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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 14, 2023


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Thanks for sharing. It is tricky as family members get older.
I love your photos and words. A nice bit of normality when life is hard. X


It's lovely to walk with older children isn't it. I went for a walk with my middle boy on his birthday in February and it was such a glorious afternoon, perfect winter sun, we even sat outside a cafe for a coffee afterwards. I love the green at this time of year as well, so zingy and fresh, and the heaviness of the early summer green as well, I have to stop and exclaim about it every time I step outside. I've got a nasty cold as well at the moment and some low energy. Not really sure how to motivate myself and pick myself up as it were. But, onwards etc, I will just keep going through the motions and hope that I get back to all the enthusiasm. CJ xx


Thank you for sharing your news about your father and the toil it takes as his daughter who worries from afar and visits as often as possible. My parents and my inlaws all still alive (in their 80s) and one has dementia and the other three frail, cardiovascular disease, athritis. Everytime the phone rings I expect it to the call that one has fallen, etc. We live far away from both sets and try to visit twice a year, which means no real vacation.

All 4 are stubborn and want to remain independent as long as possible and I respect that, but it does not make it easy from our end. We are not in the position to move close to them, as nearing retirement ourselves and our nest egg not what it could be, especially if we need to paying for our parents care. But carry on as best as can with calls, care packages, etc. Crochet has been a wonderful meditative mindfulness practice. I have gotten back into quilting...just small crib quilts for friends children. We are in cherry blossom season here in Seattle, but it has been really cold and rainy which makes it pretty atmospheric. The pale pink look so lovely against the gray skies. Sharing our burden with others is necessary, even if only to have someone who listens and understands.


Hello, Lucy! It's Sunday morning here, around 2:30 a.m. I couln't sleep so I thought I would stop by and visit. Lovely post, as always, filled with beautiful pictures of your part of the world. Your neighbor's cherry tree is so pretty. I've always loved the word "cherry" too - so close to "cheery." The seasons are sometimes cruel tricksters. Just when you think spring has come to stay, it decides it needs a bit of a vacation and lets winter back in through the back door! I can do without that, thank you very much! Hope you feel truly well soon. It's always so nice to hear from you.


I’m a pink blossom fanatic too. Can’t get enough pink trees at this time of year. Enjoyed my beautiful glimpse of your Yorkshire life. Empathising about your dad and look forward as always too see photos from Dorset. One of my favourite counties. B x


Stuff the garlic odour and leap into that pesto girl! Garlic will give your immune system a much needed boost. And get yourself some elderberry syrup to keep you going, but plan to add a make of that to your recipe book later in the year. It’s bunged with vitamin c. Great reason to get out for a purposeful dander.

Hugs for the hurt of your dad’s situation. I live with a mum who has Alzheimer’s and it’s soul sucking at times, so it’s great you can get to visit and carry the load once in a while.

Thank you for sharing the beauties of spring. I’m in ulster and today night a few pots of ready to plant on sweet pea. Yeay!! Xx

Jenny S.

I found “The 36 Hour Day : A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss” by Mace and Rabins to be enormously helpful. I highly recommend it.


What a beautifully photo laden post, though I'm feeling for you with your Dad's dementia. I'll pop through an email later today. Take care of yourself, stay warm & hugs from a cool, wet down under.

Doris Bradshaw USA

I'm so happy to hear from you and wish you well. I love your posts and enjoy your wanderings and your pictures. It always surprises me when I see you curled up under blankets that I have not seen before. Dementia is a tough one. Thank you for giving Lady B a break. Caregiving is such a hard job.


I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well, I really miss your sweet simple stories. Dementia is awful,so hard on a family. I do wish you the best, and will remember you in my prayers.

