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May 10, 2023


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Lesley Drayton

Good morning Lucy

I’m sorry to bother you with a very outdated request but I wonder if you could help me with an issue I have with the Blooming Flower Cushion.

I have made it several times and it is a great pattern but my petals always come out curved inwards rather than facing outward like yours.
It isn’t a bad look but I would like to know why I can’t achieve the same finished article as you.
Are you able to help please? I would send a photo but it doesn’t seem possible through this message.
Thanks for continuing to lighten my life with your friendly blog, gorgeous photos and fabulous patterns.
All good wishes

Lesley x


In all the years I have been reading your posts and enjoying your sense of the world - the colors, sights, and sounds around you - you have never failed to make me feel peace and calm. Thank you for the enjoyment you provide to us all!

diane willard

I have read your post for years. Love seeing you come up with new patterns and color choice. Especially like enjoying what you see on your walks. I cannot believe the children have grown up so. But there are still walks on the canal. Did you quit camping? Or no time for everyone to go? Thank you so much for sharing your corner of the world. One day when I get to visit your area, I will say. Oh, I saw this on Lucy's blog. Thank you again.


Hello Lucy, like many others before me your blog has opened the door to the joyous activity of crochet. After taking some time to choose (very tricky!) I’m making the Cupcake Blanket for my daughter. Thank you for your work.


I love your opening thoughts about the goodness of a slow, boring life. :) So encouraging!


Your first paragraph sums up my very happy, contented mundane life. I love the gentle ease of everyday simple pleasures. I cook, I clean and of course crochet. I’m almost 70 and so enjoy the calmness of my life. There is something to be said for the simple life.


My hubs and I are a few years ahead of you and are truly empty nesters. We enjoy their visits and visiting them however; are also enjoying this slower living!

Love your colorful pics.

Megan Drennan

A truly beautiful post to be remembered. Exactly echoed my own opinions of life as I've also lived it.
Being now retired from teaching 5/6 year olds while bringing up my own four children I truly appreciate all you have said...spent an hour in our little Victorian park in Llandudno yesterday admiring the wonderful copper beech trees in full blossom and never even noticed the time passing. That's contentment.
If everyone all over the world lived little boring but contented lives how good would that be? "Imagine" as John Lennon put it. Keep "boring" us with your life please!


I absolutely agree about enjoying the normal days. It's a gift to appreciate them so much I think. I can be ridiculously happy about a very ordinary day, especially at this time of year when everything outside is so green and glorious. I hope you have a lovely weekend, CJ xx

Claire Hayden

Dear Lucy, it really is the simple things in life that make me happy too.
I watched the Coronation on the tv with my wonderful friend and we had food and a drink to mark the occasion. It was so lovely to have her company, we really enjoyed the footage.
Enjoy all the fresh greenery of the season. I absolutely love this time of year. All the best Claire x


I love reading your stories Lucy, they make me feel relaxed. Life is so hectic these days, it's great to be able to slow down and catch our breath. Love gathering together with friends to knit/crochet, drink coffee and eat cake. So good for the soul. Keep up with your beautiful blogs.
As for the Coronation, watched it on the telly, which was on all day ! Found parts very emotional, loved it. God Bless The King and Queen x


Ah, Lucy, you have written a lot of posts, and I have read every last one of them. But this one? This one has to be my favorite. It resonates. For years I have said that I lead a very boring life. But I like my boring, peaceful, quiet life. I make things. I read. I garden. I work on my house. I love doing all those things. And I'll tell you a secret. I'm not boring. Almost no one is. Everyone has their stories and their experiences. I find those stories and experiences fascinating. Remember the old Chinese curse? "May you lead an interesting life"? Well, I want no part of it. I'll take peaceful and contented any day. Thank you for a wonderful post with beautiful pictures. The stream (below the paragraph for Caffé Nero), almost made my heart stop, it is soooooo pretty.

