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May 23, 2023


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I’m sitting here with a smile on my face reading your blog; I sat on the same bench in the High Street two months ago after visiting the art shop and the cheese shop 😊
We went to WestBay too, no paddling because it was a really stormy day, we must go back soon.


Hi dear, may I ask you why your children didn't come for grandpa's birthday? I think it would have been important for him but also for them. How can they spend years without visiting him? _It is very sad not to have time. I would like to have had more time with my beloved mum...


Lovely pictures, as usual. and I can identify totally with your journeys and returning to your childhood home. Until last year when my mum moved to a nursing home nearby, I was travelling for 5 to 6 hours to see her, every 3 to 4 weeks, staying in the house we had always lived in. What a wrench now that I’m not doing it anymore, I miss my home town. My lovely Mum barely remembers it now, even though she knows people. Memory is so strange.
Look after yourself Lucy x


I had such a smile on my face, reading your account of your visit. I, too, love the sea, and live far away from it now. It actually hurts sometimes, I miss it so. Your photos are really wonderful! I think my favorite is the one with the beautiful light (and the pretty house), followed quickly by the brick house covered in wisteria -- so lovely. Hang on to that positive attitude, it's serving you well (and no, your post did not come across as gloomy). Savoring my frothy cup of coffee whilst checking in with my friend Lucy before going upstairs to finish getting ready for work. Cheers!


Its always lovely reading your blog and seeing the photos no matter where you are or what you are doing. We get to see another part of the world.



Hi Lucy, I absolutely enjoy reading your blogs and seeing all the lovely photos you put up of where you live & places you visit. I also have made many of your blankets and a big thank you for your patterns & instructions. I understand about the journey you are on with your dad. My dear Mum had dementia & now another close family member, it’s a journey with them , treasure the good times & memories. I plan to visit the UK again next year. My Mum was born in London & my Grandfather was Welsh, so I have always loved the UK and planning to visit your area again . Regards Diane from Newcastle NSW


Thank you for sharing this with us. Sadly my Dad developed Dementia (although he passed away with Covid) and I agree its a little unpredictable. Love your blog posts they brighten my day x


Keep writing Lucy. The ups and downs in life is what is real. Thank you.


I love everything you share in your blog and to me it never seems boring. I feel as if I know you. Having lived part of my now long life in Yorkshire, I find your writing feels like being home. Here in my part of Australia, the seasons don’t have dramatic changes. When you described the evening light and the beautiful May greens and flowers, I was right there. I could practically smell the flowers.
I’m glad you were able to celebrate a happy 77th birthday with your dad and family.


Such dedication, a very lovely post & one I loved sharing with you. You are such a dedicated daughter & obviously very fond of your Dad.
77 blessings to you xx


Thank you for letting us tag along on your trip. Dorset is such a beautiful part of the world.

Emily Golden

Just popping by to thank you for sharing bits of your life via photos and words - lovely places and kind thoughts. Blessings to you!!


Another lovely post Lucy & although an emotional journey for you I can see you are a thoughtful & devoted daughter. The photos are super & always love seeing & hearing about your travels, out & about and in & around your home patch. Enjoy summer, take care & hugs from down under.

Jennie Craine

Ah, I feel you are truly hefted to that beach and that is where you are totally you again, for a little while. Dementia is so difficult to cope with but I am sure that you all made your dad's life almost normal for him again whilst you were with him.

Lovely socks btw.

Susan H

Always happy to see more photos of gorgeous Dorset, and so glad you had this special time with your family. Hugs from Chicago!


Although there is a sad undertone, that is life. It is one of the hardest things in the world to be losing someone as you are right there. It is like a death and one grieves. Thoughts and prayers with you. Glad you made it to the beach.


Love your pictures and writing about your lovely days in Dorset and the sea. My dear husband has Alzheimer’s but actually does very well. His doctor warns me that it’s a disease that goes up and down. I find it’s best to enjoy each day the best I can.


I'm glad you had some calm time in what is a stressful situation. It sounds like you all had a lovely birthday weekend.


I always love your posts about Dorset. The calm peacefulness of the surroundings and just being away from the everyday hustle and bustle are very soothing. It's good to get away every now and then, even vicariously.


Good you've been at Dad's again. Those visits will bring you peace of mind with the goodbye to your dad and how he was in the past. It is always now, take it one moment at a time. Good to be home again, eh ;>D

Robin Summers

I have an avid follower for many years now. I love all of your blogs and never feel that what you are writing isn't interesting. Your photos are all so beautiful. I feel I know you and the family even though we have never met. Lucy you have been a special tour guide and friend. I have made so many of your crochet creations! Thank you so much!


Looking after your Dad with such love and gentleness makes me think you have found another way in which you will be an inspiration to us all. Big hugs x

Paula Miller

Thank you, Lucy! I think your blog post makes you sound centered and with the ability to find happiness and beauty wherever you are. I, and I am sure many other of your followers, need to hear and are able to relate to your posts about your journey with your dad. Your dad is blessed to have such a loving daughter.


I love Westbay and also that you’re still knitting socks 🩷🩷 xx

Joann Felker

Dementia is sad and is best when you can share with others.
Always happy to hear your journey with you father.
You manage to see the beauty around you in nature . Take time for self care! It’s the best way to get through life

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