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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 26, 2023


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It was pure luck that we came across you. I'm relieved to hear you're in a better mood. The tulips are stunning. https://dumbwaystodie.io

My creative life

I'm glad you're feeling a bit happier and more settled about family concerns. I love all your blooms and yarny news. Take care, Cx

gina in alabama

My mother is in a care facility with dementia. It is a long (sad) road. I think of you often, and hope that you are taking time to enjoy life even as everything else happens around you. Spring sounds lovely where you are! Here in the southeast US, it's been off and on again since late February. We are bloomed out for now, just waiting for full-leaved summer. Take care of yourself as well as everyone else.


Hello! I read your previous post, and I am very sorry about your father. I know the pain and worry and the sadness of this horrible disease. My father passed from dementia, and my lovely mother is on her journey with Alzheimer's. This is a beautiful place for support, indeed.


So glad that you are feeling a little less worried and yes, you have a lovely community here. I'm a bit blossom obsessed as well, I spend far too long examining the apple blossom every year. Also checking regularly to make sure bees are visiting. I think we would both like going to Japan to see the cherry blossom. The bluebells are out here, so yours probably won't be far behind. I'm glad you're feeling enthused about the next blanket, it's such a lovely feeling to feel happy about a project isn't it. Sending you hugs, CJ xx

Sue Nutley

I’ve been there with my late mum and now my uncle who I’m very close too. He remembers most of us at the moment, if not by name by face. Crocheting is one my greatest pleasures and I love your blog, your stories and photographs Lucy. I took a trip with husband and dogs to Hebden Bridge and also visited Skipton. What a lovely place! I can’t believe I’ve lived in Yorkshire for 30 years and only just visited there! Doing the fireside blanket at the moment and loving the cosiness of it. Can’t wait to finish it! Take care Lucy. You’re not alone xx


I have been there with my father. Nature heals the soul. So grateful that you share your thoughts and the beauties of the seasonal blossom.

Kerridwen Niner

Im a blossom stalker too, i love it although alot of it is already over here in the midlands, i think some of the strong wind blew it all away. I admire it while i'm driving wanting to jump out and photograph every tree i see lol or perch under it. As a youngster there was a blossom tree outside my friends house and i always said i wanted to get married under one, instead we went to Paphos and got married in a registry office lol


I've been known to be a bit of a blossom stalker myself. My all time favourites are crabapple blossoms. Soft pink but chubby like babies cheeks. They always flower in October here in Kangarooland. I made it my No.1 priority to plant one in the back yard when we moved in to this house 6 years ago. Hopefully those cherry trees of yours will hold their blooms so I can see them myself in a couple of weeks! 😁🌸 hugs xox


So glad you are feeling better! Thank you for this lovely post and pics and by the way there's nothing wrong with blossom stalkers! 😂

It's exciting to see the new blanket colours! Take care of yourself. Angela 🙂❤️


Thank you for your post. It’s good to hear you are doing ok under the circumstances. Just take care of yourself too x


Thank you Lucy for being you & able to share sadness as well as your creativity. Loving the Spring photos of my favourite county & look forward to seeing what you are working on. Take care & hugs.

Sylvia meads

So very pleased, you're feeling Lucy, you're an inspiration to all of us, that crochet, warmer days are coming, and blossom, and spring flower, are a relief to us all bless you 💝💐

Claire Hayden

Dear Lucy, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and you have found help amongst the wonderful community you created.
I wanted to 'Thank you' as you inspired me to take a holiday in your beloved Skipton. My OH and I have been here almost a week. I was sooo excited to visit and go on some of the walks you have described over the years. They have all blown me away. I have fallen head over heels in love with the place and the surrounding area. We will be returning in the future as there is so much more to explore. Thank you once again with love and best wishes xx


Glad to hear your spirits have lifted. Xx

Christine Whiting

It's a wonder what nature will do for your spirits, I live in a built up area but we do have parks and every year I look for a patch of purple crocus and I am quite possessive of them in case they are picked or trodden on! X


Now of my three score years and ten,
Twenty will not come again,
And take from seventy springs a score,
It only leaves me fifty more.

And since to look at things in bloom
Fifty springs are little room,
About the woodlands I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow.
AE Houseman


Good to hear you are feeling brighter.Barbarax


Lucy, I too have an elderly parent with dementia. I’m not my mother’s primary caregiver but the worry and the grief are real and raw. I appreciated your share so much. We’re just not meant to carry it all alone and we don’t have to. Spring here in the southeastern United States is fully steaming ahead. Meanwhile I am steeping in the colors of the Cosy Stripe, the Dahlia, and the Aria blankets. You share so much with the world: it’s no wonder the love comes back to you so bountifully! Thank you for all the goodness.🙏🏻💙


We were lucky to find you too! Glad you are feeling more cheerful. Tulips are gorgeous.


Great to hear you are feeling a bit better, Lucy! And doesn't the lovely sunshine we have been having help? Bloom is well underway down here in the Midlands (Kidderminster); the bluebells are just coming out and the dandelions are amazing! I went into the garden to remove them, but saw how the bees were enjoying them, so now am watching out for when they are going to seed. Don't hold my breath that I will get them all!


From a fellow Blossom Stalker: the city hall in Muskegon MI is surrounded by very old cherry and apple trees (some of which have gone to the great tree graveyard in the garden). In the spring I am apt to change my route to encircle city hall, just in case the trees are blooming, but this year THERE IS ROAD CONSTRUCTION all around, and I haven't been able to see if the blooms are beautiful. How dare they try to improve the road? xox

Linda from Boston

Dear Blossom Stalker: glad you’re feeling better. It’s hard to shake off those down feelings, but we must carry on. I ordered some Stylecraft yarn from Wool Warehouse which should be here today or tomorrow. Tracking shows it’s in Boston!! I’m just working on the Neat Wave pattern in random colors and the Seashell pattern. I go back and forth cuz I have to mix things up!! Trying to keep my sanity!! ♥️

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