Corinna Mazzotta

I love the way you describe your life Lucy - it's a life I aspire to but haven't yet managed to attain! Partly I think down to where I live and needing to get in the car to reach the woods or a café. ☹️

Unfortunately I spent most of the Coronation weekend feeling rough, so despite managing to share watching the ceremony at a party with friends (including several Americans who were intrigued by all the pomp & tradition), I missed the chance to have a go at bell-ringing in our local tower and our Big Help Out litter pick on Monday.
Still struggling to recover from this cold, and the damp, chilly weather isn't helping! Hoping the sun and warmer days arrive soon. In the meantime, thank you for your lovely blog posts. I do so enjoy reading about your life. 😊


" I think living a slow, contented and ever so slightly boring life is very underrated in terms of the happiness it delivers. "

Yes, this! You have expressed so beautifully what I feel, and this is why your blog resonates so clearly with me. For so many years I was too busy by necessity, but now I can relax and enjoy each day as it comes. Who cares if I'm not doing anything others would consider impressive? I feel content and satisfied with my life, and reading your blog and seeing your amazing photos contributes to that. Thank you!


I'm a first time commenter on your blog but have followed you for quite some time. I just love the honesty and simplicity of your post today. I do not work outside the home and try to lead a very simple life, why do I feel guilty about it? Most of my friends still work and when they ask what I've been up to I feel guilty telling them not much of anything. Your post tells me it's OK to live a simple life. I live in the US and have traveled to France, Germany, Austria and Hungary. Reading your blog takes me back to all of the wonderful places I've visited. Thank you...


Hi Lucy! It's lovely to hear about your wonderful weekend. So glad that you had a great time at the street party. I'm just loving those tulips on your table! Unfortunately my weekends for the last 3 years have been spent studying all weekend every weekend 😭 I'm so grateful that I've got an opportunity to study my passion which will give me the ability to have a profession that I'm passionate about but it is oh so hard! To finish on a positive note I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to when I graduate next month. Well first and foremost I'm looking forward to being able to spend more time with my 23 year old daughter. We are best friends and always have a great laugh together. I'm looking forward to picking up my knitting and crochet 🧶 again as well as looking after my garden 🪻🌸🌻. I'm also looking forward to a slow pace of life again such as what you spoke about 😊 Not long to go now, the end of June is getting near!!! Thank you for your lovely post Lucy 😍 Have a wonderful week 😊🥰


I love the slow pace of life once the children hsve fled the nest. I have neighbours busy all the time with young children even aftet school whizzin off to clubs. Even the fsmilies with babys go to clubs these days. It wears me out just watching them.
We were glued to the tv on saturday watching the coronation was so lovely love our history.
Pottered in garden Sunday talking to neighbours about the coronation snd more walkies was lovely.


Absolutely agree re the slow, contented, ever so slightly boring life.
My partner and I retired from the workforce somewhat early at the end of last year, and despite having to be careful with money since no pension or other income yet, I am LOVING my slow, gentle, not very exciting (to others) life.
There’s oodles of time for walks, bike rides, slow cooking and baking (the kind I never had time for before), and lots and lots of making - quilting, stitching, and now crochet, thanks to your lovely colour combinations and patterns!
I have never been happier, and my simple but very rich life makes me count my blessings every day, and wonder why more folk don’t try it instead of chasing more, more, more…

Judy from Australia

I love this post so much...I love seeing people being completely honest about their lives.....we live in such a busy world and it sometimes feels that you have to be so busy to have a content life....I think if more people saw the wonder in their slower way of life it would be a great thing especially on social media.


Sounds like you are enjoying life & when you mention Coopers Cafe, memories come flooding back of meeting you there. Wow, a street party, how lovely. Glad your weather is warming, just as ours is behaving miserably. Take care & hugs from down under.

Janice Fox

I felt there was going to be
A blue bell wood,with a duck pond, together with a Pimms streaked evening sky blanket....!

I haven't finished the current blanket, now my daughter hints at Sweet Pea one.

Gawd I'm hooked. 😘


We arrived to our airbnb cottage near Cambridge towards early evening just as the residents of the street including our hosts were packing up from their street celebrations and many of them were pleasantly sozzled! Including a farmer making his way home in a slightly wibbley-wobbley fashion! Glad to hear you all had a lovely afternoon of community fun together! Xox

Sheila OMarah

There is nothing wrong with slow, contented and slightly boring. If it makes you happy then go for it. If more people enjoyed that kind of life then it would be a much better world I think. Love reading your blogs Lucy. X


The best thing I've heard for ages is of someone living a slow, contented and ever so slightly boring life with happiness and gratitude. Thanks for making my day, Lucy!
You're right, it's VERY underrated! Cx

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