My creative life

I meant to add to my previous comment, my late MIL always said if we have back to back illness or colds, then maybe we could benefit from a tonic. By this I don't mean vitamin tablets, but more of a liquid tonic eg Severn Sees used to sell an orange one, or there are others from Boots, Superdrug and Tesco. All the best, Cathy x

My creative life

Arh Lucy, it's good to hear your regular day to day love of life. I'm sorry that you're in the midst of sad times with your Dad's health. It's good that you can share the load with Lady B. Take care, Cathy x


Lucy- I’m kinda in the same family boat as my mom is deciding. She had a spell and ended up in hospital while I was traveling In Ecuador and Peru. It is hard to plan and enjoy and yet it is impossible not too…. I just wanted to say I so see and feel your balancing on the head of a pin. Share what you like. But know that when you tell your story it lightens your load and helps others feel less lonely too. Sending care- Laura k from California


Hello Lucy. So pleased to hear from you again. I kept popping in to see you as concerned as to how you were. It is awful to see our loved ones with dementia. Know only too well the heartache. I love reading your blogs and seeing all your beautiful photographs. I hope that all the love expressed from all your blog friends is of a comfort to you. Sending lots of love and pleased keep those blogs coming. Xxx

Sangeetha, Herts.

So nice to read and hear from you; I check in regularly and have made so many of your glorious and wonderfully-explained patterns, most recently the neat wave blanket and some of your flowers. Thank you so much.
I am currently making a granny square blanket of sunflowers which I am nearly getting tired of (72 squares made, 16 to go...) but I have been consulting your method of joining which I am determined to try when I am ready. Roll on spring...
Thank you for sharing your creativity, it is so appreciated.


Hi Lucy, Love to read your blog and taking me down memory’s lane. We are very fond of Yorkshire, especially the Dales, so your walks at Bolton Abbey and pictures of the moors rekindle happy holidays. Also, love your blankets and working my way through Harmony Squares using the Moorland kit. Thankyou for your creativity and inspiration.

Bonnie Knutsen

It makes me so happy to see your new post. I was afraid we had lost you. I’m sorry to hear you have another cold. Poor health can drain the spirit. It is wonderful you can get away to help with the care of your Dad. My daughter comes as often as she can and we are cheered by every visit.
I am about to start a blanket using one of your designs. All the details you give in your writing are so helpful. Thank you for all the wonderful patterns you have shared with us over the years.

Beth W

Your posts keep me company in early mornings while sipping a cup of coffee. Here in the Midwest (US), we got a blast of Summer temperatures for a few days and we are now back to Spring temps for the next week or so which I thoroughly enjoy. I am eagerly watching my seedlings grow and anticipating the last frost day approaching for my planting region (Farmers Almanac). This is the first year I am building out a flower garden and I am excited to see how it takes.

Janette Surtees

Your posts are always refreshingly real and down to earth, with insightful observations. Sending you encouragement and support. Also as I've been a carer and am still caring for my significantly disabled adult son, my advice would be 1. Make sure your Dad is getting all the state benefits he's entitled to, 2. Respite care for whoever cares for him the most is absolutely vital. 3. A Social Worker/ advisor is essential to be in good communication with re accessing services and help. 4. Forward planning is helpful. Big hug to you.


Love looking at your pics - so different from the seasons here in Australia.
Easter is autumn-apples,quinces,coloured leaves .It has been wet here but not cold - most days in the 20’s[celsius] despite the rain.


I shared FB post about visiting my mum who has dementia, it was difficult as she’s not the same person at all any more but helped a lot of my friends who are going through similar problems.
I’m hoping that the weather will change soon too, got soaked yesterday with the grandchildren, they loved eating our picnic under umbrellas but I wasn’t too sure lol.
I’m going to copy your idea and plant some grape hyacinths in a bowl for next year.
Take care and looking forward to more rambles x

Claire Taylor

I love your posts. I am just back in the flatlands of Peterborough after visiting my patents and sister for two nights in Dorset. I spent the whole time since praying my numbers will come up so I can escape where I live and be nearer to my family and the sea. I find walks by the sea so healing. Alas my teenagers wouldn't want to move but if I had a big enough win I could keep the home here and buy one there and live between the two.


Always such a pleasure reading your posts, the photos are great seeing spring creeping into the uk whilst we here in NZ are starting to hunker down in Autumn. Deb xxxx


Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lucy. I really enjoy seeing Yorkshire photos- I love Whitby & the NY Moors
Hope your Dad is OK too & his partner gets a bit of help.
Good to know you are OK. Look after yourself too.


Love it😘😘
Good article 😍🥰

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