite content with what I can do to help impoverished people. Especially children. Thank you for your beautiful pictures and your story, I would love to live where you are. Maybe someday?

Sharon Sellens (nee Rickets)

How wonderful to read such an uplifting snd joyous post from you, Lucy 🥰🌞
I'll be in Malhamdale for a week from July 14th, will you still be in Madeira then? It would be great to catch up again.
Big hugs, Cuz xx


Such another lovely blog post Lucy! Whenever I see you gathering elder flowers I always wonder if I could get them here. I think the trees are around in NZ but not in my area. I'm not sure they grow that well here, could be too hot maybe?

My good news is I finally finished studying this week!!!! Oh what a hard slog that was for 3 1/2 years and quite soul destroying to be honest. Even though I was studying a subject I'm passionate about the deadlines and work load totally took the fun out of it. Anyhow I have been very fortunate to have been able to do it and now I have a new career path to start on at the age of 56.

It's the middle of winter here but I'm getting excited about what flower seeds I'm going to sow in spring and I'm excited about getting into our vege garden. The garden has been ignored whilst I've been studying.

Thank you for your lovely post. I hope all is well. Angela 🥰❤️

Karen Dodgson

Ooh the clouds in that last photo! They are mesmerising! Could you make that sky on blanket form I wonder? Maybe variegated blue and white with little random crochet Pom Pom type balls bobbing about on it….I can feel myself lying amongst the clouds on it just thinking about it!
Hope Madeira is wonderful xx

Jan Kelway

A lovely chatty post Lucy. I was in your part of the world for 2 weeks this month, exploring the Yorkshire Dales in my campervan. What a beautiful area! I visited Bolton Abbey, Grassington, Skipton (on a Sat to voee the market!), Settle and Ingleton, lots of walking was done making the most of the gorgeous weather. Now back in Devon where we’ve had drizzly rain all day today, the gardens really need a good storm though not just drizzle.


Loving this sunny weather too, great for our local carnival. Beautiful pictures as usual


Your blog is so fun to read - lifts the spirits! Your pictures are always so lovely too! Thank you for sharing your days with us :)


What a deliciously evocative post. Thanks for sharing your June journey.

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