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May 26, 2023


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Black Abayas

such a beautiful place

Cathy Tucker


Angela Clifford

This looks like a dream.


Sorry about the situation with your dad. Be grateful for your crochet as it is a wonderful diversion. Your photos are lovely!


Coming back here after a long absence, and incredibly impressed, moved, humbled that you are still producing such heartfelt beauty after such a long time, so many changes and when things are obviously difficult elsewhere in your life.

My brother, who suffered from dementia, passed away recently, at not quite 80. It is so hard, when they are still there but less and less there, and with so much uncertainty. His passing was in some ways a relief, the situation was getting less and less manageable, especially for my niece who was his carer, yet it was also still so sad, complicated and bittersweet. I miss him but try to rest in the many good memories.


Oh my such beautiful photos x
The dementia road is a hard one my parents and my partners parents have gone down that road only one left now and incredibly is in a residential home and she loves it! We did not expect that😁. Big hugs to you x
We have enjoyed some beautiful walks with our dogs and I spent yesterday in the garden anytime indoors was spent making granny squares for a blanket.
Cant wait to see your next design.


How funny that your photos here are identical to the ones I took myself just a few weeks ago including a photo of a sweet ladybug who was resting on the leaf of a tree in the main street. I'm so very sorry to hear that this week has not been great for you. Typed words cant adequately convey this, nor replace a comforting hug.The 'greenwashing' can help a little even if it can't completely fix everything. Xox


Loving the lushness, you have snapped in the beautiful dales. Thank you. I'm feeling for you with being far from Dorset & things not going well. Take care & hugs.


I love the brilliant shades of spring green. Glad you can find some solace walking at this stressful time. Very much looking forward to seeing your next project


That's a gorgeous walk. Your wild garlic and bluebells are way behind ours in the Midlands. Did you know the garlic flowers are delicious? Sorry to hear things are not so good in Dorset, but good that glorious May and your crochet are taking your mind off things a little. C xx


Oh Lucy I hope all is well in Dorset. You must feel so out of control being so far away. Just take each day as it comes, it will be ok. What beautiful pictures, May is such a sweet one! It has been fabulous in Leeds, I’ve put a wash on each day just to use up the sunshine!! Glad you are feeling so joyful. X x x

Sally Spragg

Love all the green lushousness! Great your crochet mo is back, Can’t wait to see what’s coming next! Dorset will be what it will be! Hugsxx

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