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February 24, 2023


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Thank you for this pattern, it's really lovely. I will be making one for the winter!


Please tell me you're feeling better soon! I really like the pattern and the border is perfect. Please answer my query https://geometrydash-unblocked.com

Hazel Goulstone

Hello Lucy,

I have finally finished sewing in the ends on my blanket. That was a mammoth task and all self inflicted as l ignored advice as l was keen to get on with the stripes. I have downloaded the pattern and looked at your photos and realise l am confused. You suggest using the same hook as for the body of the blanket but show the blue (5mm?) hook. The body of the blanket was worked using 4mm or purple hook. Am l wrong? Which would be best? I am so pleased with it so far l don't want to get it wrong at this stage. Thank you for the lovely pattern.


Thank you for this beautiful pattern. My very first blanket at a time I needed a project to lift my mind and body and I am thrilled by the results. Thank you on so many levels.

susan monkhouse

I am enjoying Springfrost, Lucy. I'm on part 4 row 57 and the blanket is now very unwieldy. Is it too much of a cop-out to stop now? I love the texture which the spike creates. The colours are beautiful.


Beautiful Absolutely stunning You work so hard Thank you


Thank you Lucy for sharing the making of such a beautiful blanket. So pretty.

Sue Eamens

Love this rug. Too hot for crochet in OZ during summer. But now the packs are out of stock. Will they return soon so I’ll be ready to start once it cools down? Great colours, interesting border but no yarn for me.


Hope you are feeling somewhat better by now and I love the border. It really does finish the rug beautifully with all its prettiness & soft colouring. Great work & I've loved following along, although not working on that particular pattern. Take care & hugs.


Hi Lucy,
I want to thank you for the nice pattern of this blanket. I had a lot of fun crocheting it. The blanket was also a nice way to get through the past few weeks. I tore my anterior cruciate ligament 5 weeks ago. So I can't work at the moment as a postman. That's why I enjoyed working on such a project.
Get well soon.

Annamaria Kelly

Love it. Busy on row 53 …. All the way in South Africa

Karen Speirs

Sorry you have been so poorly 😔 I have loved every last stitch of this blanket. The colours, the textures abdolutely everything! So thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous pattern ❤️ Try to chill now and get yourself better. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is going to wait very patiently for your next project. 😊

Peter Dennis

Sorry to hear that you have had a rough week and hope that you are in fine fettle soon enough. Great work on the blanket. You're the best, Lucy! Take care.

Debbi Robertson

So glad to see you're feeling well enough to be here. I hope you can continue to lay low for a while--get as much rest as you can. Sending green healing energy your way.


So pleased to see this today, I love the edging and will work on it tomorrow.
Hope you are feeling proud and that that helps you cope with the nasty virus.
Take care!

Billie Jo

Hello! Your projects are so beautiful. I hope you feel better soon, and until then, rest and enjoy that cozy spot by the fire. : )


Hi. I hope you are feeling better. It's an amazing pattern and I love the border. I have a question. In the original post it shows some applique flowers on the blanket. Is there a pattern for those?

Thanks so much again for a gorgeous CAL.

Linda from Boston

Thank you Lucy for this lovely pattern. The border is beautiful. I can’t wait to get started. I too love the connection we have with the worldwide crochet community. It’s needed now more than ever. Hope you’re on the mend soon!! ♥️


I hope you feel better very soon Lucy.
Thank you. I have loved making a lap blanket for my gorgeous granddaughter, this stitch is so therapeutic. I also made a baby rainbow one with the same stitch.
I’m sure it is a pattern I will use a lot in the future.
Thank you for the joy your patterns brings to me, especially at this time of the year and all the hardwork you put into all the blankets your tutorials are awesome.



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