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May 02, 2023


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What a great post, and I really relate to missing the beach now that I no longer live near it. https://papas-freezeria.com/

Debra A Price Agrums Sposa

Living vicariously thru your blog posts is always a delight!

Jane G

Lucy- YOU HAVE TO BOOK ONE OF THE BEACH HUTS AT LYTHAM!! You rent them for the day- and you have them from morning to midnight- and honestly, late evening beaching, watching the sunset is the biggest treat. They have electricity, heaters, little mini kitchens with a fridge so you can brew up, chill wine and prep simple food. Plus you have access to a private loo super close by- bonus!
I can’t tell you how much we adore the huts at Lytham - they make for the BEST beach day out. I’ve been in one in the searing heat of last summer, and also in a howling wild winter storm- both experiences were equally fab :)


Brilliant photos, as always, Lucy 😊 I've lived in the South Shore area of Blackpool for nearly seven years, and have never seen the tide in at St Anne's when we go walking there, so well done for getting a photo of it!
I prefer St Anne's too - Lytham is far too "designer handbag" for me xx


We love making a once or twice yearly pilgrimage to my parents place which is at a beautiful village called Mollymook. The beaches are amazing. The water is blue and I can sit there for hours looking out to sea and breathing the salty air. There are some beaches just 20 mins from home but they are port beaches and don't quite have the same appeal! Xox

Anna-Karin (from Sweden)

Oh, what a lovely Date! :)
I just love spending time at the beach, but here in Sweden, we dont have the tides, so it is really "exciting" to se all your photos, and almost experience the tide this way! Thank you for sharing! :)

Debbi Robertson

I love that you share so much of your discoveries with us. I've been looking at Maggy Howarth's site, and oh my goodness, what a talent, indeed! I've always wanted to create a stepping stone (or two) for my own garden, and her site is providing such inspiration. Thank you for that!
I grew up and spent most of my life in Hawai'i, so your call to the sea is very much a part of my heart and soul as well. I do believe it's the most precious place on Earth. Sending you love. . .


I'm so glad you had such a lovely day! The beach looks really lovely. I love the pic showing the wide expanse of the sand and sky 😍 Sounds like this day was very healing for soul, much needed I'm sure. Thank you so much for brightening our days Lucy!🙂

Karen Dodgson

Ah Lucy, I am so glad you found the cafe and that it was just right for your day at the sea. And I quite agree, St Anne’s is much more “us” too!
I have often sat at that bench (well, I think during lockdown we sat on ALL the benches!!) and I often volunteer at the little RNLI shop near there. You’ll have to try and time your next visit when the tide is deeper….I promise we do sometimes have the sea in walking distance!


Really please that you and J had such a lovely day out. Your breakfast looks amazing, and Maggy's mosaic is gorgeous...I want one in my garden!


This sounds like a perfect seaside date for the two of you. I agree the pebble mosaic is a wonderful piece of artwork designed by a really talented artist.

Jane Dorfman

Your post makes me want to jump in the car. The real ocean is several hours away, perhaps I could make do with the Chesapeake Bay.


Lucky you! A relaxed day meandering near the sea with your beloved. Sounds darn near perfect to me! Especially the Monday part, and the sea part, and the beloved part. Yep. Perfect!


I always go to Google Maps to see where you have been. Ooooh, there you've been! I like to travel with you, as a seaside-born girl I understand your longings. I live deep in the East country too. It is such a treat you could go together <3


How lovely. I must add this to my list of places to visit. X

Susan Randle

Lovely post as always. Thank you for sharing xx


You might enjoy this book by Madeleleine Bunting called The Seaside: Englands Love Affair. I listened to a podcast called the bunker where they chatted to the author. (whose name could not be more perfect!)
I too am drawn to the sea. I live not to far from the coast in Western Australia and spend as much time at the beach as I can.


Thank you for sharing your day. These days out are very special, aren’t they, a real luxury. Coming from a seaside town originally , though I spent 20 landlocked years , I eventually returned to live by the coast, and really appreciate it x


Oh, what a lovely post & growing up near to the coast, it's something I miss these days too. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs from down under.


Awws so lovely

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